Now that I’m Dead, are you Satisfied? Translation

31. [Day 4 (3)]

Zerio greeted Hendrick, who arrived much earlier than the scheduled time, with a large smile.

“I must apologize for I’m in a hurry. In regard to the contract, have you made your decision?”

“For the time being, let me guide you inside.”

Hendrick momentarily lifted his eyebrows at Zerio’s dismissal. Regardless, he probably didn’t suspect anything. With a smile on his face, he stepped into the company building as he was escorted by Zerio.

“As this is an important matter to discuss, let’s speak in the hall.”

“How generous of you.”

He was guided to the hall where parties and other meetings were usually held. Having been welcomed, Hendrick was in a good mood.

Thus, he smiled at Zerio who sat across the large table.

“Then, have you come to a decision?”

“For a long time, I was at a loss. After all, this is quite a big decision to make.”

“Yes, but also worthwhile.”

“Of course, as long as it can be sold safely.”


Hendrick frowned at Zerio’s roundabout response.

Although he had been grinning until earlier, the present Zerio had the intimidation of a veteran merchant.

“After a certain discovery, I was quite shocked. Mr. Hendrick, can you tell me what kind of cloth this is exactly?”


At Zerio’s words, Hendrick stood up.

He couldn’t afford to conceal his expression. His face had turned blue. He appeared to be both flustered and angry.

“No way, you…!”

“This isn’t Senz cloth. Instead, it’s a peculiar item made only in the Stella Empire—Laris cloth. It’s a prohibited item that is strictly regulated against being exported or sold overseas.”

“…You researched it!?”

At Hendrick’s words, Zerio revealed a rugged expression.

“It was nothing more than a coincidence. A person who laid eyes on this cloth advised me. He told me that it isn’t a good product for a merchant.”

Indeed. Everything was a mere coincidence.

While providing Aslan information regarding Lorona, Aslan noticed the Senz cloth he had placed on display.

To Aslan, who seemed to be interested, he explained that it was the company’s product. Then, in a rather harsh tone, Aslan told him to drop the notion.

At that time, Zerio suspected that Aslan was merely jealous. However, as Hendrick had kept pressuring him into the next transaction, Zerio realized something was amiss.

“…Who would expect you had the gall to dye the once white cloth brown. I haven’t seen the actual Laris cloth, I’ve only heard rumors. As such, there’s no way I’d have noticed. You’re definitely not a merchant. You dared dye a fabric that gave off such a beautiful luster, one akin to a precious metal, into such a color.”

To process an item in a way that would detract its value—it wasn’t something a merchant would do.

Zerio finally understood that Hendrick had a different goal in mind. The contract was to bring about a disaster to both the company and the kingdom.

“…But, Mr. Zerio, you’ve already traded this cloth. Even if you feign ignorance, you shall not escape punishment.”

“I’m prepared for that. Moreover, I’ve already retrieved all the Senz cloth I sold last time.”


Hendrick’s eyes went wide as his mouth agape.

Towards how unnerved Hendrick had become, Zerio showed a distorted smile.

Last time he sold the Senz cloth in bulk, and it was to a caravan from another country. As they were merchants also unfamiliar with Laris cloth, they purchased the product. Fortunately, they hadn’t left the kingdom yet. They had only shown the fake Senz cloth to a few customers but hadn’t sold a single piece.

Zerio rushed to them, explained the origin of that cloth, and bought it back at higher price.

“Although the information has spread, it hasn’t hit the market. I was honest to the inquiring customers. I told them that I can’t handle the request due to circumstances.”

It was a blessing in disguise. Otherwise, he’d have sold contraband. At best, he’d be fined, and at worst, his business might be suspended. Still, Zerio thought that would be alright. For betraying Lorona, for not trusting her—he deserved it.

“I wonder what your motive is, Mr. Hendrick. To try to spread contraband through some ill deceit—you shan’t get away with this!”

“Shut up!! Shit!!”

Perhaps realizing he was on the losing side, Hendrick turned around and tried to escape from the hall.

However, slightly earlier than that, the door burst open.

Armed soldiers rushed in.


Hendrick, shocked, was immediately detained by the soldiers.

“You! You sold me out!”

“That can’t be any farther from the truth. I reported to the House of Lords that I was been offered an illegal transaction.”

Dammit…!! I thought everything would be easier, now that that little girl is gone…!!”

Immediately, Zerio’s expression turned to that of cursing Hendrick.

Before the soldiers could stop him, he rushed to grab Hendrick’s collar.

“Could it be—!? Did you kill the young lady—!?”

“Unfortunately, no. That girl was still worth using. I never thought that she’d die in such an accident.”

Hendrick smiled as if having given up before being taken away by the soldiers.

A senior officer approached the stunned Zerio and clasped his shoulder.

“Thank you for the report. Apparently, that the man was selling a very dubious product in this kingdom. We’re now investigating his trading partners.”

“…That’s right. What was his motive?”

“I can’t tell you the details, but I’m sure that it’s very dangerous. You’re lucky. As you reported it, you’ll only be dealt with a light fine. Please rest assured.”

Zerio could only vaguely nod to the official’s words.

He would lose most of the money he had saved so far.

He may even lose his credibility, considering he was involved in a dangerous transaction.

But at the very end of his life, Zerio felt like he was able to protect his pride as a merchant.

“What a relief, Lady Lorona…”

Tears spilled from Zerio’s eyes.

Remorse, compassion, gratitude—and also sorrow. With all those mixed emotions, his tears began to overflow.

Finally, Zerio was able to face Lorona’s death.

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