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50. They were a Very Dazzling Three Days

—3 days remaining.

In the end, I pushed the teacher beyond her limits. I never thought that my days off would be spent writing letters of apology.

Teacher, isn’t this why your wrinkles haven’t smoothed out in the slightest?

Alright, let’s send her some beauty cream of my mother’s favorite brand next week.

At the same time, today was the last day off of my life. Of course, the place I would visit had already been decided.

“Then, Lumiere, do you remember why that dance party is going be held the day after tomorrow?”

“Yes, it’s the annual party to celebrate the master painter Andre Oscar’s masterpiece, ‘The Nameless Sunset.’ He was a graduate of our academy. During his lifetime, Andre Oscar loved dancing.”

I was only given 100 days to educate Lumiere.

At first, I wondered what would happen. However, as the girl in question answered, I began to notice that she had changed. To be honest, her knowledge was minimal. But that was fine—all she needed to do was to be confident in herself and keep her back straight. She already had the charm.

Therefore, I’m sure you’ll be able to overcome anything.

Actually, I wanted to show her off in public a little more. Perhaps, that’d boost her confidence.

…But, I realized that was merely selfishness on my part.

We were inside the study of Baron Alban. I had become accustomed to that place. While breathing in the scent of the paper into my chest, I asked the following question.

“Alright, previously, I gave you a manuscript titled, ‘Nameless’ Confession.’ Upon reading it, what kind of person do you think ‘Nameless’ is?”

“Eh, ‘Nameless’ is…”

My, cat got her tongue?

That was a book I had lent to Lumiere when she got sick. It felt like such a long time ago.

“Could it be, you forgot the contents of the book?”

“Oh, no, I do remember… I thought that he was a unique person, especially his ideas…”

“You don’t have to sugarcoat it. Tell me your honest opinion.”

When I urged her, she put a finger on her chin and averted her gaze. “Hmm.”

She should’ve fixed that habit of hers by now.

Surely, the queen would point it out sooner or later.

All she had to do was not embarrass herself at the dance party three days later.

She then spoke.

’Nameless’ lived about 1500 years ago, didn’t he? In the midst of the war, he lied about being a prince. Then, he took the lead in protecting a large number of people amidst a torrent of flaming arrows. He miraculously survived and was revered as a hero… but in the end, he was exiled.”

His fearless attitude gave people the courage to win the war. Regardless, no matter how heroic he was, the kingdom at that time was less flexible than it was at present. It was a mortal sin to pass oneself off as a member of the royal family.

Thus, the man was stripped of his name and became the anonymous ‘Nameless.’ For the rest of his life, he had to confess his sins to god at church.

“‘Nameless’ Confession’ is a compilation of narratives he had written in the confessional room of the church.”

There existed a passage—

‘—I merely wanted to protect the witch. I regret nothing. If there’s something that I’m concerned about—is she laughing, now?’

“In the end, who was the ‘witch’ that ‘Nameless’ wanted to protect?” Lumiere asked.

“She was said to be a princess at the time. In reality, she was a witch. It’s a story from 1500 years ago. Nowadays, that something called ‘magic’ can only be found in picture books. It’s unreal.”

When I explained the general theory, I realized that Lumiere was giggling.

After I glared at her, Lumiere wiped her tears.

“I’m sorry, I expected Lady Lelouche to believe in magic.”

“…Well, I’m sorry about that.”

Lumiere laughed aloud when I averted my gaze.

Excuse me!?

Lumiere then said to me.

“But if ‘Nameless’ did everything for the sake of protecting the witch… He’s truly amazing.”


“Because the witch seems to be a strong figure. Meanwhile, ‘Nameless’ was a person with no special power. Objectively speaking, he should have been in the position of being protected. For him to miraculously survive those fire arrows—perhaps, the witch had helped him.”

Certainly, that’d be the case if the woman he intended to protect truly possessed a mysterious power. In fact, what he did may have been pointless. That woman might have been able to manage on her own, regardless of whether or not he risked his life. Rather, as Lumiere speculated, his life might had been saved by her, instead.

“…This was mentioned in a historical book that you haven’t read, yet.”

It was an ancient book. Only those with a penchant for historical facts would touch that book.

“It was said that ‘Nameless’ distracted a group of enemy soldiers to save the nearby witch who was about to be hunted. It was said that ‘Nameless’ merely partook in the war to buy time for the witch. At that time, black hair was considered a bizarre thing. I’m not sure if she truly had any mysterious power, though…”

The fact that black hair was regarded as a heretical color in ancient Lapisenta was recounted in many books. Even in my mother’s homeland which was still considered a foreign country.

…But, in the present day, black-haired people were no longer discriminated against in Lapisenta.

I was grateful. Had I been born during that time, I’d be having a more difficult life.

In truth, I had always been fond of ‘Nameless’ who had tried to protect that ‘witch.’

“If the supposed hero, ‘Nameless’, partook in war for the sake of one woman, instead of the people, wouldn’t he be the more selfish, but also kinder than anyone else?”

At my nonchalant question, Lumiere tilted her head.

“…Is he? I feel like he’s a little too selfish.”

“Fufu, it’s fine if you don’t agree. It’s fun sharing our interpretations with each other.”

As I thought, she disagrees…

A long time ago, when I spoke to the queen about it, she said, “What’s so good about this buffoon? If he just wanted to protect a woman, there’d have been a better way. This is an epic tale, and not a romance story.”

I was shocked at the time, but now that I recalled it… the memory felt both precious and nostalgic.

Because, even if the queen disapproved, I couldn’t stop falling for the hero, and thought of the tale as a romance story.

“Even if everyone disagrees …I still think that he’s wonderful.”

Even if it was considered selfish of him. Even if he made a foolish choice.

To be able to sacrifice everything for just one person—nothing was more amazing than that.

Even if the choice had cost him both his life and honor—even if it was a foolish choice—the more I found him endearing…

Lumiere couldn’t comprehend my excitement. However, she immediately smiled.

“That’s right! It’s an honor to be loved by Lelouche!”

“Fufu, I’m glad I can talk to Lumiere like this!”

It’d have been too annoying if she were to make a fuss about it.

Baron Alban gently knocked on the door.

“For a break, why don’t the two of you enjoy some tea? I’ve just received delicious sweets.”


I responded without a moment delay, which caused Lumiere to giggle as she stood up.

“Let’s go to the guest room, Lady Lelouche!”

She pulled my hand with hers.

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