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22.2 The Enemy is Just Some Relatives

“The duties of the duke are difficult. We’ll assist you. Sofia, you don’t have to worry about anything.”


I laughed reflexively.


I laughed at the two as they became doubtful.

“By that, do you want me to become your puppet duchess? Do you want to monopolize the position that was bestowed upon me by His Majesty? What kind of territorial management can two people who can’t even recognize that they are being uncouth do?”

“We are doing this for your sake!”

“That’s right, Sofia, don’t interject!”

“Who do you think you’re speaking to, Countess Jones?”

Only once I had stopped laughing and stared at them did they realize that I was no longer the same old Sofia. Confused, they showed extremely idiotic expressions.

They probably thought that if they were to remain adamant, I’d surrender my position easily. I would’ve surely done that before. Except, my previous self wouldn’t even try to become duchess in the first place. I’d never have even seen through their scheme. I’d swallow their words at face value.

“I, I’m your aunt!”

Even though you only wanted to take advantage of me. Even though you’d discard me afterwards. Once things became inconvenient, they’d easily go back on their words. How nauseating.

“The two of you didn’t even schedule a prior appointment for this visit. To top it off, you didn’t even apologize. Now, you want to monopolize the duke’s family? What great relatives you are!”

“W, we’re only thinking about you!”

“That’s right. In the first place, the burden of the duke is too heavy for a lady to bear.”

They truly thought that I was an ignorant fool.


Gilmer, who stood behind me, immediately fetched what I wanted. I threw what he had given me in front of them.

The two who read it went pale.

“Look at what you’ve done. Your family’s finances are in shambles. The management of the territory has been delegated to others. All you ever do is stamp some documents without ever looking at them!”

I sneered at the two quivering fools.

“If you want to assist the duke with this kind of performance, then I may as well hire a commoner to do it. Auntie, there’s no need to worry. Gilmer is grandfather’s aide. Presently, he’s my assistant.”

“F, father’s aide…”

Not even Miranda, grandfather’s daughter, was aware of that. That would mean she was neither interested in the duke’s duties, nor the duke’s territory.

Gilmer was assisting my grandfather. Being unaware of that fact, the count family had made a mistake. They didn’t know I had the previous duke as my backing.

…Albeit, the truth was, grandfather might not have admitted me, yet. He hadn’t come to see me after all.

“If you understand, then can you go home, now? Oh, don’t even try asking to stay for the night. It’s your own fault for not following basic etiquette.”

The count squeezed the documents that detailed the circumstances of his house. They probably hadn’t seen it coming. They thought they’d succeed at coaxing me. Surely, they coveted the duke’s financial power.

Well, not like my grandfather would let that happen, though.

While my grandfather was my predecessor, he was still considered the figure of authority. He was merely waiting to discover who was suitable to succeed the Lark family.

If I were to let them take over the duke’s family that easily, grandfather would surely cut me off.

To him, what was important was the Lark family, not me. In my previous life, I probably disappointed my grandfather by not living up to his expectations. Next, my grandfather probably observed Aries for a while. I didn’t know what happened after my death, but I was certain no one had passed my grandfather’s test.

“Don’t get ahead of yourself. You succeeded the title of duke merely because you were born into that house. You’ll soon realize that you aren’t up to task and ended up crying. We’ll be back.”

The count and his wife angrily went home while spouting such an incomprehensible line.

“Why do they unconditionally believe they are better?”

I took a sip of warm tea.

“They’re like frogs in the well. They spent so much time in a place surrounded by those of equal standing, they can’t help but think so. You can’t ask someone who has never seen the ocean how it feels. That’s just preposterous.”

Gilmer took the cup from my hand and brewed another.

“Gilmer, keep an eye on those two.”

“What are you planning to do?”

Last time, they used poison to try to kill Aries. However, that was because she had been adopted. By killing the wicked Aries and keeping me alive, it’d have been easier for them to control everything.

But things were different now. Aries hadn’t been adopted. They must’ve also understood that I wasn’t easy to manipulate. Moreover, the countess was my mother’s sister. If I were to die, she could become the next duchess. However, if that were to happen, Count Garnest, the leader of the branch family, surely would not allow it.

“It’s hard to predict the actions of a fool. Therefore, just in case. Also, call Judy.”

Judy Jones. Despite being their son, he was decent. He was rarely in the kingdom because he was traveling abroad. Nevertheless, I knew of his current location.


Gilmer left the room to carry out my orders. Alone, I exhaled deeply.

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