Now that I’m Dead, are you Satisfied? Translation

19.2 [Day 2 (3)]

“…We have to refund the expense for the wedding preparation?”

At the office.

The young man sitting at the desk within the room turned a cold gaze towards Belverassa and Lumina.

He is just a servant, what kind of attitude is that? He’s called Shesam, isn’t he?

While trying to recall the name of the young man, Lumina glared at him head-on.

It wasn’t that he was ugly, but she felt that he had a gloomy aura.

This man used to talk to my sister…

…Once I become the countess, should I dismiss him?

She had heard that he came from a family that had managed the count’s assets for generations.

But of course—she wouldn’t emply anyone she didn’t like.

After all, she’d eventually become queen of that kingdom. The count family needed to be further developed, as well. Shouldn’t she hire more capable staff?

As Lumina stared at Shesam with those thoughts in mind, Shesam, as if amazed, released a sigh.

“…Madam, haven’t I told you to not touch that money?”

Towards Shesam’s tone, Lumina lifted her eyebrows.

Belverassa also shouted, “What…!? Who do you think you are…!?”

“As this is a good opportunity, I’ll let Madam and Lady Lumina know—the count’s safe is already empty.”


“The expenses for your dresses, and not to mention the expenses for maintaining the villa… Those massive monthly costs have left us with hardly any assets to spare. Therefore, returning the wedding preparation money is impossible.”

Speechless, Lumina and Belverassa glared at Shesam.

“You can either take my word for it, or not. The safe behind me is only filled with a pile of debts. You can’t even cover my salary.”

“You’re lying!!”

Lumina shouted, interrupting Shesam’s words.

There was no way such an outrageous story could be true.

Wasn’t the Count Ruth family prosperous…?

“Up until now, Lady Lorona had managed to generate some income for the family. However, the young lady isn’t here anymore. There’s nothing I can do about it.”

“What…!? My sister did…!?”

“You truly don’t know anything. Lady Lorona knew of the plight of the count family, and she had been working hard alongside me for a long time. Lady Lorona is who was managing this mansion.”

Lumina’s eyes turned red with anger.

She felt like she was being mocked by the dead.

“—But it’s your job to manage the property!”

“That requires having property to manage.”

Lumina felt so humiliated by his blatant contemptuous gaze, she forgot how to breath.

She wanted to hit that guy.

With that in mind, she took a step forward. However, Belverassa beat her to it.

“This jerk!!!”


There was a loud noise as Belverassa’s palm struck Shesam’s cheek.

With an emotionless face, Shesam continued to glare at Belverassa.

“You can hit me all you like, but it’s the truth. I’ve already informed the count, but he only blamed me for being incompetent, instead. He won’t listen to reason.”

Shesam, who had a hollow expression, spoke with self-depreciation.

Then, it dawned upon Lumina. Everything he said was the truth.

At the same time, she could feel that her feet were wobbling with a horror incomparable to the previous one.

I… don’t have any money?

She couldn’t understand the meaning.

She couldn’t imagine a situation where she was penniless.

However, she understood that it wouldn’t be good.

Belverassa, who stood beside to her, was both pale and quivering.

“L, lies…”

Belverassa, who had experienced the life of a commoner, was aware of what would happen if they had no property.

“Lady Lorona did find a man who’d buy the count’s villa. If he could let that villa go, then at the very least, we’d be able to repay the debt.”

“Then, you should do that!”

“The count rejected the proposal.”


Belverassa screamed. Lumina also wanted to cry.

What is my father thinking?!

She wanted to scream out loud.

“Madam, Lady Lorona also made inquiries about your jewelry.”

“What is this about!?”

“The jewelry that Madam owns should be of great value if you were to sell them. If you let go of them, we’ll be able to get some money right away…”

“—Absolutely not!!”

Belverassa shouted before Shesam could finish talking.

“I won’t hand my jewelry to anyone! That’s right, sell the artwork in the mansion. We can also sell those horses! Dismiss all the servants!”

“…Are you sure?”

“Yes, I’m serious! You’re fired! How incompetent you are!”

Belverassa spat furiously and hit Shesam on the head once again.

A woman’s fist shouldn’t be very powerful, but Lumina still closed her eyes at the dull sound.

However, Shesam didn’t resist and remained frigid.

“Listen, summarize everything to the count! Once he returns, tell him to dispose of that villa! Then, use the acquired money to pay for the wedding preparation money! Do you understand!?”

After screaming, Belverassa left the office as if to escape.

Having to chase after Belverassa, Lumina kept staring at Shesam.

Shesam’s nonchalant attitude of having given up everything was terrifying.

While glancing back at Shesam many times, Lumina chased after Belverassa.

“…It’s all too late.”

Shesam’s mutter was heard by Lumina as she left.

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