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28. I Caught a Cold… (2)

—26 days remaining.

When I woke up the next morning, my fever had dropped slightly. According to the doctor, I should be able to achieve a full recovery if I were to rest for another two days. It seemed that starting from next week, I’d be able to take care of myself and go to the academy once again.

Honesty, I believed I could attend my classes despite the slight fever. However, there was also the issue that my parents were overprotective.

Even so, the fact that it was a mere cold relieved me. As I thought, illness wouldn’t be the cause of my death. Most probably, I’d die from an accident or as a result of someone’s malicious action.

In other words—who’d be the cause?

“What kind of business do you have, Your Highness Sazanjill?”

“None in particular… Moreover, what’s wrong with coming to visit my fiancée?”

With a respectful expression befitting of the ‘Golden Prince’, the first prince of the Kingdom of Lapisenta visited my mansion.

Just then, I noticed that the wound on his chin had healed.

“…When I fell down the stairs—”

“A, about that…”

That was right, I had an important matter to discuss with His Highness.

Therefore, I bowed my head with self-satisfaction—

“—Thank you for helping me, even though it resulted in you suffering an injury.”



What kind of prince made such a noise?

When I inadvertently stared at him with a frosty gaze, His Highness immediately averted his gaze.

“From where did you hear about that?”

“…A god’s prophecy?”

I answered while laughing. At that moment, His Highness’ lapis lazuli eyes turned towards me.

“I recall Lelouche made a brilliant landing at that time. That must’ve been god’s will!”

“Oh, my. My landing was so brilliant, I didn’t wake up for an entire day?”

“Ah, that’s right! I was impressed by your three-and-a-half-turn twist, I fainted myself!”

Your Highness, you’re being a little too unreasonable with your delusion right there.

I was a little worried. For the future king to be so bad at lying…

Within the next 26 days, I should be able to tutor His Highness, as well…

I hid my face as I giggled.

“What should I do, I can’t think of anything else to say…”

“Above all, I’m glad that Lelouche looks well.”

Seeing me as such, His Highness sat down in relief.

Ah, he has a very gentle face.

It had been a long time ever since I last saw His Highness’ face…

…Indeed, a while had passed since I was last able to take a good look at His Highness’ face.

I wondered why… the reason might had been because we were alone.

By the way, she wasn’t here that day.

“…Ms. Lumiere isn’t with you today?”

“A, about that, I invited her to go with me, but she adamantly refused.”

“Oh, my. What did you do to her?”

I put my hand on my cheek and tilted my head.

Oh my, they’re so close they can go meet each other during on our consecutive days off…

However, before I could say anything, His Highness spoke.

“I heard that while you’ve been away, she’s been studying more. You see, we’re having out regular test at the beginning of next week, right? To repay me, she wants to show me a fascinating score.”

“Wait, isn’t she just dilly-dallying?”

“…I don’t even know why you started that spartan education for her.”

It isn’t spartan at all. I’m just making her focus on the basics of the princess education for 100 days.

Well, I didn’t know what Lumiere thought about it, but I’ll listen to His Highness about why she was free.

“…I have no intention of making my vow to anyone else but Lelouche.”

Although Lumiere and god told me the otherwise.

As I thought, it was scary.

They might had misunderstood me as a witch or a monster, but I was still an ordinary woman. As such, the reality that my fiancé had been robbed of me by another woman was still saddening. I didn’t have the faintest clue about what love was, but I always believed that I’d be with him for the rest of my life.

Thus, having to give that up… it was still regrettable, wasn’t it?

If that was the way it was, then running away should be fine?

After all, I only had 26 days left. God may had looked down upon my pathetic way of life, but I’d still never change my way.

Nevertheless, His Highness interjected.

“I’m sorry for causing you to misunderstand about Lumiere. She’s just a friend. We’re on a good term with each other. Nevertheless, I’m willing to set a boundary with her. If you like, from now on, I’ll only choose those of the same sex as my friends.”

His Highness said something unexpected and asked me what I wanted him to do.

He had a very serious expression. It was as if he was carrying out public affairs.

To decide between the two choices… He said that he’d carry out the decision I made.

I didn’t understand what he said at all…

…No, I wanted to pretend that I didn’t.

“…Did you get along with Ms. Lumiere to help her?”

“Yes. It looks like she’s being shamelessly harassed. Thus, I decided to become her shield. I wanted to explain it to you, but I couldn’t get the chance…”

“That’s… forgive me.”

His Highness told me what I already knew. Indeed, I knew. His Highness was a serious person. At the same time, he wasn’t good at telling lies. He was also truly straightforward, his actions made one think he lacked self-esteem.

Even if I wanted to misunderstand, it was difficult.

What did Lumiere say about that?

I still had a lot to teach her… because she’d take my place.

“Rumor is that I was bullying her?”

“There’s no way that’s true. I was wondering if by letting you meet with Lumiere, said rumors would disperse.”

“I could be lying about it?”

“You wouldn’t have to lie, because you didn’t do it in the first place.”

He didn’t answer my question.

Enough already…

I felt foolish to the point of laughing.

“I’m a clumsy person.”

“I can’t deny that.”

Why did you bow so seriously?

How could you believe in me so much?

“I’m sorry for making you feel so unpleasant.”

He bowed deeply. Then, he raised his face, “The reason everything happened in the first place…” He was trying to get something out of his pants’ pocket.



“I’m saying that it’s fine.”

I couldn’t stand his apology which was too sincere.

I rejected him many times. I was a weak woman who had escaped from reality numerous times.

I was the one unsuitable to respond to his feelings.

“Hey, Your Highness Sazanjill.”

Ah, I should had only spoken to him at the end.

I could barely smile, much else laugh. It wasn’t a way to talk before meeting Lumiere.

What was more, if I were to say something like that—I’d be disqualified as a lady.

“I have someone else I like.”

I’m sorry, Your Highness Sazanjill.

To respond to your sincerity—I thought that’d be the worst decision of all.

“So please annul your engagement with me.”

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