I Don't Want to Break off my Engagement... Translation

41. Guild Meeting

  • First part will be from Williant’s perspective, while starting from the middle, it’s Tiarize’s.

Williant arrived at Talia in the early afternoon.

It was Fyrenia who decided to visit, while the Prince of Haulfa tagged along in secret to carry out an inspection of Talia. Of course, the Kingdom of Fyrenia was an ally to the Kingdom of Haulfa—in fact, it was as if they were one kingdom.

The problem was, if Haulfa came to visit, it might cause the people of Talia to become nervous due to thinking that they may be under attack. Getting to know the state of Talia without causing unnecessary anxiety—that was the purpose of the visit.

He also received information stating that human trafficking was secretly being carried out in the Kingdom of Talia, so he might as well confirm the truth of the it—that was half of his reason for the visit.

Upon arrival at the royal palace, Williant was greeted by His Majesty the King of Talia.

The crown prince, who was said to have turned into a foolish king, was in charge of politic. Before, he was known as being young and intelligent.

That was the first time they ever met with each other.

Williant hid the fact that he was the crown prince of the Haulfa Kingdom and disguised himself as one of Fyrenia’s messengers and met the king.

“The third prince of Fyrenia, Ruruto Fyrenia, thank you for journeying all the way here. We have prepared a room so your messenger can also relax.”

Ruruto, the third prince, stepped forward and gave a brief greeting to the king.

Williant made a detailed observation of the situation—

—certainly, the King of Talia was young. It could be said that the king and Williant were of the same height.

The King of Talia glanced at Williant, but only for a moment.

Then, Williant was guided to the chamber by the king’s aide. After that, Williant was left to his own accord.

Talia was far from the Kingdom of Haulfa.

Even though he rode on a high-quality carriage, the long trip was still tiring.

Kevin, who came in with Williant, finally exhaled in relief. He then started preparing tea.

“Is Tiarize really here…”

It was quite a long way from the Kingdom of Haulfa—would Tiarize really be in such a place?

Since there was related information, he wanted to affirm the authenticity of it, but Williant still found it hard to believe.

To begin with, the distance was just too far.

He couldn’t think of any reason why anyone would bring Tiarize to such a faraway place.

“I wonder. There is always the chance of a hit or miss in cases like these.”

“…You’re right.”

Williant answered haggardly.

It didn’t matter why Tiarize was in Talia.

The only thing that mattered was to see if Tiarize was really there.

Williant gazed out of the window, sipping his freshly brewed tea.

The kingdom was a bit warm—probably because it was far from Haulfa.

The season was probably just before autumn. Williant praised his decision of not wearing too much.

Getting anxious over whether or not Tiarize was really in that kingdom was useless—

—first of all, tomorrow, he would contact a spy and get information.

Next, he would ask the man who gave the testimony and learn more about the situation. It may give him a clue that would lead to Tiarize.

He shall tread carefully.

“Other than that, Your Highness…”

“Oh, I know the name of the organization. They left a carefully cut tail for me.”

“…a lizard’s tail, huh.”

“I thought they were all dead, but it seems that it isn’t so. Thanks to you, I got a lot of information. I also uncovered their hideout. Send people to explore the area.”


Kevin left the room after bowing his head. Williant kept staring out the window, even after Kevin had left.

The difficulty was EX, therefore the meeting was more serious than usual. Luka and I sat in the same seats as usual and watched the progression of the meeting.

Aliuster was a species of dragon, and was very ferocious. Overall, it was big and also wouldn’t die unless its head was cut off.

In the first place, why would an Aliuster appear on the mountain when it was a monster that rarely appeared on the ground?

The discussion ended without the cause being discovered.

In the capture of the Aliuster, I was to be the rear while Luka would be a front-liner. It was suitable.

Luka was more skillful using a sword than magic.

Rather, I had never seen Luka use a spell before. I also didn’t know if he actually possessed magical skill.

On the other hand, I wasn’t skillful enough to combat an Aliuster with a sword. The formation was only reasonable.

The subjugation was supposed to be tomorrow, therefore, today I was free.

I sat down with Luka and we had dinner together. When I went to the guild’s dining room, the only thing everyone ever talked about was the Aliuster.

“It seems that an Aliuster appeared because this kingdom is on the verge of collapsing.”

“There’s no way that’s true! You’re just making up a new rumor! By the way, I’m happy to have been invited to the guild meeting!”

—a man and woman pair?

They were sharing their thoughts while keeping their weapons on the side of the table.

Luka and I sat in a vacant table and talked about tomorrow.

“Luka, how strong is this Aliuster?”

How many of the people here today will be left tomorrow?

The thought flashed inside my mind, horrifying me.

I asked Luka such question to shake off my ominous thought.

Luka was already ordering for bread and stew and was gulping water all at once—

—he was thirsty, apparently.

“Hm? Huh, indeed, it’s very strong.”

“That’s too short of an explanation…”

“Well, if it’s you, Fern, you’re probably going to be eaten by it.”

“I’m already aware of that!”

Does this guy really know anything about the enemy!?

When I thought so, Luka smirked, making me feel dejected.

I wiped my hand with a towel while staring at Luka.


Even though he rode on a high-quality carriage, the long trip was still tiring.

Kevin, who came in with Williant, finally exhaled in relief. He then started preparing tea.

–DO YOU GUYS FEEL IT!? DO YOU GUYS FEEL HIS SENSE OF URGENCY?!?! Not only delaying to search for her by one week, he also made sure to prepare the highest quality of carriage–not one that would sustain long journey or offer fast travel, mind you–BUT ONE WITH MAX COMFORTABILITY + KEVIN AND TEA.

Oh god is there any conversation that is more forced than Luka and Tia’s one? Chemistry: below zero. Cuteness between the two: NONE.

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