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The Marquis’ Amnesia 14

Chapter Fourteen: Courage and Reunion

“—This dress, the tailoring is better than mine! Why the hell are you wearing it!?”

As she cornered me to the pillar of the bed, I tried to stand up. My sister, who approached me, scrutinized the embroidery on my collar and sleeves.

“S, sister, where’s Cedric?”

Somehow, I was courageous enough to ask that. My sister’s hazel eyes were squinted as she showed me a distorted smile. She straightened her posture and folded her arms. My sister, who was as tall as Elsa, looked down on me.

“…I knew that he was sneaking into your room.”

Gasping, I clasped my hands.

“I didn’t care, so I said nothing about it. I’m not interested, you see. However, my father was wondering why you wanted to see Cedric so badly, even though he was supposed to hate you. So… I told him.”

“…No way.”

“Father seemed to be quite frustrated at that time. So, who knows what happened to Cedric…”

The impact was so strong, I collapsed on the bed. While holding my mouth with both hands, I looked up towards my sister.

“I’m sure it was quite difficult for my father to discipline him, since the target is small.”

My sister glanced at the bed. I held my breath at what I found as soon as I followed her gaze.

I went to the bed and reached for a certain spot.

The white sheets had spots of bloods on it. The stains were dried and solidified in brown. From the position of the pillow, it must had been around the back. A little over a year ago, the same stain that was on Cedric’s bed was present on mine.

I slowly looked around the room of my younger brother, which I had entered for the first time.

The curtains were closed. The dimly-lit room was quiet. Loneliness pervaded the entirety of the room. The large bookshelf embedded in the wall was sparsely lined with books and nothing else.

It was as if I was in my own room.

Whether or not there were any violence and pain.

The difference between me and Cedric could be surmised to that.

Neither Cedric nor I received any love from my father or mother.

“…Cedric, where is he?”

Clenching the sheets, I asked my sister once again.

Before I knew it, Elsa’s voice had vanished. She might have gone to call someone, or to find the key.

…I’m under no obligation to tell you.”

“—I’m asking where Cedric is!”

I glared at my sister. My sister faltered for a moment. But soon, a scowl returned to her face.

“Why, you must think of yourself as high and mighty.”

My sister tilted her head.

Honestly, I was terrified. No matter how hard I tried, I still recalled the pain she had inflicted upon me. Forcibly suppressing it, I went off the bed and faced my sister.

“I know for a fact that no one would desire an ugly girl like you. It’s all an act, isn’t it? I heard rumors that the marquis and you are out of touch. Even after a year, there’s still no children between you. Pray tell, do you even sleep in the same room?”

For a moment, I was at a loss for words.

Because it was half true and half false. Certainly, the relationship with my former husband was not good, if not plain disagreeable. However, my relationship with my present husband was probably amiable.

At that moment, my sister misunderstood my silence as a testament to her doubts. My sister’s cold hand touched my cheek, which still stung after it was hit.

“The marquis is tired of you, who can’t conceive an heir, I’m sure. Hence, he came to our house. He wants to make me his wife. He might not be able to outrightly say it. How thoughtful of him. You see, my sister, you aren’t making it any easier for him. Especially with that wound of yours. He’s too guilty to throw you away. So why don’t you lend him a hand? Tell him, ‘Please divorce me.’”

Her hand slowly descended from my cheek, to my left abdomen.

“…I mean, who’d love an ugly monster like you?”

My heart was about to burst. The greatest anxiety, which was stowed in the depths of my heart, resurfaced due to my sister’s ridicule. It was about to dominate me.

As of the present, my husband cherished me.

Even if I were to believe in my current husband’s words. Even if his memory were to returns. Even if he’d still love me despite all that—

He’d still have those bright blue eyes, does he not?

Then, at some point, he’d bore witness to the proof that I was indeed an ugly monster.

“No one will accept and love this terrifying scar.”

My sister fleetingly whispered in my ear.

Her hazel’s eyes were narrowed. She was trying to drag me in.

“Hey, why don’t you return here? If I become the wife of the marquis instead of you, both my father and mother will praise you. Then, you won’t be whipped anymore. As a side note, you and Cedric will be together forever? You’ll never get hurt again.”

If I could spend time alone with Cedric in that mansion, that’d probably be the best. As my sister said, if she were to become the marquess, neither my father nor stepmother would bother us anymore. Cedric and I, we’d be able to live alone. We might be able to escape to the monastery…

…But in that future, there was neither my husband nor Elsa. Be it Frederick, Arthur, Grandpa Jamal, Ariana, Melissa, Chef Pierre, or the other servants—no one would be there. Not a single person who’d cherish and smile at me would be there.

