Now that I’m Dead, are you Satisfied? Translation

20. [Day 2 (4)]

Shesam, upon seeing Belverassa and Lumina off, sighed from exhaustion.

“…There should be a limit to how selfish one could be.”

Of course, he was aware that he shouldn’t be speaking of his masters in that manner.

However, for being able to suppress the urge to yell at them, he should be granted at least that much.

After being hit by Belverassa, his cheek still stung, but it didn’t bother him. Compared to the Lorona’s suffering, who died in an accident, his pain was trivial.

He no longer needed to stay with that family.

As a final service, he shall overlook their violence.

“…To force me to work despite having fired me, those two are the worst.”

With a distorted laugh, Shesam resumed his duties.

He had to sort out a large amount of paperwork by the end of the day. He also had to finish making arrangements for the servants remaining in the mansion.

Last night, he had heard everything he needed to hear.

Thus, for the younger servants, he’d pen letters recommendation. As for those who wanted to retire, he would give them their severance pay.

Despite telling Belverassa that they were flat-out broke, that wasn’t entirely true.

Lorona had set aside income from her business for the servants, including Shesam. Rather than placing it under the name of the count, it was placed under a communal fund of the servants which was managed by Shesam. Even if the fund were to be discovered, there would be nothing that could be one about it.

—I will always protect the will of the young lady.

Lorona had always been thinking about the survival of the count family.

All he could do was protect her sentiments.

I have to tell the servants that it’s the benevolence of the count and dismiss them.

Compared to the expressionless Lorona, many servants preferred Lumina, someone who was good at pretending to be innocent in public. That was because they didn’t know what Lorona was thinking. If they were to receive the money under her name, they might tell Lumina about it.

If the truth were to be revealed, even if it the money belonged to the servants, his greedy master might snatch it away.

As such, I have to deliver it soon.

Shesam took out the bag he had concealed before Belverassa and Lumina barged in.

The documents that required the count’s signature were compiled and entrusted to the deacon. He also wrote a letter detailing Lorona’s death and how the debt will be covered in the future. Everything within Shesam’s authority to sell would be liquidated. As it was, he’d need to wait for some time to carry out any repayment.

He didn’t need to concern himself with the gardener or the cook, they were paid daily.

There were a few butlers who had a long history with the family, but they were laughing because they were going to retire in the future.

“Then, all that’s left is… the letters of recommendation for the maids.”

He proceeded to write their names on the documents. Their faces came to mind as he did.

Their working hours and specializations…

Shesam suddenly paused—

—he noticed he hadn’t seen a certain maid recently.

“That girl, Chille, wasn’t she? Come to think of it, I haven’t seen her…”

He wondered if he should write a letter of recommendation for her.

The fact that she was related to the count family made him feel unpleasant.

Chille had been hired on the grounds of being a daughter to Belverassa’s relative.

Belverassa, who wanted to maintain a positive image with her relatives, assured Chille that she’d frequently be able to mingle with the aristocracy. As such, she was made into Lorona’s exclusive maid and often participated in social events.

Despite her calm attitude, she was a player.

However, not only was she rude and insensitive, as a maid, she also lacked refinement. As such, she wasn’t well-liked by her fellow servants, including Shesam. As a result, no one was particularly close with her.

He often heard that she loved to skip out on her duties to play around in the city. As Lorona had disappeared, she had probably gone out for good.

Shesam muttered, “I’ll just leave that girl to the madam. It’s just a matter of returning to her parent’s house.”

Once the completed documents were assembled, Shesam left the office with a bag.

He headed for the servant’s wing, muffling his footsteps so he wouldn’t be caught and be forced to listen to complaints again.

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