The Rotten Lady Rosa Wants to Watch Over Love from the Shadows Translation

14. The Rotten Lady Rosa Wants to Watch Over Love from the Shadows

Chapter Fourteen: Rosa Wants to Proudly Display Her Darling (II)

‘Those noisy little flies. Learn your damn place!’ Bernando, who was trailing Rosa by a few steps, thought. His remark was in response to the royal palace maids’ abuse on his beloved sister. They had spoken just so that Bernando and Rosa could hear them. It was most likely some form of ostracism, as they did to all newcomers. ‘Good grief. Every single one of those girls is a coward who fled with their tail between their legs after failing to win the princess’ favor.’

After deciding that he would protect Rosa, Bernando had gone out of his way and used several external means to gather information about various things. Of course, he was well acquainted with the ugliness of the aristocrats, having been raised in the royal capital and in a brothel to boot. As a result, he knew a lot more about the inner workings of Berg’s society than Rosa did.

That’s how he discovered that all the girls who worked as maids in the royal palace came from noble families and had once been summoned to serve as the princess’s conversation partner. The Queen had reportedly lured them here with the promise of a meeting with prince Leon if they could make friends with the feisty princess.

Blinded by greed a lot of them had come to the detached palace only to encounter failure. Some had irritated the princess with their flattery, while others had adopted an overly friendly demeanor. In the end, the princess had dismissed them all on their first day.

Despite this, all the maids were from aristocratic backgrounds.

It would be damaging to their reputation if they were sent back right away, so they had figured out a means to stay in the palace.

They couldn’t get close to the princess or nor could they go back home.

The only thing left for them to do was to try to bring down the newcomers out of jealousy and to pass the time. That was those girls’ true nature.

‘Well, it’s not like you could ever hope to drag my Dear Sister down.’ Bernando thought with a smirk as he recalled the events from just now.

He had been able to shut up all the maids who had gone on and on about their being from a ruined family and being poor with just a smile.

‘Those with a little brain picked up on my meaning right away, while the stupid ones took some time to figure it out.’

Rosa, on the other hand, had completely missed it. Bernando, thankfully or regrettably, had not noticed it.

‘Their expressions when they saw Dear Sister’s face were precious!’ Bernando got goosebumps just thinking about the looks those maids had given him as he uncovered his sister’s veil.

When presented with Rosa’s miracle-like beauty shown in her transparent white skin, gem-like purple eyes, and touchingly gorgeous lips, even those maids hadn’t been able to dispute his sister’s beauty.

Despite this, the part about his sister’s shabby attire continued to bother Bernando.

‘Dear Sister… In the end she didn’t even spend a single copper coin for herself…’

Rosa had lavishly spent money for Bernando’s sake before arriving in the capital. However, when it came time for herself, she had discovered that her wallet was considerably lacking. Bernando was still having a hard time forgetting that.

‘I am well aware why she did it. She’s an amazing person, there’s no doubt about that.’

That was demonstrated by his sister’s smile when she said, “I’m the happiest while staring at you shine brilliantly”. Rosa was the kind of person who prayed for others while ignoring her own needs.

Bernando had never met somebody as noble as his sister, whom he could gaze at with such compassion. And it made him uneasy whenever he considered that it was perhaps her nature that had forced her to deny herself from a young age.

She even sent that pig off with a smile on her face…

Bernando was referring to his father, whom he and the others had successfully exiled to a monastery.

His father had been hesitant to go until the very end and had even yelled at Rosa. Despite all of this, Rosa had managed to send him goodbye with a smile, despite her trembling from suppressing her emotions. Even when their father’s status had been effectively revoked and no one could hide their disapproval, she had even requested that he write her letters.

Her remarks had taken their father by surprise at the time, and Bernando had been there to see their father’s remorse after receiving Rosa’s affection.

‘She really is amazing…’

The way she had hugged the boy from the slums. The way she had sacrificed herself for the slave girls. The way she loved even those that wished her ill.

Rosa was undoubtedly the Rose Angel that governed all virtuousness and love. Bernando thought his sister was dazzling, but he also felt uneasy near her. Rosa was a completely pure human being. And that was why Bernando felt like he must protect her fragile heart.

‘No, that’s not right. Her mentality is strong as steel.’

To avoid bringing disaster onto his sister, Bernando thought to himself. He then gazed at her walking in front of him and clenched his fist. If the princess liked Rosa, it would almost certainly pave the way for Rosa to become the prince’s fiancée in the future.

Bernando, on the other hand, was not fond of the idea.

‘That may be the greedy maids’ dream, but it would only bring my Dear Sister misfortune. It makes no difference whether the princess likes her or not. We’ll return to Langheim when the time comes. And there we’ll live peacefully.’

Bernando had no intention of allowing Rosa to become queen, even though he knew it would likely complicate things. After all, most of the aristocracy were despicable individuals. As a result, their rulers, the royal family, would be no better. Bernando couldn’t stand the thought of his sister being noticed by such disgusting people. That was why Bernando had come to the separate palace, a place generally off-limits to men, even on his first day here.

‘For the time being I managed to put a leash on the idiots that tried to look down on my Dear Sister… The prince isn’t that likely to visit here as well, so that only leave the princess.’

Before her brother, the prince, was designated the heir to the throne, Princess Christine and Kamil von Gutheil were the heirs to the throne.

The princess was the same age as Bernando. Namely thirteen years old. She had been described as having blond hair, jade-like green eyes, and a great figure. Her magic had the ability to transform into the fire and earth elements, and her demeanor was said to be rather aggressive.

‘They also say that her yelling and throwing of random stuff is beyond salvation as well, but the worst part is…’

If the rumors Bernando had heard about Christine were accurate, there was something even worse that would bring Rosa problems. While thinking about it, Bernando knit his brows. He and Rosa were already standing in front of the princess’ room at the end of the corridor.

“We’re here. What kind of person is she, I wonder?” Rosa mumbled in front of the door as she pressed her hand on her pounding chest. 

To avoid appearing disrespectful, she lifted her veil and kneeled in front of the door. It was at that point that it occurred.

“Her Highness Christine. Are you here? I’ve been summoned from Langheim to console you. My name is…”

A scorching wind from the inside caused the door to burst open just as Rosa was about to finish her sentence.


“Dear Sister!” Bernando was able to pull Rosa back and allow her to avoid the blow because he was holding her hand, but Rosa still landed on her buttocks.

“Huh? Don’t they get tired of sending new people to look after me?!” From within the room, a clear, somewhat annoyed voice echoed. The sound of footsteps grew louder, and a young girl with straight blond hair tied behind her neck and a thin figure dressed in riding gear emerged. “Huh? There’s two of you this time. Hah. You both look like dolls, don’t you? It doesn’t matter. I’m way past the age of playing with dolls, so would you hurry up and buzz off?”

Cat-like eyes with a jade color. Despite her arrogant posture with one hand on her hip and her head tilted, Christine’s beautiful figure was evident. The girl putting on a tomboy act in front of Rosa and Bernando was none other than princess Christine von Bergwein.