The Villainess who Only Had 100 Days to Live Had Fun Every Day Translation

42. Let’s Have Fun Together (3)

—6 days remaining.

Without a hitch, I was bullied yesterday.

That day, I was doing fine as well. My study sessions with His Highness Sazanjill would end that morning. Because of him, I was having an easier time reviewing my lesson afterwards. Regardless, that still wouldn’t guarantee me a good score. As such, I decided to go home early that day and study quietly.

As I was thinking that.

“…This is a problem.”

In a dimly-lit, closed, room, I was at a loss.

I was trapped. After class, my teacher asked me to help her carry her bags. To me, it was a menial task. There was no reason I should resort to spouting an embarrassing line like, “Seriously, you’re asking the duke’s daughter for this kind of thing?” As a student, I obliged.

…However, that was a mistake.

Incidentally, I was in the same class as His Highness Zafield. Nevertheless, as soon our lessons had ended, he rushed home. It seemed that both His Highness Zafield and His Highness Sazanjill were behind in their duties regarding public affairs.

Well, that’s because they’ve been helping me with my studies.

Still, His Highness Zafield stayed with me as much as he could. I also heard that His Highness Sazanjill would accompany Lumiere, except when she was in class. For the both of them to act as shields… Somehow, for me, it was a little tasteless.

It was said that upon returning to the boarding house, they were buried in their duties with public affairs. The king appeared to be spartan. Although, that much should’ve been expected.

Then, another possible source of help—

—That was right. The equipment warehouse I was trapped in was located behind the academy. There’d be no student bothering to visit that place. The equipment for club activities were in other warehouses, weren’t they? I had no idea if anyone would come to that warehouse.

Of course, there was also the matter of security. However, I was sure that the one who planned this ensured there would be no security around that day. At least, if it was me, I’d plan with that much forethought.

That was why—

“—Yep, I’m stuck.”

It seemed that I’d be spending the night in that place as it was.

It sure is cold…

I was fortunate that I had my bag with me. But, well… other than my textbooks and writing implements, there was nothing that could fight against the cold. Although, I did have a hand mirror.

Fufu, should I burn the textbooks to make fire?

That’d surely keep me warm. In the unlikely event of a fire, someone might come to save me. A tiny amount of light was spilling from the upper vent, something which I could reflect with the mirror.

—However, after relentlessly trying for about an hour, no fire was produced. It seemed that only experts could light a fire with such a tool.

While doing so, the sun went down. It was getting darker and darker. Even if I tried to study, I would barely be able to see a thing. I had no choice but to sleep.

“…But I might catch a cold again—”

When I hugged my bag, wishing that it’d keep me warm—

“—My, I have a pretty friend.”

I wasn’t able to return it.

Looking at the item reminded me of the day I had requested the annulment of my engagement. I felt awkward.

After burying my nose in the clumsily-made stuffed rabbit for a long time, I embraced it tightly.

“Won’t you sleep with me?”

I lied down with my bag as a pillow.

My small friend gave warmth to cheeks.

I wasn’t lonely, because—

“—Hence, it comes as a surprise to me.”

“No, you really should be surprised?! You’re trapped! You’re being confined? Imprisoned? Anyway, be more scared?!”

“You’re expressive today.”

Even if I were to compliment him, the god wouldn’t listen to me. On the contrary, he took out a blanket from somewhere and wrapped it around me while I was on a chair. Then, he rushed to brew some hot tea.

The dream world was neither hot nor cold, but… how does this make sense?

Nevertheless, I was happy. I was grateful for the cup of tea. The scent of ginger was both tingling and pleasant. I smiled involuntarily.

“I mean, I can still meet god in my dreams?”


“Because of that, there’s no reason for me to feel lonely.”

The god suddenly paused.

Oh my, his face is bright red.

Well, I pretended I was too immersed in drinking the delicious black tea.

I drank it in the blink of an eye.

“Would you like to have another?”

When I nodded, god regained his composure and poured me a second cup of tea.

However, he seemed more worried as usual.

“Don’t you have a test tomorrow morning? If you don’t get out by then—”

“Do you have any cinnamon sticks? I also want some honey…”

“I do—more importantly!”

I poured some honey into the cup. Afterwards, I gently mixed it with a cinnamon stick. While gracefully enjoying the scent and sweetness, god exhaled a loud sigh.


“What are you talking about?”

I didn’t really think that I was a liar. God puffed his cheeks.

“You aren’t lonely because you have that child, right?”

That child… Speaking of which, I wondered why that stuffed animal had been placed on the desk.

It was an ugly stuffed animal left there by His Highness Sazanjill. It was a cluttered stuffed doll that had its eyes resewn. To word it better, it… totally seemed handmade.

I dared hug the stuffed animal.

“Are you perhaps jealous?”

“That’s not it! Why would I be jealous?”

“You wish that this stuffed animal was you.”


When I responded as such, god suddenly stopped moving.

…It was quite interesting. I wanted to repeat my sentence, but there were times when even I got curious.

“For a god like you to be jealous of such a thing, aren’t you adorable?”

“Like I said, I’m not—

“—That’s not the issue.”

After I had stared at him, god finally relented.

“It’s one of your precious memories, isn’t it?”

“What? Isn’t this merely something His Highness Sazanjill forgot?”

“Wasn’t it a gift you gave him back when you were children?”


I could only stare at the god. He seemed as if he was being pinched by something. Right, he had golden eyes. They were as mesmerizing as the evening’s first star. Regardless, I couldn’t afford to swoon at the moment.

“Y, you don’t remember?”


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