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51.1 They were a Dazzling Three Days (2)

While I was busy having snacks as a guest of the Alban family, Lumiere spoke to me.

“By the way, Lady Lelouche, regarding the dance party three days from now, is it true that you refused His Highness Sazanjill’s invitation?”

More importantly, I was paying close attention to the donuts on the plate.

…What is this circular food? Why’s the center empty? Moreover, it is covered with a lot of powdered sugar.

If, if it’s like this, isn’t it obvious that it’d be amazing?!

Why haven’t I heard about this? Is this a treat of the common people?

…Well, while I was truly interested in it, it’d be difficult for me if I ate too many.

Naturally, maintaining one’s body was also important for a lady. Considering the amount of powdered sugar… the area around my mouth would inevitably turn white.

Oh, may I eat such a sinful thing?

God, forgive me—or, even better, I shall let you enjoy them as well!

Because god’s my best friend!

Alright, let’s include some for tonight’s teatime. No matter how much I ate in my dreams, I wouldn’t gain any weight!

Baron Alban had bought them. He was currently away, though. Then, when I go to bid him farewell, I shall inquire to the location of the shop as well.

“Uh, Lady Lelouche?”

There were no forks or knives. If such was the case, then I shall eat it by hand…

…Although, Lumiere seemed to be eating it by sandwiching it between a paper napkin. I did the same and took a bite.



What was that sweet burst that exploded in my mouth? Combined with the sweetness of the oil that spread every time I chewed, it tasted utterly sinful. I was a sinner! The taste itself wasn’t complicated—it was of oil and sugar.

…Ah, how blissful!

I wouldn’t mind if I died anymore!

At any rate, I’d die in three days. I should’ve found that snack earlier.

I should’ve listened to god’s advice about eating more delicious food.

“Lady Lelouche?”

“Lumiere, haven’t I taught you that you mustn’t repeat your lines?”

As I admonished her, my expression turned stern. However, Lumiere only smiled at me.

“Do you like the donuts?”

“Yes, let me thank the baron later.”

“I think my father will be happy to hear that. So, may I ask you to listen to what I have to say?”

“Of course, what is it?”

“Why won’t you participate with His Highness Sazanjill?”

Lumiere emphasized her question by dividing each part.

Oh, so that’s what this is about.

I washed my mouth with unsweetened tea before talking.

“By the way, are you aware that Baron Aljerk and my cousin, whom I’ve introduced to each other, will meet you next time?”

“L, Lady Lelouche?!”

…How annoying, this isn’t good. Rather than the previous topic, shouldn’t this be more interesting?

Perhaps, we’ll become relatives?

Although, by that time, I wouldn’t be there anymore.

But if the marriage went well, the Elcage family could become Lumiere’s backing?

Lumiere was in a daze. It couldn’t be helped. I should briefly remind her.

“Only betrothed and lovers partake together in such an activity.”

Not only the upcoming dance party, but also the other parties.

Unless there were unforeseeable circumstances, the standard practice for most ladies was to be escorted by their beloved when entering the venue. Moreover, in the case of a dance party, the first dance was done with their partner. I was the escort for Lumiere at the dinner party of Count Remel.

In other words, practice was over.

“You must attend with His Highness Sazanjill, Lumiere. I’ve also informed him of this.”

“But that’s just strange!? Why should I!?”

“Because I already request for our engagement’s annulment.”

Strictly speaking, I hadn’t received the king’s permission. The engagement hadn’t been annulled. But, I’d die in three day’s time. I didn’t have to go through those unnecessary procedures. There was no need to upset a lot of people, including our parents. If I were gone, the engagement would naturally cease to exist.

The reason I request His Highness to annul our engagement, that was due to my selfishness.

Lumiere wouldn’t acknowledge it.

“But, that was just a momentary lapse in judgement because of your cold! You were happily throwing mud with His Highness!”

“But that’s that. Didn’t His Highness give you a dress for the dance party?”

“A dress, ah…!”

Lumiere, who was shocked, hurriedly stuffed her donut into her mouth. She swallowed it as it was and drank some tea. However, I didn’t have time to pinch her because she immediately hit the table. The area around her mouth was still covered in powder, too.

“Lelouche, you misunderstand—!”

“What is there to misunderstand? When a man gifts a dress to a woman, there’s only a single meaning.”

“Hence I said, you misunderstood! I haven’t received a dress!”

Even if she said that… I went with Zafield to sneak a peek at the pink dress that’d surely match her coral hair well.

Still, her gaze was serious.

I put my half-eaten donut back down on the plate and raised an eyebrow.

“What do you mean?”

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