The Noble Girl Who Finds a Nerdy and Plain Guy Moe Thinks that the Arrogant Prince is in the Way ZCompleted Translations

Extra 5.2 Discarding Angelica (Part 2)

“I don’t really understand the goodness of His Highness Leonardo, whom Ange and Lumi keep yearning for… but at the very least, I get that the two of you like this guy very much.”

“Yes! It’s because he’s a really, really cool man!”

Oh god no. She traveled too far back memory lane and was hit by her own black history.

I just want to dig a hole and bury said black history in it…

“Stop, stop, stop getting these flashbacks and keep reading!”

Angelica shouted, shaking away the embarrassing memory she accidentally dug up. Then, with one hand on the open book, she turned the page with excitement.

“Ah, oh no, I flipped too much.”

She planned to turn over one page, but accidentally flipped over a hundred pages instead.

Due to the imbalance, all the pages collapsed—she had skipped to the final chapter.

“Oh well, I already read this once.”

The development leading to the final chapter was like this;

Raspberryna changed little by little after listening to Cranbellica’s constant professions of love.

During their first meeting, Raspberryna was akin to a doll, but when Cranbellica’s anger over Lemonado struck her during that conversation in the courtyard’s gazebo, those tea-colored eyes of her finally swayed.

Cranbellica also comprehended Raspberryna’s complicated circumstances, of being unable to marry an aristocrat of her own kingdom, but instead had to marry abroad. She also empathized with Raspberryna’s delicate predicament, in which no one wanted to court her for she was merely the fourth princess, and whose mother was a concubine.

“In the end, I still can’t say that I have a perfect grasp over the talk of love, but… I don’t want to see your sad face.”

The two of them bonded.

Raspberryna decided to withdraw out of her own accord—as she didn’t find it in herself the resolve to proceed with the marriage, knowing it would hurt her friend.

Before Raspberryna’s returned to her own kingdom, Cranbellica invited Raspberryna to walk together in the flower garden of the courtyard—


“It’s the first time I got an opportunity to actually admire these flowers… they’re truly beautiful.”

“Ahaha, indeed, only now we get the chance.”

The two girls treaded over the courtyard path after school as they admired the flowers.

“It’s interesting, the way the flowers are planted according to their colors…”

“Isn’t it nice to have this gradation? They offer a splendid view when we’re walking like this…”

The two girls were once in a conflict over Prince Lemonado.

Cranbellica and Raspberryna.

The two had collided many times, but now that they understood each other, they showed each other a gentle smile.

“Look! That flower, the color of Prince Lemonado!”

“…You consider every gold and blue flower of this world as the colors of Prince Lemonado”

Raspberryna didn’t understand the feeling of loving and being loved until the end, but she understood Cranbellica’s feelings.

‘If I have a relationship with Prince Lemonado, my friend would be hurt.’—she at least understood that much.

“Hey, look, Cranbellica, there aren’t many flowers in that flower bed.”

“Huh? Where?”

While they were walking as they talked about such a ridiculous story, Raspberryna suddenly noticed something and pointed a little far away.

“Here, look.”

Raspberryna sped up before Cranbellica could realize what she was pointing at. Then, after deviating from the path and walking for a while, they stopped in front of a small flower bed.

“It’s true… the number of flowers should be the same with the other flower beds, but here, there are a lot of buds… I wonder why?”

There was a sole flower in the flower bed Raspberryna noticed—

—a green lily. Nothing was unusual about it, but for some reason, other than that flower, the flowers in the same bed were withering.

“The light green lily is in full bloom, but, how odd? Is it because the other flowers didn’t get a proper amount of sunlight?”

“Even though nothing is obstructing them?”

Raspberryna tilted her head in curiosity, then tried to reach for the green lily—


Precisely at that moment, someone appeared to prevent her from touching the flower.

Before anything could happen, someone behind them had already grabbed Raspberryna’s wrist and stopped her.

“That’s, that’ s a… cannibal lily, it tries to imitate inconspicuous green lilies. The vendor probably bought it by mistake …it’s dangerous, don’t touch it—!”


Raspberryna, you good friend, you… ///wipe a single tear.

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