I was Invited to the Wedding of Former Fiancé Despite my Engagement Being Annulled. I Couldn’t Refuse, so my Brother’s Friend Accompany Me Translation

50. The Laughter of a Former Maid

  • This is an extra story that depicts what happened after the end of the main story from the perspective of Yurana.

“Mom, it’s bad!”

To the high-pitched voice of my daughter, I lifted my head.

My name was Yurana. I used to be a maid of the Ragulen family, but as of the present, I was helping with housework.

It seemed that the usual guests would arrive soon, so I had been cleaning the floor from morning that day.

When my daughter rushed in, I was scrubbing the corridor. I stood up while tapping my hips.

One of the guests loved to lie on the floor. As it was winter, I didn’t think he’d rest in the corridor, but just in case…

My daughter was holding a heavy-looking, large, basket.

What on earth is that?

“Have you dug the soil properly?”

“Yes, I did!”

“Then, that’s good. What is that basket?”

“Oh, it’s from the villager! They told me, if the usual big brother comes, I should give it to Lucia. It’s cheese!”

“I’m grateful for that. Oh, there’s so much.”

After receiving the basket and checking its contents, I was surprised.

While that silver-haired man enjoyed beans the most, he also enjoyed putting grilled cheese on bread. Alves was also fond of cheese, although he was careful to not show it. However, the villagers were quite attentive. Whenever they had the chance, they’d always share with us.

Even so, from what I heard this morning, Phil had become quite well-known in the village.

I was sure that the villagers had met the new knights and asked them a bunch of questions.

The villagers of the Ragulen territory had become accustomed to having knights visit. Where did their original vigilance go? I wondered if it was truly alright…

“So, what’s the matter?”

I asked my daughter, remembering her previous words.

My daughter, who felt relieved after handing over the basket, looked outside in a hurry.

“That’s right, I saw a horse on my way here! Alves has returned!”

“Well, I wonder what happened? I heard that he’s going out today.”

“He was charging at a tremendous speed. Should we preparesome water?”

“That’s right. Please prepare some for Alves’ horse.”


My daughter cheerfully went outside.

That child would be turning 10-years-old that year. She was brimming with enthusiasm to help. I thought that once she became more level-headed, she’d be a decent maid.

However, now wasn’t the time to think so leisurely.

As Alves had changed his schedule and hastily returned, something must had happened. As I looked outside the window, I tilted my head. I could see Alves’ figure just around the corner. His dark blond hair was disturbed by the wind. Then, he leaped straight down.

“Yurana! I’m sorry, but please boil water right away!”

“Yes, I will get to it! But what happened?”

Alves smiled bitterly.

“He’s coming. He’s going to be here soon, so please prepare some tea.”


I tilted my head.

I remembered the sloppy but familiar tone Alves used. There were only a few people Alves would use that tone with.

What does this mean?

“…Is it Lord Phil?”

I exhaled in surprise. Alves combed his messy hair with his hands without blaming me.

“He seems to have arrived much earlier than expected… I’m sure his pursuit will come, as well. He’s such a moron.”

“Oh, dear.”

I couldn’t say anything.

However, I understood Phil’s feeling. He’d have wanted to come to Ragulen as soon as possible—even if it meant departing early and shaking off his followers.

It couldn’t be helped—

—For Lady Lucia was just that wonderful!

Unlike any other young man, he had good eyes.

But, half a year ago…

…Phil was of the same age as Lucia. Therefore, wouldn’t it be alright for him to calm down a little more?

I understood that he was floating due to his thoughts of Lucia. Phil was the exact opposite of the calm Alves.

Realizing that I had compared them unintentionally, I almost laughed. My daughter eyed me worriedly, so I had to fake a cough to suppress my laughter.

“I shall prepare some tea right away… by the way, what about Lady Lucia?”

“She’s returning with him. Ah, there they are.”

Looking back on the path, Alves clicked his tongue.

I saw a horse shadow in the distance.

Is Lady Lucia riding a horse with that man?

As it was moving tremendously fast, I was sure that Lady Lucia must be having a difficult time.

I couldn’t see her because she was still faraway, but I believed she was having fun. After all, Phil was supporting her from behind.

It has to be urgent.

I went to the kitchen quickly.

***T/N: It went pretty natural up until this point, Phil x Lucia’s romance. They are a couple that grew up together and understood each other from back to back. Albeit no, of course nothing is natural about the way Phil courted her.

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