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15. [Lorona Ruth (2)]

In the office of the Miez Corporation, Lorona frowned slightly while looking over the document presented by Zerio.

“Hey, Zerio, isn’t this deal too convenient?”

The other day, a messenger from a massive company famous in the neighboring kingdom came to the Miez Corporation.

They requested for a very useful product called ‘Senz cloth’ to be handled by the Miez Corporation.

There was no doubt about the existence of the product. However, Lorona felt that something was amiss.

The offer was too advantageous.

That foreign company certainly had connections all over the kingdom. For a product like that, they could easily find a buyer.

However, regarding the sale of the fabric, their Miez Corporation didn’t have a particularly significant track record. Therefore, why would such a deal be offered to them?

“Shouldn’t we look into this ‘Senz cloth’ a little more? It may sound useful, but we still don’t know the details…”

“They said that the product will be a big hit in the neighboring countries. They merely offered us the deal because they want to expand their sales channels.”

“But… the deadline to decide is tomorrow. It’s too much of a rush.”

The time to consider the proposal given to them by the other party was until the day after. That time period was too short.

“Why don’t we contemplate this a little more? The risk of failure is too great…”

“You can’t do business if you’re afraid of risk. Lady, this venture will definitely succeed. Please, believe in this Zerio!”

“…I understand.”

Lorona reluctantly accepted Zerio’s claim.

However, she made sure that they only accepted half of the number presented by the other party.

“Making enormous exchanges from the start is dangerous. While it may be a good product, it’s not well-known. As we’re still unsure, we’ll only handle half of the amount at first. If it succeeds, we can increase the quantity.”

Zerio was dissatisfied with Lorona’s condition, but he nodded reluctantly, acting as if he understood what she was saying.

After summarizing the details of the contract, she decided to return to the mansion.

“See you.”

“Be careful.”

Although Zerio was smiling, it felt like he had lost his former honesty.

Lorona exhaled deeply in her heart—

so, he changed as well.

It was by coincidence that she had learned of Zerio’s existence.

She had been taken by Belverassa, who loved shopping, to go shop with Lumina.

Lorona, who was a bit further away from the two who only bought flashy, fashionable, items, was fascinated by the elegant hats and shoes lined up in the corner of a large store.

She was also surprised by how cheap they were.

“Can you tell me about this product?”

She stopped the clerk and asked about the products. She was told that the products at the corner of said store belonged to a merchant who was renting the place.

“Why can’t he sell them at his own store?”

“The place isn’t strategic. He was only able to set up shop in a place where young ladies can’t visit… He has good taste, but is also unlucky… Ah, forgive me for rambling…”

“Please tell me more.”

The clerk told her the story of the merchant.

He was called Zerio. While he had an eye for goods, he didn’t have good sense for business and would fail immediately.

Lorona pondered.

She was studying economics with her memory as her weapon. She was also able to gather information from the social circles.

She wanted to aide her house in business. She had been preparing for it.

But she didn’t have eye for products.

Even if she were shown a high-class item, she couldn’t judge whether it was good or bad.

While she knew of the differences, she didn’t know their worth.

Perhaps, it was because she lacked the sentiment for such things.

But, she was told that the merchant had good taste.

Thinking that, Lorona visited Zerio and asked if he’d like to start a business together.

It was good at first. Lorona prepared the groundwork to sell the products that Zerio procured.

In just a few years, she was able to make enough money to help the count’s household which was already practically a dumpster fire.

She needed to raise a bit more money. She needed to graduate and get married. She needed to resolve the crooked ways of her parents.


She never thought that she’d regret mulling over those things.

She also never thought that bad things would happen at the graduation ceremony.

The invitation she had sent to her father, Count Ruth, hadn’t been answered.

She requested him to be her companion because she was supposed to attend the graduation ceremony as a representative of the current student body.

It’s more than likely that I’ll have to participate alone…

Her stomach felt heavy.

Lorona bit her lips at the ever-capricious nature of her father.

She entered into her long-awaited carriage with a heavy feeling.

“Young lady, you’re late! Why are you so gloomy?”

“…It’s nothing.”

“But your expression speaks otherwise.”

It was her maid, Chille, who spoke in a high-pitched voice.

As Lorona sat down in the carriage seat, she unscrupulously looked into Lorona’s face.

She was a distant daughter of Belverassa and had been working as Lorona’s maid for a year.

Lorona initially refused to hire Chille because they couldn’t afford to hire a new person anymore. Regardless, Belverassa still recruited her, anyway.

“C’mon, Milady. Let’s just ditch that place. We can just sit in the carriage.”

“…You should just wait in the mansion.”

“I can’t do that. I’m your maid. I have to stay with you all the time. Shall we go home early?”

Lorona didn’t say anything. Although, she wanted to sigh due to the conversation.

While Chille boasted of being a maid, her manners was unrefined.

She seemed to have been the daughter of a wealthy family, but she wasn’t raised as an aristocrat.

Nonetheless, the presence of Chille, who always accompanied her when she went to the castle or whenever she socialized, was as cumbersome to Lorona as her family.

Chille should act more refined, but Lorona began to feel resigned towards her attitude which didn’t improve at all.

Inside the carriage, Chille uncouthly rocked her legs.

“Staying seated all the time makes my legs hurt!”


Every time she saw Chille’s attitude, the back of her throat began to tingle.

Bitter admiration occupied her heart—

how can she live so freely?

They were of the same age, so why couldn’t she afford to do the same?

While looking up from the window of her carriage, thin clouds shrouded the sky, concealing its blueness.

Not wanting to look at it, she softly closed her eyes as if it were her own future.

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