Now that I’m Dead, are you Satisfied? Translation

23. [Day 3 (2)]

For the time being, the count seemed to have heeded Belverassa’s words. When he appeared in the drawing room, he looked somewhat refreshed.

Lumina was a little relieved tthat he had changed into casual attire. That made him seem less intimidating than before.

However, the expression of the count, who was in deep, silent, though with his hand folded was still terrifying.

Is my father such a terrifying person…?

A layer of sweat drenched her back at the count’s presence. His current appearance was a far cry from the image of a father she had in mind.

It didn’t seem like he’d be eager to let go of his villa.

“What happened to Lorona’s funeral? Is it ready?”

The first sentence the count uttered was also about Lorona.

Belverassa’s expression visibly distorted.

“It isn’t. Lorona’s body is being kept by the temple. It was in a terrible state. They’ll be contact me after they mend it to an extent. Shouldn’t preparing for the funeral be sufficient?”


“—More importantly, my husband, I want to talk to you about something.”

“…What, is it about money again?”


“Are you some kind of national figure? Dresses, jewelry—even though you only have one body, you can’t seem to get enough of them.”

“That’s…! But my husband, you also gathered a number of soldiers in the villa…! You fed them using the family budget…!”

—Shut up!! What’s wrong with taking care of those who’ve gathered due to their reverence for me!? Those soldiers are my most important possessions!”

“In this time of peace, they are nothing more than a waste of space!”

The count stood up with great force.

Frightened by the noise, Belverassa became silent.

“You…!! How far are you going to insult me…!!”

“Father!! Please stop!!”

Unable to take it anymore, Lumina shouted.

Now isn’t the time—!

“On behalf of my mother, I shall apologize for her spending. Therefore, father, please calm down and listen.”


“Mother, please calm down!”

She was desperate. If the two were to start quarreling once more, the problem would remain unsolved.

It wasn’t just about the money. If they were to lose the property, the count family would go bankrupt.

I don’t want that!

I don’t want that at all!

Lumina’s entire body trembled. She turned her tear-filled gaze towards her parents.

The count and Belverassa realized that they had been too emotional, and with a slight cough, they looked away awkwardly.

The drawing room became quiet. Lumina sighed and called out to the maid standing beside the wall.

“Where’s Shesam? I’d like for him to explain our financial state to my father.”

“That… ever since he left the mansion last night, he hasn’t returned as of yet…”

What did you say—!?”

Recalling that unwilling face of his, Lumina’s expression became grim.

He must be taunting them. Imagining that he probably ran away, her stomach became cold.


She was too afraid to face her parents. They were both silent and refused to look at each other.

Despairing, Lumina had no choice but to speak.

“Father, a messenger came from the House of lords demanding us to return sister’s wedding preparation money.”


“In return, the royal family will give us some money as tribute.”

The count’s expression became complicated. While they had to return the money, there would also be money coming in. If one were to think about it calmly, there was no loss.

“Can’t we just offset the consolation fee by not refunding the wedding preparation money?”

“While that may be true, the House of Lords told us to refund it at once.”

“Well then, do as they said. Creating a dispute is no good. If the upper management has decided such, you should obey quietly.”


To the words of her father, which sounded as if he were commanding a soldier, Lumina did all she could to not scream.

“…It appears that the wedding preparation money has already been exhausted. As in, there’s nothing left.”

“What do you mean!?”

“…My mother, she…”

Belverassa, you again—!!!”

Count Ruth stood up and shouted.

Belverassa also screamed, “Please forgive me—!”

However, it was unclear whether or not she understood her mistake.

“It’s because you keep buying all that crap!”

“It can’t be helped! I was told that if I didn’t buy them immediately—!!”

You fool—!”

“Father, please calm your anger…!!”

“How can I stay calm—!? If you’ve used it, sell off all your jewelry to pay it back—!!”

“No way—! If I sell them, I may never be able to buy them back—! In fact, you should be the one to let go of that villa! Work on the repayment plan!”

“Are you telling me to become a lowly merchant!? Me, a proud soldier? How rude of you! It’s your duty as a wife to manage our finances! But all you did is waste them!”

Please stop!”

No matter how much Lumina shouted, the two couldn’t hear her.

The servants who were doing their utmost to refrain from getting involved started to try to calm the two down before things got violent.

Lumina desperately stared at her parents as they cursed each other.


She thought everything was fine. Everything was supposed to be proceeding smoothly.

At the center of the count family which had lost its center point—Lorona—and was about to collapse, Lumina stood in a daze.


“Are you telling me to become a lowly merchant!? Me, a proud soldier? How rude of you! It’s your duty as a wife to manage our finances! But all you did is waste them!”

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