The Executed Villainess Travels Back Through Time for Revenge Translation

29. Condemnation Drama 4

The fallen Baroness Abazn was immediately seized by the knights at the direction of Marquis Wayne.

While bitterly watching over at the scene, Marquis Wayne asked me.

“…Duchess of Samaria, did you understand what she was saying earlier?”

“…Not really.”

“How should we explain this to the Neonhart Kingdom…”

“…I can’t think of any way. It’s simply too baffling.”

“At the very least, from the explanation of Duchess Samaria, I understood why they made their attempted to poison the crown prince of Neonhart. I guess, I’ll just have to take the explanation from there. More than that…”

Marquis Wayne turned towards His Highness and sighed.

“…I don’t think the Neonhart Kingdom will accept such a lukewarm punishment—even if the main culprits are His Highness and Baroness Abazn. At any rate, war might happen.”

“…That’s right.”

Exhausted, I sat down near the king and the queen and coldly stared at them.

…It was because I knew they were acting.

I had heard what the North Tower was like from the second prince.

…In that tower, which was as large as a mansion, His Highness would be able live freely.

The food was decent and he would be able to wear beautiful clothes every day. That place also didn’t lack women.

They’re the worst.

Thus, my mouth, which was concealed behind my fan, distorted.

The king must’ve thought I was unaware to true nature of that tower. Hence, he enacted that punishment.

Unfortunately, all of my allies knew. Even if His Highness was indirectly involved in the attempt to poison the crown prince of the neighboring kingdom, imprisonment would be too light of a punishment for him.

While thinking that, I glared at the king and the queen. Then, Luria, who stood behind me, beckoned to me.

“Milady, the Duke of Belmand has arrived.”

“What impeccable timing.”

I looked towards the entrance while muttering that. There, I saw an old man with a keen eye approaching us.

The Duke of Belmand—Dorf Bermand.

He was none other than one of the four great dukes, and also my grandfather. At that time, he was my greatest ally. He had supported me from the shadows by exchanging various letters for me.

Like a lady, I bowed to my grandfather.

“I’ve been waiting for you, Duke of Belmand.”

When I said that, Duke Belmand raised a hand and smiled bitterly.

“Please treat me like usual, Violet. It seems that everything is almost over.”

“Yes, thanks to my grandfather.”

“Who would’ve thought that such a fine grandchild could be born from my foolish daughter…”

As he said that, grandfather turned towards mother. Mother immediately turned deep blue and hid behind my trembling father.

Seeing the state of my mother, my grandfather sighed.

“I raised you well, but you ended up being a disappointment by marrying to a fool. Well, thanks to that, a noble and beautiful grandchild was born, so all is well.”

“Fufu, I’m honored. So, grandfather, what happen to those who imported the poison?”

“Oh, I was able to catch most of the merchants, including the aristocrats acting through them. All who remain are those currently in this venue.”

Then, my grandfather turned to Marquis Wayne.

“Don’t let them escape.”


Marquis Wayne saluted, to my grandfather’s satisfaction.

“…Your Majesty, your decision just now, wasn’t it too generous?”

Grandfather muttered that while turning to the king. At that, the king was surprised—yet, he still maintained an oblivious façade.

I had summoned my grandfather because I knew the king would be lenient with His Highness. Still, I felt restless inside.

Because, originally, all four great dukes were supposed to have come.

Why did he come alone?

When I was thinking about that, the entrance grew noisy. Thus, I turned around. I caught a glimpse of grandpa’s smile.

“Violet, look.”


I was surprised when I turned to the entrance—

—because there stood both Crown Prince Neonhart and Marquis Dantov.


Shouldn’t the crown prince be in a bad condition due to the poison…?

After thinking that, I saw my grandfather nodding.

“Poison was certainly applied, but he didn’t drink it. Still, Prince Neonhart said that it’d be more convenient for Violet if everyone were to believe that he had.”

Grandfather said that and bowed to Crown Prince Neonhart and Marquis Dantov.

“Everything went exactly as you planned, Your Highness, the Crown Prince of Neonhart.”

For some reason, Marquis Dantov was the one who replied.

“That’s a relief. But, are you truly alright with this, Duke Belmand?”

“Yes, as long as Violet is happy, then I don’t mind.”

“I understand.”

Marquis Dantov replied and nodded. Then, he turned towards me and bowed his head.

“I’m sorry for having deceived you, Duchess of Samaria.”

“Are you… perhaps, the true Crown Prince of Neonhart?”

“Yes, while that person over there is the actual Marquis Rengel Dantov.”

When Crown Prince Neonhart said that, the real Marquis Dantov bowed while scratching his head.

“…I’m deeply sorry.”

“No, don’t worry. But, why would did you do that?”

“It was so His Highness could freely move around in this kingdom…”

Marquis Dantov turned to Crown Prince Neonhart with those words. He then looked at me and nodded.

“Well, there were other reasons. It was easier for me to move behind the scenes and arrange an audience with the four grand dukes. I’ve known for a year that during that party, the glass would be poisoned. Surely, Duchess of Samaria understands what I’m implying?”

After contemplating about it, I reached an answer.

“…Did Your Highness Neonhart travel back in time?”

“Indeed. Hence, I understood the kind of punishment you wanted to exact upon him.”

Surprised, I withdrew a few steps.

His Highness Neonhart was aware of my ugly state…

However, His Highness Neonhart approached me and kindly beckoned.

“After what he did, it’s only natural for you to want revenge.”

“But… I took advantage of everyone…”

“At the same time, some of those people have been helped by you.”

After Crown Prince Neonhard had said that, I inadvertently glanced to Countess Rustal.

His Highness Neonhart nodded to me.

“She wasn’t the only one. You might be unaware, but many more lives were saved by you. In this condemnation drama, the sinners are merely awaiting their judgment, not revenge.”

Crown Prince Neonhart showed a fearless smile, while I could only muster a bitter one.

“Fufu, thank you. It seems that we’ve truly reached the finale.”

Amidst my thoughts, Crown Prince Neonhart approached me and suddenly knelt.

That caused screams from all over the venue. Regardless, His Highness Neonhart didn’t seem to care. He reached out to me.

“Duchess Samaria, it’ll probably be difficult for the four grand dukes to fulfil your wish. Therefore, accept my sword and you’ll have the finale you desired.”

Crown Prince Neonhart smiled as he said that. As such, I also smiled.

“Are you sure you want to be with a villainess like me?”

“For someone as ruthless as me, you’re perfect.”

“…Fufu, then, Lord Aldam, if you’ll have me—”

—I answered and took the hand of Prince Aldam Neonhart with a smile.

“…If you will have me, as well, Lady Violet.”

Aldam spoke and escorted me to the king and the queen.

The second prince followed suit and walked in line with us. The moment they saw us, the king and the queen paled.

I was sure that they understood something bad was going happen—

“—But it’s too late.”

I muttered and smiled at the two of them.

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