Now that I’m Dead, are you Satisfied? Translation

14.2 [Day 1 (11)]

“However, there’s still hope. Please return to the mansion. While alive, the young lady kept searching for people who’d buy this villa and the weapons stored here. If you let go of them now, we should at least be able to pay off the entirety of the debt…”

Lorona was aware that when she became a princess, she’d have to make her father gave up his military play.

If the future queen’s father couldn’t forget the war, it’d become a source of conflict.

Before her marriage happened, Lorona was well prepared for the liquidation. She intended to appeal to her father.

Lorona might be gone, but it was still possible to offset the debt.

As long as they paid off all the debt, they still had hope for the future.

If the count were to return home, Belverassa might stop splurging. If she were to sell all the contraband she had obtained, she’d be able to survive for the time being.

Shesam really wanted to fulfil Lorona’s wish. After all, until the very end, the future of the count’s family was all she ever thought about.


However, the words spoken by count crushed Shesam’s hope.

“As if I could let go of all this!! These documents are bullshit!!”

“What are you doing!?”

The count swept aside the papers on his desk, tossed them on the floor, and began trampling on them.

Shesam turned deep blue as he attempted to retrieve the documents.

Contracts were absolute. To neglect them was like giving up credit. It was an act unallowed to aristocrats, merchants, or human beings in general.

“You’re full of it!! You’re trying to misguide me by spouting absolute nonsenses!! Was it fun, trying to rob me of my place?!”

“P, please calm down…!”

The count, whose eyes were blood red, grabbed Shesam by the collar.

The count yelled at Shesam who he had pulled up to the point his feet weren’t on the ground. Tears of pain welled in his eyes.

“That damn Lorona! After having her engagement annulled, she wanted to ruin me as well! You’re just like her! How dare you lie to me, saying that we’re running out of money!”

“I, I’m not lying—!! Count, please listen to me…—”

Oooi!! Someone, get rid of this liar!! Drag him out!! From now on, you’re dismissed!!”


After throwing Shesam to the floor, the count stormed out of the drawing room.

“Please wait…”

The soldier who had been accompanying the count until a while ago stopped Shesam.

The soldier’s eyes were full of anger and suspicion. It was the same gaze the count had turned towards Shesam earlier.

“Leave, unless you don’t value your life.”


Shesam was trembling.

The people who sided with the count were those who’d lose their place if the count were to accept Shesam’s proposal.

No one was on his side.

While being attacked by despair that made him want to cry, Shesam rushed out of the drawing room. He didn’t forget to collect the loan books which were scattered across the floor.

“Lady, I’m sorry… I’m sorry—”

—Should he had been more careful in persuading the count?

He was sad and frustrated by his weakness.

Unable to wipe his tears and runny nose, Shesam slowly left the villa.

“…What should I do?”

He couldn’t work for the count had fired him.

Even if the words originated from anger and confusion, given the character of the count, they wouldn’t be withdrawn.


Shesam, who was at a loss, clasped his bag. He felt crushed by the remorse he felt towards Lorona.

“You’ve returned.”

A cool voice greeted Shesam from behind.

He didn’t particularly think it was directed at him. Still,for some reason, he felt he had to turn around. Shesam slowly turned to the voice.

“…Who could you be?”

A young man stood there. Judging from the sword hanging from his waist, was he the follower of the count?

Shesam hugged his bag tightly, wondering if he was going to be killed.

“Don’t be so vigilant. I’m Kaiser.”


“You’re a servant of the count, aren’t you?”

“…I’ve already been dismissed.”

When Shesam said that, the eyes of the young man called Kaiser lightly widened.

“…I see, it’s beyond imaginable.”


Kaiser nodded quietly as if he was convinced of something and then stared straight at Shesam.

Shesam gulped.

“I have something important to tell you.”

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