I’m the Cruel Saint, but I Want to Help my Dear Husband. Translation

13. I Discovered a Name I Didn’t Know!

13. I Discovered a Name I Didn’t Know!

The beautiful, tall, elder lady had a firm posture.

A large wolf clung snugly to her feet as if to protect its master.

After quietly looking at Charlotte, the elder lady remarked while covering her mouth with a fan.

“—Your face is a lot more sickening than I thought.”


The female magicians behind Charlotte told off the elder lady in an upset manner.

“Mrs. Heydemarie, please be careful, this person is…”

“—Now that her divine power has been sealed, can she even be considered a saint?”

The elder lady peered into Charlotte’s face, paying no heed to the trembling magicians.

“—You. Are you sure about this? First of all, I have no intention of being merciful.”


“I was told that you’re a saint, and you spent your life doing whatever you pleased. However, in the future, you shall refrain from ever doing that. After all, a person like you will be invited to the historic royal castle for social occasions—although I personally deem you as unfit to step foot there.”


The wolf at her feet was also glaring at Charlotte.

“Can’t you hear me or something? What a shame. You may go home. Please, do embarrass yourself at the evening party and receive everyone’s mockery—for it’d be well-deserved.”

It turned out that the magicians were anxious over whether Heydemarie might incite the wrath of ‘Saint’ Charlotte.

However, for Charlotte, that wasn’t the case.

“…I, understand…”

“I can’t hear you. Speak clearly.”

Prompted by the old lady, Charlotte squeezed her voice.

“…Please!! Please repeat your first sentence once again!!”


The inside of the room stilled.

The magicians were confused, while the old lady had a terribly unpleasant expression. However, she complied.

“…Your face is a lot more sickening than I thought.”

“No, no! The words before that! The thing you said when you first entered this room!”


The wrinkles between the old lady’s eyebrows deepened.

Thus, she came up with the words that Charlotte wanted.

“—Charlotte Leah Langheim.”

“Oh, oh…!!!”

While hugging her body, Charlotte tumbled onto the floor, losing any ability to stand.

The magicians immediately withdrew—but none of that bothered Charlotte.

Charlotte Leah “Langheim”—so that’s my full name, now!!

She bit into that fact and wriggled on the floor.

I, I received Oswald’s surname!! We have matching surnames!! How enviable!! Before I came to study etiquette, I didn’t know any of this!! I wanted to combine his surname with mine, but I didn’t know my own full name!

Charlotte Leah Langheim.

The name she heard for the first time sounded special merely because it was the same as Oswald’s. Suppressing her tears, she merely thanked the old lady.

“T, thank you…!! I’m truly glad that you decided to call my name, Mrs. Heydemarie…!!”

She followed the magicians and called the elder lady ‘Heydemarie.’


Huh? It’s as if she’s eyeing something foreign.

Heydemarie, who looked down at Charlotte laying on the floor, frowned.

“This entire time, I’ve been ridiculing you. What are you so happy about?”

“I’m just happy!”

After admitting her heartfelt feelings, she also explained her reason to Heydemarie.

“I love Oswald! I love him so much! I’m happy to have finally been able to confirm my connection with my husband!”

It was like she was confessing the fact that she didn’t know her real name, but that was the truth. Heydemarie, who was still taken aback, sought confirmation.

“…Will you be taught by me how to conduct yourself at the evening ball?”

“I’d be glad to! Although, I’m afraid that I’ll cause you some trouble! Therefore, I’d like to apologize in advance!”

“That doesn’t matter—don’t you hate it?”

As Charlotte tilted her head, Heydemarie furrowed her eyebrows.

“I wonder if you failed to hear what I said earlier. I loathe little girls like you.”

“Yes! I heard that clearly and firmly!”

“…So why are you so calm? Shouldn’t you be angry at me?”

Judging from the magicians’ attitude from earlier, the former Charlotte would have reacted that way.

However, the former Charlotte had nothing to do with the present her. Between herself who loved Oswald, and herself who didn’t, she had decided to sever all ties.

“Participating in the evening party will immensely help Oswald, the man I admire. Mrs. Heydemarie is an important person who can teach me how to do exactly that.”

“I said I hate you.”

“So why should I hate Mrs. Heydemarie in return?”

For the first time, Heydemarie’s eyes went wide.

Charlotte continued.

“Teacher, thanks to my love for Oswald, every second, I’m enjoying my life.”

“I don’t care about such a story…”

“In other words, the more people I like in the world, the more enjoyable it will be.”

However, unfortunately, there were very few people that Charlotte knew.

As such, she wanted all the new people she met to be her ‘favorite person’ as much as possible.

She thought that such a thing shouldn’t be influenced by the person she met, but by her own self.

“If it’s not troublesome, I want to try liking everyone. Besides, teacher will teach me various bits of knowledge I need, so I felt that you’re a very nice person! Not only did you tell me my name, you also called me using his surname… Also, there’s a wolf!”

The white wolf at Heydemarie’s feet purred at Charlotte.

Charlotte remained kneeling on the floor so the wolf could see Charlotte without any trouble. He brought his black nose close to Charlotte’s nose and then looked back at his master.

“I don’t know what you’re talking about.”


After sighing, Heydemarie said.

“—Follow me.”


Charlotte stood up, tidied the hem of her dress, and went into the hallway behind Heydemarie.

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