The Rotten Lady Rosa Wants to Watch Over Love from the Shadows Translation

15. The Rotten Lady Rosa Wants to Watch Over Love from the Shadows

Chapter Fifteen: Rosa Lusts for Perversion (I)

“So?” Around ten minutes had passed since the shocking encounter. Rosa was curled up on the princess’ sofa, a blanket covering her. The princess, on the other hand, was leaning against the wall, gazing at her. “Have you finally calmed down?” Christine, who apparently preferred to be called by the male name Chris, inquired irritably.

Hearing the princess’ inquiry, Rosa hurriedly shook her head. “Y-Yes! I’m sorry that we’ve caused you trouble princess…”

“Dear Sister, there is no reason for you to apologize. Even if she is His Majesty’s daughter, she is still the one who attacked us with that scorching wind, causing you to pass out from fright.”

“Bernando!” Rosa cried, attempting to stop her brother from repeatedly cursing the kingdom’s princess. True, Rosa had fainted when she saw Chris just now, but it hadn’t been due to the shock of the door opening. It was because she hadn’t been expecting to see an ideal bottom.

Bernando, on the other hand, misinterpreted it as if she’d passed out from terror, which is why he was threatening Chris. Fortunately, Rosa had awoken quickly, and they had taken her inside the princess’ room to recuperate.

‘Ahhhh… Now that we’d arrived at the royal palace, I expected to search for an appropriate top for Moe Bern, but I never expected to come across such a high-specs bottom. Life is truly amazing. I should thank the gods for this encounter.’ Rosa thought while timidly sneaking glances at Chris.

The princess’ eyes were slender and lacked any hint of tenderness, and she had a powerful face. The combination of her blond hair, which was casually tied up, and the horse riding attire, which covered her flat figure, gave her the appearance of a proud young man.

‘There’s no doubt… This is a real Pundere!!!’

A Pundere. It was a variant of a bottom that Rosa had thought of. A pundere was a character who, at first, would be enraged by the top, but would gradually warm up to him until he was entirely enamored with the top. The punderes became genuinely fantastic characters because of this transition.

After the scheming bottom category, where Bernando was situated, it was her second favorite category of bottoms. Rosa had never met a pundere because the majority of the males in Langheim were courteous to her.

Furthermore, if an ordinary boy pouted and became angry, he would appear unsightly and, in some situations, frightening. As a result, the pundere character was nearly impossible to produce in the 3D world. However, that impossible to produce character, had appeared in the detached palace.

True, the fact that Chris was a woman struck a fatal blow to the rose love concept; nonetheless, Rosa prized the character’s beauty and personality over their gender. It was a perverse concept to go to the trouble of viewing the princess as a young boy and assigning her the originally female role of a bottom, but Rosa had no choice because she couldn’t feel excited unless she was watching a love tale between men.

‘Perversion is the meaning of life after all. Oh god of rose love. Thank you for not forsaking me!’ Rosa pondered while keeping her gaze fixed on Chris. Chris, on the other hand, became enraged as a result.

“What is it? Do you want me to apologize as well?”

“I wouldn’t dare.” He’s angry! He’s pouting!

“Hmph. Given that I had intended to send you back immediately away; you should be grateful that I let you rest in my room. For starters, you’re probably not cut out for working at the royal palace if you pass out over something as minor as that.”

“It is precisely as you say.” Oh! He’s angry. Moe Chris is angry!

Despite Chris’s derogatory words, they were all ineffective against Rosa, who only saw him as cute. For starters, no matter how rude one appeared to be on the outside, the fact that he had allowed Rosa to stay in his room indicated that he was a kind person on the inside.

‘He’s a kind one, isn’t he… Fufufu!’

Chris brushed his hair and flung his arm out in annoyance at the person on the other side who wasn’t responding properly. “What’s with all of those responses! If you have something to say, then go ahead and say it!” Chris said, his eyes wide open.

‘What?! I’m quite good at faking my responses. I never expected him to see right through them. Is it possible that I unintentionally revealed some of my true intentions?’ Rosa thought, completely taken aback. Chris, on the other hand, continued speaking.

“I’ll let you in on a little secret.  Because of my strong affinity with the earth element, I can sense when someone is lying. Even if you try to flatter me, I’ll detect it right away. That is why, if you think my attire and behavior are foolish, you should just say so. Like all the others before you.”

“What?” Rosa was taken aback for a moment, but she quickly realized what Chris was trying to say.

The princess of the kingdom dressing in male clothing and referring to herself as a male was truly somewhat unusual. It went against all logic. And it seemed that every woman who had come before Rosa had tried to persuade her to stop. Or perhaps that was the queen’s purpose when she summoned all these companions in the first place.