I grasped the fingertips that my husband’s lips had once touched. Then, I gently brought them to my lips. That alone reminded me of my husband’s warmth, smile, and strength—

—of the fact that I was no longer alone.

I wanted Cedric to know that, as well.

How happy it was to be loved. How happy it was to bask in the warmth of others. How happy it was when others smiled at us. How happy it was when they called our names.

I wanted him to know all of that.

Perhaps, the happiness that my husband, who had no memory, had given me was false. It might be a fragile happiness—one that would break someday.

Even so, the words and warmth I received from my husband and Elsa certainly existed.

They existed within me.

They were neither a lie nor a dream—

—and they made me stronger.

“…N, no.”

I steeled my heard and looked straight into my sister’s hazel eyes.

Not expecting me to go against her, my sister’s eyes betrayed a slight surprise.

I thus recalled the words of my husband. I remembered the faces of those who took good care of me.

My trembling subsided. I could finally stand tall.

“…Tell me where Cedric is, right now.

“W, what’s with you?! Liliana, don’t you understand—”

“—Tell me!!”

It was a first for me to make such a loud voice. My sister was even more surprised than me.

I had to be strong for Cedric’s sake. I was no longer that Liliana, who’d just endure all the whippings.

“I’m Liliana Lutherford! I’m William Lutherford’s wife, the Marquess of Springfield! You, a daughter of a count, should refrain from speaking to me that way!”

“D, don’t you dare talk to me like that, you wretched monster!!”

Her hazel eyes lit up like the devil’s. She raised her hand, which in turn, approached my cheek.

Still, I resolutely stared at my sister’s eyes. I couldn’t find any reason why I should look away.

In preparation for the incoming pain, I clenched my teeth. But my sister’s hand never touched me. On the contrary, my vision was dyed dark green. At the same time, warmth vigorously surrounded me.


Before I could understand my current state, a scream of pain spilled from my sister’s mouth.

I slowly raised my face.

“M, my husband, oh…”

“I’m sorry for being late.”

His blue eyes painfully stared at me as he touched my throbbing cheek.

When the refreshing scent of his cologne grazed the tip of my nose, my tears overflowed all at once. His warmth engulfed me entirely.

“M, my husband, I…”

I grabbed my husband’s clothes and buried my face within his chest.

I felt immense relief. Warmth was returning to my cold fingertips.

“Everything’s alright, now, I’m sorry for being late…”

His low and gentle voice echoed from above. I could feel his warm and large hands patting my back in reassurance. My tears wouldn’t stop—still, I didn’t have time to cry. As I wiped my face with both hands, I raised my head.

“…Why are you here?”

“Despite my promise to protect you, you’ve gotten yourself hurt… I should’ve come with you—…”

As if he was about to cry, my husband cupped my cheek. I shook my head and put my hand on top of his as usual.

“—Unhand me!! I said, let me go, you lowly servant!!”

Surprised by my sister’s scream, I shook. When my husband shifted his body, I caught a glimpse of her.

Elsa was twisting my sister’s arm behind her back with a smile.

“For the crime of slapping the lady I serve, you’re punishable by death.”

“Besides, you don’t even have the key, how did you get in!?”

As my sister protested, Elsa mercilessly twisted her arm.

“Don’t underestimate me. For I’m the beautiful maid of Liliana, whom is as innocent as an angel, and as beautiful as a goddess! Who needs a key if there’s a single wire present? However, I must prevent you from hitting the young lady any further. Not to mention, it’d be difficult if you were hiding a knife.”

While laughing softly, Elsa tied my sister’s hands with a ribbon. I didn’t know where she got that from. Then, she pushed my sister to the bed.

“—What are you doing!? Do you think this is allowed!? I’m the Countess of Eighton!!”

“That’s right. You, a mere countess, has laid a hand upon my wife. Do you know what that means?”

Because my face was buried within his sturdy chest, I couldn’t raise my head. I also didn’t know what my husband was doing. All I knew was that his voice was ice-cold and knife-sharp.

I never knew he was capable of such a voice. It was much scarier than the one he directed towards me during our first night. I clenched my husband’s clothes tightly. Then, my husband began to stroke my back. He was gentle, as if handling a fragile object. Perhaps, he had noticed my feelings.

“Marquis, she’s an ugly monster!! She is not suitable for you!! Why do you insist on keeping her!?”

“…Elsa, while I have something to say, I’ll just save it for later, since she seems very unintelligent. For now, why don’t you silent her trap?”

While groaning, my husband loosened his grip on me and turned to the bed.

“—You!! Are you seriously defending that vile, wretched, thing—!?”

While rolling like a caterpillar on the bed, my sister shouted. However, Elsa smiled while muttering, “How noisy.” Upon taking out a handkerchief, she proceeded to gag my sister. My sister seemed hellbent on saying something. She was probably degrading me.

