Now that I’m Dead, are you Satisfied? Translation

43. [Day 5 (4)]

Her silver-rimmed eyelids eventually fluttered open.

As the women blinked in puzzlement several times, her violet eyes regained their clarity.


Perhaps because there were two men intently staring at her, Lorona was terribly upset. She yelped and draped the blanket over herself.

Astel’s heart pounded from the girl’s lovelines. At the same time, it was the definite proof that she was still alive.


Upon being called, Lorona peeked from inside her blanket.

So as to not scare her, Astel slowly approached the bed. Like a lovely little animal that had grown familiar with humans, Lorona slowly lowered her guard.

“It’s been a long time. Do you recognize me?”

“…You’re Lord Aslan, aren’t you?”

Despite her unchanging facial expression, her voice quivered from confusion. As she peeked through the gaps in her blanket, Lorona’s violet eyes reflected her heart.

Her unchanging attitude filled Astel’s chest.

“…Why are you here?”

“That’s right. Where should I start… For the time being, I want you to become aware of what has happened. By the way, I owe this man for escorting me here.”



Shesam, who was waiting behind Astel so as to not disturb the reunion of the two, rushed to Lorona like a pet dog. As Shesam knelt to the floor to face Lorona, tears overflowed from his eyes.

“…I’m glad you’re safe!”

“What’s wrong, Shesam? Why are you in tears?”


Lorona tilted her head, perplexed as to why Shesam was crying like a child.

“…I slept for five whole days!?”

When the Sister informed her of her situation, Lorona’s violet eyes widened in shock.

“That’s right. The maid who accompanied the young lady didn’t return for you. I do not believe she had any intention of doing so.”

“Where’s Chille?”

“That’s why I wrote a letter to Shesam. After all, I’ve heard the young lady mention his name several times.”

“I see… that’s why you came.”

As if relieved, Lorona’s expression loosened. Thus, she smiled at Shesam.

“Thank you, Shesam.”

“No, it’s only to be expected… More importantly, I’m glad that Milady is safe.”

“Enough, there’s no need for you to cry. I’ll feel bad.”


At Lorona’s reassurance, Astel and Shesam stared at each other.

Lorona narrowed her eyes at the two before laughing.

“I understand why Shesam is here, but what about Lord Aslan?”

Since Lorona was staring at him with a tinge of wariness, Astel shrugged.

For Lorona, Astel was but a customer acquaintance called ‘Aslan.’ While they knew each other, they weren’t close. It was no wonder she didn’t understand why he was present.

“…Where should I begin?”

Astel smiled quietly. Beneath his mask, his gaze was softening.

There was no need for him to panic. Lorona was alive.

Compared to the pain that tormented him every day after receiving news of Lorona’s death, earning her trust was nothing.

“I have a lot to talk to you about.”

I’ll make you happy this time.

With such determination, Astel removed his mask.

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