‘What is he talking about…? If he dresses up as a girl, he’ll just look like any other cute young girl.’

What looked normal to others was complete nonsense to Rosa. Even when they were angry, a Pundere’s appeal stemmed from his cuteness. Which could only be achieved if the said character was originally cute. A Pundere’s charm came from the lack of power even though they were angry. From the Pundere’s inability to win against a true top, because of their gaudiness and delicacy.

If a true male tried to become a Pundere it probably wouldn’t work so well. As a result, Chris’s odd behavior of acting like a man despite being a woman was the ideal portrayal of a Pundere. And Rosa was truly grateful for that odd behavior of his.

Which was why…

“What in the world are you saying? I believe that your outfit and behavior are simply amazing, Your Highness.” Rosa said from the bottom of her heart, leaving Chris completely dumbstruck.

“See, that’s what I told you wo…” Chris began to speak, but he quickly realized something. “W-Wait, what? Are you serious?”

“Of course.” Rosa responded with a serious expression. Rosa had no idea why the princess had chosen to dress herself as a male, nor did she care; all that mattered was the result. Rather, she wanted to encourage her to do it even more. “You might as well cut your hair while you’re at it!”


Rosa even suggested that Chris cut his hair, which he had been debating. Hair was, after all, a girl’s life. Chris was somewhat aback when he found out that Rosa believed that not even his hair was required. Rosa, on the other hand, was completely oblivious to his surprise and was engrossed in her disturbing thoughts.

‘That’s right. He might as well cut it so that he completely gets rid of his femininity… Wait… Wait a second! Come to think of it, long hair is a major component in most stories…’ Rosa suddenly realized her mistake. She had felt Chris should cut his hair because it made him appear more feminine, but she hadn’t realized that the act of cutting the hair was a manly and dramatic move in and of itself. ‘For example, …Let’s say that Moe Chris first appears as a typical bottom character. A somewhat young boy with a pundere character. Following his appearance, he faces Moe Bern, another bottom, with whom he forms a friendship.’

No friendship between a bottom and a top could compare to the friendship between bottoms. It was a truly invigorating type of friendship. It was pure at the same time because it was homogeneous. It was a friendship between people that didn’t even need words to understand one another.

‘But as that friendship deepens a change occurs. Young Moe Chris suddenly grows up. Which causes Moe Bern to worry. Why you may ask. That is because up to this point it was Moe Bern who led Moe Chris. This change causes Moe Bern to rebel. A tension that wasn’t there before starts to seep its way between them. However, Moe Chris is determined to overcome this new friction between them. Moe Bern has always been a step ahead of young Moe Chris. However, now that is different. After having grown up Moe Chris finally notices the sadness and weakness (this part is fiction) that Moe Bern had hidden from him. And one day Moe Bern’s hidden past comes back to bite him. It is then that Moe Chris. No! Chris stands up to help him! With his own hands, he cuts off his long hair, the proof of his bottom character! He then looks at Moe Bern and says, “I don’t need you to protect me anymore. From now on I will be the one to protect you.”’ Rosa’s fantasies were so out of control that she couldn’t barely keep her nose from bleeding.

Her story’s final chapter had truly been a leap for Chris from a bottom to a top. A complete change. A defining moment that has the potential to change the world. A discovery that only happens once in a lifetime!

“No, forget what I said Your Highness. It was foolish of me to say that you should cut your hair. You should keep it for a truly special occasion that may arise in the future.” Rosa said, her fantasies fully influencing her.

“What?” Chris, on the other hand, was completely shocked. He couldn’t grasp what Rosa was trying to do. He was perplexed mostly because he knew Rosa wasn’t lying.

Rosa spoke with a smile as the princess struggled to find words. “How rude of me Your Majesty. You told us to leave, but here we are still troubling you. I apologize. Since I have already recovered and finished my greeting, I will excuse myself if you don’t mind.”

“What? Y-Yea, go ahead…” Chris only nodded vaguely in response to Rosa’s unexpected announcement that she was about to leave. Before he realized it, he’d been entirely absorbed in Rosa’s pace.

“Let’s go, Bernando. Your Majesty, thank you for today. I’m pleased that I was able to meet Your Highness. This interaction has provided me with a great deal of inspiration.” Rosa spoke, completely unconcerned with Chris’ feelings. She urgently wanted to return to her room. After all, she wanted to record this remarkable finding as soon as possible so that future generations could benefit from it. “Fufufu! I wish you a lovely day, Your Highness.”

‘Ah, I managed to make good progress today. Life is truly rose colored.’ Rosa thought, a smile on her face as she looked at Chris. Rosa stormed out of the room like a raging wind, unlike when she had first entered.

“Who in the world is that woman…” Chris was eventually left there, his face befuddled. He had, however, completely forgotten about his frustration.