“Now that everything has been settled, Milady, you—…are injured. Oh, my.”

Elsa and I were finally reunited. Elsa went in for a hug. However, she soon noticed my red, swollen, cheek. Elsa abruptly halted. My husband, who had taken care of everything, tried to embrace me once again. Regardless, I was too distracted by Elsa, who turned to look at my sister.

Then, after clenching her fist, she gradually swung it towards my sister—

“E, Elsa!! Please don’t!!”

I hurriedly clung to Elsa to stop her.

“Oh, how kind of you, Milady! But it’s alright! You see, her excessively bad personality needs some fixing! I shall kindly do so—from the outside.”

“No, if Elsa were to hit my sister, you’ll only hurt your hand! Then, you won’t be able to care for my hair!”

I did my best to find a reason to stop Elsa. I was worried it wouldn’t work. Nevertheless, Elsa hugged me, “You’re right, Milady! That’d be terrible!”

Apparently, I was successful.

“To not be able to touch Milady’s hair simply because of this witch, it’d be torture!”

“R, right? So, please don’t hit her…”

“Of course.”

Elsa nodded obediently, and I was relieved for an entirely different reason.

Then, Elsa loosened her embrace and peered into my face. As she gazed upon my cheek, her dark blue eyes narrowed in sadness.

“I’m sorry, Milady, I should’ve just kicked the door down…”

Towards her genuinely remorseful voice, I shook my head.

“I should’ve slashed the door, as well.”

Even my husband said such a thing. Despite having no reason to apologize, they still did. They were truly kind people.

“…It’s alright. More importantly, I have to look for Cedric. There are blood stains on his bed. It seems that my father has whipped him. If I don’t find him soon…”

Elsa stole a quick glance at the bed. However, as my sister was currently rolling on top of it, the stains couldn’t be seen. My sister, who knew of Cedric’s whereabouts, rebelliously stared at Elsa.

“I understand. I shall make her spill everything.”

“You promised to not hit her!”

I hugged Elsa, who had clenched her fist. My husband also cooperated. We both tried to stop Elsa.

“Please let go, Milady! Let go, crappy Lord!”

“You can’t do that, Elsa!”

“—Ouch! Calm down, Elsa!”

Elsa’s fist was connected to my husband’s cheek. It didn’t stop my husband from restraining her. I also hugged Elsa from the front, trying to calm her down.

“My lord, Cedric has been found! Elsa, what are you doing…!?”

Frederick, who jumped into the room, rushed with his eyes widened. The moment she heard Frederick’s voice, Elsa stopped rampaging.

“Did you find him?”

“Yes, but he’s afraid and is hiding…”

“Is that true? Is Cedric safe?”

Looking up at Frederick, I asked as if pleading.

“He’s safe. However, he refuses to come out of his hiding place. I think Milady should go to him.”

“Let’s go. Come on, Liliana.”

When I received my husband’s hand, I was drawn to him and was lifted once again. As of the present, meeting Cedric was all that I cared about. Therefore, without a second thought, I clung to my husband’s neck.

“Yes, hold on to me like that. Freddy, where is he?”

“He’s in the wife’s room.”

“Alright, let’s head out.”

Before I knew it, Elsa was busy tying my sister’s legs with a ribbon.

As the two servants nodded, my husband rushed out. I noticed that the inside of the mansion was noisy. Some footsteps could be heard.

While holding me, my husband ran up the stairs at an amazing speed. Then, we went through the corridors.

Thus, we arrived at my former room. Apparently, by ‘wife’, Frederick was referring to me and not my stepmother. For some reason, the door was gone.

“Look, it’s the armband of the knights~ Won’t you please come out~”

Upon entering the room, the sight of Alphonse on his four as he looked under the bed greeted my sight. Back then, he was wearing a casual attire. As of the present, he was clad in a black knight uniform.

“Why, if it isn’t Lily! Cedric, look, your older sister has arrived!”


As my husband let me down, I called for Cedric.

There was a rattling noise. From under the bed, I could see the same pale golden hair as mine. As soon as they found me, his beautiful purple eyes swayed.

“…Older, sister Lily.”

Forgetting the pain in my legs, I rushed to him. Cedric leaped towards me. I caught him in an embrace.

“Li, Lily, older, sis… uh, uwaaaaaahhh—!!”

My younger brother, who started crying aloud, was slightly thinner. My chest constricted in pain.

Noticing Cedric’s little hand clinging on my back, I hugged him as hard as I could. Before I knew it, I had teared up as well, wetting Cedric’s hair. Cedric called me over and over again, just as I called for his name over and over.

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