The Rotten Lady Rosa Wants to Watch Over Love from the Shadows Translation

13. The Rotten Lady Rosa Wants to Watch Over Love from the Shadows

Chapter Thirteen: Rosa Wants to Proudly Display Her Darling (I)

Rosa and Bernando had traveled by carriage for two days to reach the royal palace.

They were led to a room at the royal palace after arriving from their long journey, where they could finally relax. A sofa set, a bed, a small kitchen in the back, and a bathroom were all included in the room’s furnishings. Rather than being a guest room, it was more like a hotel room.

Because the royal palace’s residence was largely reserved for the royal family, they had been allowed here for the royal family to demonstrate their sincerity. However, the two of them would be relocated to the detached palace and the knight’s dormitory, respectively. As a result, Rosa and Bernando were only permitted to stay here today until the procedure was completed.

“I’m beat…”

“Is that so, Dear Sister… Would you like me to serve you some tea?” Bernando said, after undressing his travel clothes.

“What are you saying?! I’ll serve it!” Rosa said, abruptly stopping her brother and standing up.

A cup prepared by her idol would very certainly become a family heirloom, but Rosa had opted not to let him handle it and instead did it herself. Rosa neatly retrieved the tea leaves from her luggage and prepared tea with passion. She was attempting to corrupt Bernando from within by infusing the tea with her rotten ideologies.

‘May Moe Bern bloom into a spectacular bottom!’ Rosa prayed as she handed the cup filled with tea to Bernando. While simultaneously repressing her most challenging instinct, particularly the want to jump at Bernando.

“I would never have expected we’d end up at the royal palace.” Bernando remarked.

“I know right. This past month has been a real roller-coaster ride.”

Both spoke as they relaxed on the sofa. Rosa was beginning to get lost in her memories.

To think that our father would be banished to a monastery and that we would inherit the estate.

Even though Rosa had decided to prosecute their father, she had assumed that he would most likely receive some sort of self-restraint order. Both illegal slave trafficking and enabling pirates to stay at the port were significant offenses, but their father could have avoided both by claiming he was unaware of them. Furthermore, he could have easily averted the matter due to his authority as a count.

He hadn’t done so, however. Rosa had hoped that he would only be given a brief self-restraint order, during which she would be given authority to make most decisions in the territory.

However, things had taken a turn for the worst, and beginning with Bernando, all of the residents of their mansion had received the news, prompting them to spread it to the others of the territory, causing a commotion. The uproar had resulted in the people demanding that the count be stripped of his title and imprisoned.

‘Father… To think that your sexual obsession would bring you to this.’

The people’s rage derived, of course, from the fact that their Lady Rosa had been kidnapped, abused, and toyed with by pirates. Rosa, on the other hand, had been completely unaware of this. In the end, Rosa had been able to persuade the townspeople to change their minds about their father’s treatment, and her father had been simply sent to a monastery.

Some of these factors included her desire for him to experience poverty and the fact that she would be able to set the framework for her future as well. However, the main reason had been to corrupt his being. A male only monastery…

‘Fufufu… Even that father of mine might wake up to the wonders of rose love! Father. This might very well be the first time in my life that I’ve genuinely wished you success.’

Even though her father had resisted until the bitter end and hadn’t stopped yelling at Rosa, Rosa had sent him off while frantically attempting to hide the smile that had crept across her face. “Father, I will send you letters every day. It would be great if you could reply as well. I’ll eagerly be awaiting your letters.” She had told him that and requested that he send her letters containing information about the monastery. Which had taken her father aback. She had even held his hand after that, which she hadn’t done in over a decade. “I’ll be waiting for your letters of love. No matter how long it may take.”

Her father had just nodded in a bewildered manner, not knowing that what his daughter wished for were reports of rose love.

Rosa, on the other hand, had taken it as proof that her corrupted emotions had finally won him over. She believed to have finally won.

In the end it had all ended happily. Rosa had chosen to give up a portion of their land after that in order to attempt to calm the people’s wrath, but she hadn’t anticipated that all of the inhabitants would oppose her.

They had apparently been very thankful for her activities in generating leaf mold and training them to write, which she had largely done to prepare them for her book on rose love, but they had no way of knowing that. Rosa’s confidence that rose love would save the world had been reinforced because of it all.

‘Even still, Moe Bern being invited to work at the palace because of it all was not something I expected.’

Her lone blunder had been this. Her original goal had been to monitor Bernando’s development from the shadows, but Bernando had been summoned to the royal palace to the palace to get firsthand knowledge of the social circles because he was the heir to a court family.

Rosa had been terrified after hearing the news because she thought beloved Bernando would be taken from her. She had learned of the opportunity to be admitted to the palace as a princess’s counselor at that time, and she had jumped at it.

‘I’m a woman that changes pinches into chances after all. I’ll definitely make the most of this unexpected stay at the palace.’

The ban on boys that was issued in the royal palace would drastically reduce her chances of encountering rose love, however, that meant she could just use the time to drag her other female colleagues into her fan club.

Now Rosa’s ideal plan was to make friends while at the palace and then make her debut at the monastery. Furthermore, aristocratic ladies with a high level of literacy were ideal candidates for rose love writers. So, there was no way Rose could miss this opportunity.

Rosa had also heard that the First Knight Order oversaw guarding the detached palace’s outer perimeter. In other words, she would occasionally be able to view not only males dressed in noble knight attire, but even Bernando.

