The Villainess who Only Had 100 Days to Live Had Fun Every Day Translation

40. Let’s Have Fun Together

After that, I went to the cafeteria covered in mud (of course, Lumiere went home by carriage). The royal siblings were concerned, to which I answered.

“Recently, beauty methods using mud are popular.”

I also went to class as I was.

The teacher was surprised and suggested that I head home. However, I answered sincerely.

“Teacher… I want to have a flawless skin.”

I wanted to say that I also attended my after-school lessons as I was as well, but the royal siblings got angry and told me to go home.

After returning home, I helped with the field work (of course, I also explained the mud beauty method to my father). I swung my sword about 100 times, took a bath, and had a relaxing dinner made by my mother after a long time. I wonder if I should eat and study for the follow-up exam with god.

“—So, here I am.”

“Don’t be so nonchalant about it!? Couldn’t you have at least gone home for the time being?! You could’ve borrowed a replacement outfit!?”

“Rather than that, I’d like to borrow your feet?”

“…What? Why—”

When I knelt before god, he became terrified.

“I, is it about yesterday’s bet!? It’s fine!! There’s no need for you to do that!!”

“…But, as you said, the royal siblings came to teach me. Didn’t I lose the bet? I have to keep my promise.”

“Unconceivable! Please stop! It’ll a problem if your propensity distorts any further!”

What’s that?

I was truly interested in the god’s word just now. However, when I asked, he refused to answer.

How boring of god.

“Then, answer my question! Hey, why did you remain covered in mud without changing your clothes? I need to know the answer! Lelouche, why did you insist on remaining like that?!”

Even if he were to call me Lelouche… That question, even the royal siblings asked it of me over and over.

“Because otherwise, it’d be boring?”

“That’s not the problem! What about your reputation as a lady!?”

“I’m honored to be complimented.”

“I’m not complimenting you!”

Ahhh… God was energetic again that day. If he screamed that much, his throat would hurt, right?

Because he had always brewed tea for me, it was my turn that day. It was a service.

Not to mention, the tea is special?

“Take a look, God. The other day, His Highness received a large amount of these…”

“…What’s the ingredients for this tea?”

“It seems to be the root of a tree called burdock that is cultivated in the Orient. Apparently, when shipped, it is done so covered mud.”

“In the end, it’s still mud!?”

This was basically just the roots, right? Did he think that there was a woman who liked and wanted to be covered in mud? Of course, if it was after doing field work, that was different. I considered it a medal.

Of course, I also had no grudge against burdock. According to my research, it was rich in fiber and was good for beauty. It also had a unique flavor.

When I drank it, the god also sighed and followed suit.

Fufu, such a delectable drink.

God then asked me.

“So, what do you want to ask for as a reward?”

“This is the reward I asked for of His Highness Zafield for the follow-up exam?”

“Well, was there anything else?”

I was sure that the god wanted me to ask for dresses, accessories, and a feast. But my answer had already been decided.

“Of course!”

***T/N: Even god was baffled by her, uh, propensity. Yes I totally know what I’m talking about.

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