The Villainess who Only Had 100 Days to Live Had Fun Every Day Translation

27. I Caught a Cold…

—27 days remaining.

“…I failed.”

The weather was fine that day. His Highness Sazanjill must have waited for me at the school gate that morning as well. Meanwhile, His Highness Zafield probably went to the training ground during lunch break with an awkward expression. I also wanted to ask Lumiere about yesterday.

However, as it was, I could only imagine it.

Because I couldn’t move from top of my bed.

As of the present, I, Lelouch Elcage, was in an inadequate state. I had a cold. After being drenched by a drink, I didn’t want to go to sleep without first taking a bath. However, the weather outside was still cold. This says nothing of the fact that I had pulled all-nighters for three days in a row.

…Alright, I might had overdone it.

Outside my window, the sky was already giving way to dusk.

The sinking red sun was so vivid, it was dazzling. However, it also seemed lonely.

Suddenly, I recalled the ‘Nameless Sunset’ painting.

The dance party to be held in the future was an annual party for the purpose of viewing that masterpiece together. Andre Oscar, who painted it, was a graduate of our academy. He was the one who donated said painting to our academy. However, it was usually kept in the royal castle because it was considered a national work of art. In respect to Andre Oscar’s will, it’s shown to the students once a year.

…Ah, by the time of the dance party, this history must be learned by Lumiere…

When I sullenly thought that, the door was knocked.

“Lelouche, I tried making porridge. Can you eat it?”

There was a small pot in my mother’s hand as she entered the room. She placed it on the side table and poured it on a bowl. It was a gentle chicken soup with thick grains.

It looked very delicious, but… I didn’t have the energy to get up.

“I’m sorry… I’ll eat it later…”

“What else do you want? Anything is fine. Ice cream, pudding—mother will absolutely cook anything for you!”

My mother, who was enthusiastically attending me, was wearing an apron. The apron had an awkward embroidery of a rabbit, it seemed to have been made by my mother with the maids. My mother, who was touted as the beautiful princess of the foreign country, and also a beautiful witch, had become quite homely in just a few tens of days. The change was so absurd that I laughed while coughing.

Then, my mother hurriedly rubbed my back. Her voice was gentle.

“It’s okay, Lelouche. You’ll get better soon. Your father will be back tomorrow. Let’s look forward to his souvenirs. I’m sure he’ll buy a lot of things.”

My father went out for a two-night, three-day inspection earlier that day. However, because of my cold, he suddenly decided to wrap it up in one day.

How overprotective…

Even if it was for a souvenir, I hoped he didn’t waste money. After all, I’d be gone in 20 days.

Nevertheless, my mother continued to speak in a warm voice.

“Once you’ve recovered, let’s all go on a trip somewhere. Let’s join your father on his inspection. I’d like to see Baron Aljerk’s field with my own eyes. This rice was also given to us by the baron. He told me that the golden ears of rice are very beautiful, it’s as if they’re shining. If it’s such a beautiful scene, I’d like to bring Rufus… Maybe he could take a short break from his apprenticeship?”

Aah, mother, that indeed sounds very entertaining…

…As for Rufus, I wonder about that. As an artist, it’d be good for him to be able to widen his horizon, but what would the other disciples think?

However, I couldn’t respond. It was because I was sleepy, and not because my body was  in pain.

When that future became a reality, I would no longer be of this world.

So please don’t be so kind—otherwise, I’ll cry…

Anyway, I’d still be gone in a little more than 20 days.

Pretending to be sleepy, I closed my eyes.

God persistently stared at my face.

“Hey, are you whimpering? Or perhaps, are you crying?”

“I’m not crying!”

“That’s a lie. You’re definitely crying.”

I didn’t want to see god that night.

Yet without exception, I met god in my dream that night, too. In my dream, I didn’t feel tired nor was I coughing, but I couldn’t help my feelings…

I responded by snorting.

“…I’m sorry, I couldn’t prepare any tea today.”

“Hmm? I don’t think that’s a problem.”

…What does he mean?

When I couldn’t help but raise my head, I saw a small pot and a bowl on the table. It was the porraige made by my mother.

“Now that it has come to this, just eat! Even if it’s in the dream world, you should still be hungry!”

God said that the taste and smell should be the same.

That was right… yesterday’s tea was delicious, too. It was time to regain my mind. I went to pour the soup into the bowl, yet before I could do anything, god did it for me. He did it with such skill, it as if he was accustomed to it.

“Thank you—”

When I tried to thank him—


…What was that?

God was trying to spoon-feed me.

On the small spoon, rice gruel with the scent of chicken had been placed.

While I was blinking, “Is it hot?” God blew on it, and again—

“—Alright, aah~”

God smiled as he hovered the spoon in front of my face.

…No way, was he for real? I was no longer a child, right?

However, as if provoking me, god smirked and just kept repeating, “Aah.”

This… is he messing with me!? Does he want to make fun of me that much!?

Two people can play this game!

I closed my eyes and opened my mouth. My face was merely burning because of the cold! Because god was behaving unreasonably, I ended up with a cold!

However, the flavor of the chicken gruel that was gently put in my mouth was very soothing. The umami warmed my throat, chest, and stomach. It was a dream world, but the realness of the taste was truly strange.

I thinly opened my eyes. God prepared the next spoon. I opened my mouth again and waited. God didn’t say anything and had me eat another spoonful.

“Is it delicious?”

“Yes, after all, my mother made it.”

“Not because of me?”

“You’re merely spoon-feeding me, right? Let’s move on to the next one as soon as possible.”

“Alright, alright, Lelouche…”

Was my mind playing a trick on me? Even if it was deliberate on his part, that was his first time ever calling me by name.

I was sure that it was because of my mind. Because of my mind, my fever only increased!

I shut up and opened my mouth again.

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