The Returnee Noble Lady Attacks His Majesty the Dragon Emperor Translation

176.2 The Abduction of Princess Natalie

Upon hearing the name, Natalie’s smile froze.

He was the crown prince of the kingdom of Kratos. There was no major conflict as of the present, but if something were to happen, it could very well lead to a war. The kingdom of Kratos had been their enemy since the mythological era.

Marry into the enemy country—was essentially what her uncle was saying.

She was confused by both the implications and the heavy responsibilities. Thus, she decided to clarify.

“…Uncle, are you serious?”

“I wouldn’t joke about a matter such as this.”

“Then, do you want to make peace with Kratos?”

“I can’t say. However, with the current situation, we can’t allow our relationship with Kratos to worsen. Kratos is also supportive about it.”

“No way, uncle, did you contact Kratos?”

“This a once in a lifetime opportunity for a prince of Kratos to be engaged with a princess of Rave. As such, it’s a great responsibility, Natalie.”

Her uncle, from whom she never averted her gaze, seemed different.

“In terms of age, you’re as old as the prince. Everyone unanimously recommended you. You’re the only one who can do it.”

Natalie laughed sarcastically.

Yes, I’m the only one who can do it.

Besides Natalie, there were two other Rave Empire princesses. They were Elynsia and Frida, her half-sisters. Since the crown prince of Kratos would be turning 16 that year, it was no wonder Natalie had been picked. They were around the same age, but that was merely a superficial detail.

Elynsia was the leader of Noitral Dragon knights, a valuable troop that led the Dragon Knights of the Rave Empire. Duke Noitral himself was neutral and hadn’t explicitly-stated which side he’d be supporting. If Elynsia were to be married to the crown prince of Kratos, she’d very likely react with hostility. After all, defending the borders had been her pride for many years.

Her other half-sister, Frida, was young. At the same time, she was born with magical power. In Rave Empire, being born with that was uncommon. In addition, Duke of Leirzat, one of the three Grand Dukes, was supporting her. She also had an older brother, Listeard.

While Duke Leirzatz may not support Hadith, he was still searching for him. In fact, Listeard was flying around looking for Hadith with a different intention than Georg. If it were to be come known that the crown prince of Kratos would be marrying Frida, Listeard would surely oppose it. Not only that, Duke Leirzatz would turn his back on them and cast his suspicion on Georg.

Despite that, she didn’t think the civil war had anything to do with the kingdom of Kratos.

“…May I bid farewell to Frida before my departure?”

“She’s still young. It’ll be difficult if she were to reveal it to someone else. I’ll relay it to her, so please convey your words in a letter.”

Georg’s words were suspicious—however, he wasn’t off-mark.

Elynsia had been dispatched to look for Hadith. As of the present, she wasn’t in the imperial castle. The same was true for Listeard. Georg didn’t want Natalie to get in touch with Frida. At the same time, Natalie was chosen for the engagement.

The reason was obvious—by choosing Natalie, Georg wouldn’t have to go through the trouble of seeking permissions of the Three Grand Dukes.

Her uncle had come to some sort of agreement with Kratos.

If the agreement were to become public, Natalie’s engagement with the crown prince of Kratos could be used as a cover.

For her to be able to see through his underlying motives in an instant—Natalie hated that talent of hers.

“…Well then, I shall write a letter. Still, I’m a bit anxious.”


“Because it’s the crown prince of Kratos. Shouldn’t someone like him already have a fiancée or a lover?”

“Oh… while it isn’t official, there seems to be a candidate, but I heard that she’s still 10-years-old, or so. You don’t have to worry.”

“I wonder about that. The other party is the crown prince of the land of love? Even the king isn’t allowed to have more than one princess. What if they are close?”

It was a country with completely different laws, cultures, and god. Foolishly, Natalie spoke.

“I’ll be oppressed.”

“I won’t let anything like that happen. You’re a princess of the Rave Empire.”

Georg made that statement with a serious face. There was no lie in his voice.

“Be proud, for Prince Geraldo is no fool. He’d never do anything that’ll bring you sadness. As your uncle, I’ll not make you unhappy.”

Then, full of bitterness, he said, —and that is by becoming the emperor.”

Natalie shrugged while smiling.

“Then, may I ask for one thing?”


“Can I be engaged to the crown prince of Kratos for the sake of the Rave Empire?”

That was all that mattered.

Whether her uncle was trying to become emperor through Kratos, or that her half-brother was the true Dragon Emperor, Natalie should fulfil her obligation as a princess.

Then, her uncle, who loved the Rave Empire, nodded firmly.

“Of course—I promise.”

“Then, it’s fine.”

With that, she’d no longer be a useless princess.

“Leave it to me. I shall become the magnificent princess of Kratos.”

If such was her role, she would fulfil it. Her uncle lowered his gaze.

“…Thank you, Natalie.”

Natalie faintly nodded.

Her mother, who wanted Natalie to die in the place of her brother, abandoned her in the imperial castle.

It couldn’t be helped. She was just a princess. For her to still have a role, that was something to be grateful about.

***T/N: Georg sus as heck. At the same time, it’s sad that Natalie thinks she’s the only one who can do it because she had nothing else going for her.

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