The Villainess who Only Had 100 Days to Live Had Fun Every Day Translation

39. Their Positions Have Changed (6)

—9 days remaining.

“Good morning, Lelouche. You’re a little late. Are you perhaps feeling sick?”

“I think you’re the ones who came too early.”

…Are these people stupid?

As usual, the royal siblings were waiting for me inside the empty classroom.

Well, it was unusual for His Highness Zafield to be here at this time. He always came shortly before I finished my tutoring ended.

On the desk, handmade notebooks were piled up. There was also a paper bag giving off a delicious smell.

His Highness Zafield shrugged took something out from the paper bag.

“Because it’s cold today, I brought some soup. Won’t you drink it before it gets cold?”

“…Thank you very much.”

“I brought you some soup, too, Lelouche. There are corn pottage and chicken consommé—which one do you prefer?”

“Then, the pottage.”


…W, why are they acting as if nothing happened?

Shouldn’t His Highness Sazanjill still be angry about the other day? His Highness Zafield must be feeling shocked by my folly. The royal siblings being on good terms was great, but there shouldn’t be any room for me anymore.

Even so, His Highness Sazanjill still offered me the soup.

Involuntarily, I fell down.

I would apparently have to lick god’s feet.


“…No, it’s nothing. Your Highness, may I ask you something?”

“Ask me anything!”

I lifted my head and immediately took out the reference book.

It was the same scene as usual. However, it felt warmer—much warmer than the soup. I kept eating to hide my eyes from them.

However, my daily life was also on its last spurt.

“Lelouche, will you be studying during the day?”

“If possible, I’d like to have sword training once in a while.”

“You still haven’t given up!?”

“Lack of exercise will make me dull.”

“You just bought a new uniform. Do you want it to get dirty again?”

The morning classes had ended. Immediately after that, His Highness Zafield beckoned me.

There was nothing wrong with Lumiere’s uniform. Rather, her uniform, which wasn’t worn anywhere, felt good. As I stumbled for an answer, His Highness grabbed my hand.

“Alright, alright, let’s head for the cafeteria, soon. I reserved some seats.”


The Duchess Lala Fable and Count Media Remel were who interrupted us. I stared at the two, they were smiling. Sure enough, His Highness Zafield’s lapis lazuli eyes filled with coldness.

“…I’m sorry, but Lelouche already made a promise with.”

“What’s wrong with that? Recently, those coming up in the palace have been monopolizing Lelouche… We are lonely, too!”

“We also want to get along with Lelouche!”

Wow, what lies….

It was obvious that they were planning something. Hence, I was interested!

Therefore, I smiled to His Highness.

“Your Highness, I’ll definitely head to the cafeteria. …Could you leave first?”

“Eh, but…”

“Thank you for reserving me a seat, but I’d like to respond to this!”

After I appealed to him, His Highness shrugged.

“…Lelouche sure is stubborn.”

“It’s an honor to be complimented.”

“It’s not a compliment.”

While saying that, I thought that His Highness, who had let go of my hand, was truly kind.

“Come on, over here!”

“There’s something we want to show you, Lelouche!”

The destination I was being taken to was the back of the academy building.

Oh my, how thrilling…

It’s too obvious, whatever am I going to do?

However, my uplifting feelings calmed down once I saw who was there.


“Lady Lelouche!?”

Lumiere, who beckoned to me in sorrow, was surrounded by boys. The brand-new uniform I had given her was ruined. That said, the showed seemed to have yet reach its peak.

These guys are bad news.

I narrowed my eyes.

“What the hell are you doing?”

“Isn’t it obvious?”

“Fufufu, they seem to like her. We merely introduced them?”

Their well-sounding words failed to conceal their malice. When I glanced at Lala, she had a twisted smile.

“Isn’t Lelouche the same as her? You continued to string along His Highness Sazanjill while also playing with His Highness Zafield along the side. As the future queen, isn’t it troublesome? I mean, what if the father of the child becomes unclear?”

“His Highness Zafield belongs to everyone!”

“Hey, Media?!”

Is that it?

As the duke’s daughter, Lala was aiming to become the fiancée of His Highness Zafield. As for Media, I thought that her motive was much shallower. I didn’t think any of them had a fiancé, yet. I often saw them frolicking in the academy.

Considering the possibility that Lala would marry into the royal family, I gave her some advice.

“If it’s His Highness Zafield that you’re aiming for, then it’s better to stop? It sure is an honor to marry into the royal family, but the current queen, who is also his mother, is a very strict person. I think you’d be happier marrying someone of equal status.”

Considering Lala’s daily words and conduct, the future hardship was clear. While His Highness Zafield wasn’t a bad person, he also wasn’t an unconditionally kind person. Like his mother, he was truly spartan. After all, I was trained harshly every day. Did she think that he’d comfort her when she cried about the princess education being too painful?

However, Lala refused to wake up from her dream.

“S, so what?! I’m not like the others!”

I was pushed away by her. I staggered a few steps and bumped into Lumiere.

Lala raised her hand before slapping me mercilessly. I was shocked, my head and neck jolted backwards. My view was dyed black. The smell and taste of earth made me suffocate to the point of wanting to cry. It hurt. I couldn’t open my eyes. There was a faint voice forcibly calling me, “Lady Lelouche!”

My beautiful classmates pointed their fingers as they laughed and looked down on us.

“Ahahaha, ahahaha! What an unfortunate accident! But it suits you well, Lelouche! Which other lady would look so good caked in mud!?”

“Look at this menace of a duke’s daughter!”

“Why don’t you both become serfs? It’d suit you!”

…I see. They are making fun of farmers.


As I thought… this is too fun.

Then, mud was dropped from the second floor.


They carried mud all the way up there? How hardworking!

“Fufufu… Ahahahahaha!”

“L, Lady Lelouche…”

I laughed as I held Lumiere’s shoulder. I smiled and smiled.

Then, I stood up alongside Lumiere.

“What a pleasure, I truly think it is!”

While I was laughing loudly, everyone became scared.

“Did she go crazy?”

Who knows?

You are the ones who picked a fight with me, so you better be prepared.

That was to be my last school life.

I shall entertain you thoroughly!

***T/N: Ughhh they gotta taint her last few days on Earth with the memories of bullying?! Lelouche better raises up to them or they will meet the back of my hand.

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