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22.1 The Enemy is Just Some Relatives

“Duchess, some guests have arrived.”

The day after the duke’s unveiling party, I wanted to relax a little, but I couldn’t.

“Do they have a prior appointment?”


Usually, the date and time of a visit was scheduled by letter in advance. The other party could only visit after the lord had given his permission. Regardless of status, it was considered basic etiquette. By doing so, a situation where the lord was away despite the other party visiting could be avoided.


“It’s Countess Jones.”


I laughed unintentionally.

By visiting without prior notice, the people of the branch family seemed to be trying to make a fool out of me.

Countess Miranda Jones was my mother’s sister. Hence, she always antagonized me. Her family loathed both my father and Aries. They were eager to usurp me and assume control of the duke’s family.

“—Even though you’re the only legacy of the Lark family, why are you so pitiful?”

“—I can’t allow those people take over the Lark family. You can leave everything to us.”

Count Jones and his wife said that before attempting to poison Aries, but it ended in vain. The count and his wife, upon failing, immediately shifted the blame to me.

Of course, I never told them to do anything. Nevertheless, His Highness Wagner, who thought that I had enough motive, tried to publicize it while naming me as the main culprit.

He wouldn’t even let me testify. Aries stopped him by crying.

“She’s my precious older sister! I’m sure she’s merely going through some issues! So please, act as if it never happened! Let’s keep this as a secret within our hearts!”

Of course, His Highness Wagner was impressed by the tearful Aries, “—How benevolent of you!”

In the first place, I didn’t do anything. I wondered how I could become a criminal merely because of someone else’s prejudice.

That case never went public. Therefore, it ended without any official investigation. Only one false charge remained inscribed in the hearts of the parties.

“Duchess, what should we do?”

I, who was recalling the events of my previous life, returned to my senses at Gilmer’s words. Gilmer implied that he could repel those uncouth people.

Normally, the correct answer would be to turn them away.

The other party had visited without prior notice. Not to mention, their status was lower than mine.

…But knowing that shameless countess, she’d surely refuse to go home until I came out. All the while, she’d rampage and yell.

“Tell them that I’ll meet them soon.”


Of course, I didn’t go right away.

One hour had passed, then two hours… In the meantime, Gilmer came to notify me several times. However, I was sure that was to indulge the intrusiveness of the count and his wife. Gilmer, who was aware of their positions, didn’t rush me.

The other employees had been informed to keep away from the room where the couple were waiting.

Afterwards, I went to see the count and his wife eight hours after they had arrived. I wondered if they were still waiting.

Upon entering the room, their demonic expressions greeted me.

To which I casually said, “I’m sorry to have kept you waiting.”

“Took you long enough.” Said a plump woman with blonde hair and blue eyes. She was Miranda—the countess, and also my mother’s sister.

“I’m sorry, I just inherited the position of duke and have been working to fulfil my obligatins. Had you informed me of your visit in advance, I could’ve made some arrangements. This was sudden one. What kind of urgency do you have?”

They didn’t have any reason to complain after not contacting me in advance. Furthermore, I was the duke, while they were my branch family. Not to mention, they weren’t even the leader of the branch families, but a mere count family. They weren’t in the position to be calling shots.

Still, considering the suddenness of their visit, the situation had to be urgent. Thus I gave them the benefit of the doubt and placed that implication in my previous words.

They, who had mingled in the aristocratic society longer than I, naturally got the hint. They were at a loss for a moment. However, the man with receding hairline, Miranda’s husband, Antony, quickly regained his wits.

“I’m sorry for the suddenness. I’m concerned about you. As a woman, you must be unfamiliar with your new title.”

“What’s the matter?”

He didn’t seem to realize that he had been uncouth. How foolish.

“As you can see, we came in a hurry to assist you.”

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