Now that I’m Dead, are you Satisfied? Translation

44. [Day 6 (1)]

“…What a terrible development.”

Zerio was left stunned as he gazed at the entrance hall to the count’s family mansion.

Only two days had passed since Count Ruth—the lord of the house—along with his wife, were detained by the House of Lords. However, the mansion was desolate, as if it had been abandoned for months.

“It seems that because various payments were delayed, the count and his wife were arrested. Some of the dismissed servants also pilfered the house. There truly is nothing left.”

Shesam answered Zerio with a bitter smile.

While holding a small travel bag, he stared at the mansion alongside Zerio.

There were almost no items with high financial value such as furniture left. The place had been left a mess.

“If the timing of my arrival was off, I could’ve been robbed.”

Zerio murmured, taking out the money he had brought for Lorona from his bosom.

After Hendrick was arrested, the Miez Corporation lost various contracts as expected. Despite it being the result of a scam, the corporation was still charged for selling contraband. Because of that, Zerio had to repurchase various products he had sold.

It wasn’t strange for other customers and business partners to be worried.

However, the people Zerio had known for a long time were on his side. There were many business partners who wouldn’t hesitate to help him. Due to that reason, the Miez Corporation could continue doing business as before.

Zerio realized that it was because of the trust that Lorona had built-up in the business up until then. Even though it was too late, he came to deliver Lorona’s money to the count family.

However, the count’s mansion had already been abandoned. Afterwards, he happened to meet Shesam, who had returned to pack his bags.

“This money belongs to Lady Lorona. Please use it to rebuild the count family.”

“I’d like to thank you, but the reality is… the count family won’t be rebuilt in the future.”

Shesam shook his head, gently pushing back the bag of gold coins presented to him.

“Lady Lumina is also in custody because there are no more people to take care of her. Given the debt of the count and his wife, the mansion will soon be seized… the prestigious Ruth family has ended.”

Lumina’s injuries seemed to be fairly minor. However, her scars and the devastation left by the count family would make it difficult for her to remain in the social circles as a noble lady.

She herself also stated that she didn’t want to be on the stage anymore. Shesam had to wonder what caused that change in mindset.

As it was, Lumina would probably become a nun.

The Lord’s private villa was already being investigated by the House of Lords. Apparently, the private soldiers he had amassed had been arrested.

Many of them seemed to have misused the count’s authority.

All of the stored weapons were confiscated by the House of Lords and were about to be sold off.

“That’s… I’m sorry.”

“It is what it is. To tell the truth, I feel relieved. I feel like everything’s finally over.”

Shesam’s smile was sunny.

It was the face of a man freed from various burdens and was about to start a new life.

“It’s over…”

“The lady was suffering all this time. She did everything for the sake of the count, but he never cared about her. Have you heard about His Highness Velbutte? He’s being sent to the frontier. He was also punished.”


Looking at the bag of gold coins that fitted atop of his palm, Zerio looked back on what had happened to himself.

Upon attaining success, he ignored Lorona’s advice. He was even pleased with her death.

As consequence, the corporation’s funds were cut to less than a half. Yet, in the end, it was saved by Lorona. The corporation only managed to survive because of her.

If Aslan hadn’t come to visit at that time, Zerio would’ve been on the path of ruin as it was.

“Please use the money for your company. Lady Lorona would surely desire that, as well.”

“Are you letting me go?”

“Yes, once you’ve succeeded with that money, you should engage in philanthropy just as the lady once did. It’d be for the best.”

“…Well, that may as well be everything I can do. However, I’ll leave this money untouched. It’ll serve as a remainder to everything she has taught me.”

Hopefully, if one day he were to be led astray once again, that bag of gold coins would be there to guide him to the correct path. Zerio thus stored it in his pocket.

“Shesam, what will you do from now on?”

“I still have some work to do. Therefore, I planning to settle everything. Once all is done, I will be going on a trip.”

“Are you traveling?”

“Yes, I’m thinking of going to the Stella Empire. Something is waiting for me, there.”

Looking at Shesam’s smile, Zerio smiled as well.

“Well, Shesam is still young. There are still countless possibilities for you. Still, I hear that empire is currently involved in turmoil. Therefore, please be careful.”

“Thank you for your concern.”

Turning on their heels almost at the same time, the two started walking in their respective directions.

However, Zerio suddenly stopped and turned to Shesam.

“By the way, Shesam, I’d like to ask you something.”

“What is it?”

“…What happened to Lady Lorona’s funeral? I heard you’ve retrieved her body which was being enshrined in the church.”

Upon learning of the aftermath that befell the count family, Zerio thought that he should at least hold a funeral for Lorona. Thus, he contacted the church.

However, he was terribly surprised to hear that Shesam had taken charge of the body. He also heard some slight tidbits about switched remains.

“That corpse has been enshrined in the count’s grave hill. Although modest, a funeral has been conducted.”

“I see…”

“Indeed, I’m sure that she will rest peacefully.”

Shesam’s expression, as he looked up towards the skies as if thinking about Lorona, was forever calm.

Zerio also stared up at the clear skies.

“…Why did the young lady have to die?”

Shesam smiled profoundly at Zerio’s lament. He didn’t say anything afterwards.

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