Rosa smiled as she gazed across the sofa at her younger brother, who was sipping tea. He was decked out in spanking new white knight attire. His lovely blond hair, smooth white cheeks, and polished golden button all shone with a dazzling shine.

Rosa assumed that the adjective dignified was invented just to characterize him.

‘That uniform is spectacular. Moe Bern will be able to lure any gentleman into the BL whirlpool with this overwhelming amount of charm.’ Rosa thought as she clenched her fist. She predicted that the royal palace’s first BL kaleidoscope would unfold around Bernando, the millennium’s finest bottom.

Titled: “Project Ultimate Bottom”

Rosa would select several attractive men and lead them to Bernando to form a BL harem. After which, she would watch it all unfold from the shadows.

‘Actually, I guess I’ll be the princess’s advisor. This suggests that I may get a chance to meet the prince. When that happens, I’ll try to lure Bernando along with me. If I pull it off it will be the start of a BL play involving the whole kingdom…!’

Rosa’s calculations were spiraling out of control, far beyond her wildest fantasies, and her excitement was skyrocketing. Her complexion deteriorated as a result, and Bernando, who sat across from her, became concerned.

“Dear Sister, your complexion… I’m sure you’re nervous about meeting with the princess, aren’t you?”

“Huh? No. Not one bit.”

Rosa denied it right away, but that didn’t stop Bernando from being anxious.

“Dear Sister, I will ask them for permission to accompany you to the detached palace. I’ve heard the princess is a stubborn one, so I’m concerned for you.” Bernando knew a lot about the royals because he grew up in the royal capital, where there were lots of rumors and parades took place. Rosa, on the other hand, who had grown up in the countryside, didn’t know much.

‘She’s stubborn?’ Rosa pondered, her expression revealing her confusion.

“Rather than stubborn, she’s more like, how should I say it… Let’s say that she throws stuff and yells. She’s also known for forcing all of her unlikable advisors to resign.” Bernando said after carefully choosing his words.

Rosa realized that being dismissed early would be a major setback, but she still had the option of working as a laundry woman for the Knight Order.

‘Moe Bern’s shirts. Other men’s shirts. Fufufufu.’ Just thinking about that eased Rosa’s worries.

Rosa and Bernando prepared to move to the detached palace because it was already time to meet the princess. Because of Rosa’s illness and Bernando’s age, they were allowed to greet her together this time; nevertheless, as men were not allowed to enter the detached palace, including the guards, it was nearly impossible to see any other men.

Instead, the place was packed with women who appeared to be of noble descent. Rosa proudly threw out her chest as she noticed all those women staring at them.

“Look. It’s Langheim’s children.”

“Oh my. We can’t see the sister’s features because of her veil, but her younger brother has beautiful blond hair. His face is so cute as well.”

‘Fufufu Moe Bern’s cuteness transcends genders. He’s able to charm any person, be it man or woman. It’s no wonder they like him.’

Even though Rosa saw Bernando as the absolute bottom, she recognized that love could take many forms, therefore she had no problem with Bernando’s popularity among women.

‘He’s a bottom for both men and women!’


“But didn’t he grow up in the slums? In the end that gold color of his is nothing more than a plating.”

“Now that you mention it… The boy is quite finely dressed, but the dress that the sister is wearing is too shabby! They must have only had enough money to dress up one of them. Their family must be on the verge of collapse.” Sneering at the siblings, the women in the area spoke up.

They were, Rosa believed, people who had no aesthetic sense.


“Well, considering she’s merely the princess’s scapegoat, I suppose that should be en…”

“I guess you’re ri…”

Rosa turned to see what was going on when the whispers surrounding them abruptly halted.


“Fufu. I guess there really are a lot of beautiful people in the royal palace. Don’t you think so too, Dear Sister?”

Rosa finally understood what had happened.

After all, her brother was standing behind her with a smile on his face. His head was slightly tilted, causing his blond hair to flutter, and his beautiful sky-blue eyes added to his allure. Rosa had spent all her savings on making her brother sparkle from top to bottom particularly for this day.


Rosa’s defenses were pierced by Bernando’s smile, which shot right to her heart and even deep into her brain.

‘Just what in the world is this cuteness! Good grief! You’re way too cute! That smile, as well as the way you swept in and abruptly disrupted everyone’s chat… Moe Bern… You… How can you be so haughty!’ Rosa thought while covering her mouth with her hands.

“Ah!” Bernando said when he saw her do that.

He then reached his hand for her veil and softly raised it up.

“Dear Sister, there’s something caught in your eyelashes.”


‘Is it possible that my desires materialized into something that got stuck on my lashes?!’

As Rosa’s face was exposed, all of the women in the vicinity were startled.

Rosa hurriedly closed her eyes upon seeing this, while Bernando giggled and stuck his tongue out.

“Hehe. I’m sorry. It was my imagination.” He said as he let her veil down.

‘Imagination? W-Wait, why did he stick out his tongue as well?! Just who allowed you to do that?!’ Rosa couldn’t stop her heart from racing, which had been quickened by Bernando’s cuteness.

Rosa concentrated all of her being and restored her posture since it would be bad if she collapsed right here. She also averted her sight to a distant location in order to avoid nosebleeds. “Really? I guess it’s fine then.”

“I apologize, Dear Sister. Well then, let’s continue. We’ll be wasting our time if we stay here any longer.”

Bernando said, leading Rosa to leave. Rosa had no way of knowing that her brother was shooting death glances at all the women behind her with a frigid smirk on his face.