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21. An Invitation

After a long time, my classes finally ended. When I was thinking of going home, I was summoned by the principal. Therefore, I headed for his office.

When I entered inside, I became stuck.

Inside was none other than the crown prince of the neighboring kingdom—Aldam Neonhart. His servant and escort, Marquis Rengel Dantov, was also present.

Why are they at the academy?

Despite being shocked at the entrance, I still managed to think things through. Still, my doubts only deepened.

The principal, who was in a good mood for some reason, called out to me.

“Duchess of Samaria, welcome. You can spare us the greetings.”

“…I understand.”

I did as I was told. When I sat on the sofa, the crown prince and his escort bowed immediately.

“Duchess of Samaria, what you gave me was immensely helpful.”

“So, as a thank you, I’d like to invite the Duchess of Samaria to the party we’ll be having two weeks later.”

“Two weeks later…”

I muttered in surprise.

Perhaps, if I attended that party, I could prevent Crown Prince Neonhart from drinking poison… or find the criminal.

However, I immediately recalled that I was the fiancée candidate of His Highness and answered with disappointment.

“…I’m very happy to be invited, but I’m the fiancée candidate of Crown Prince Rolaud. To receive an invitation from the crown prince of another kingdom is just…”

“It’s alright. I’ve also issued an invitation to His Highness, Prince Rolaud.”


The moment I heard the words of Marquis Dantov, I became confused.

…Last time, did His Highness attend the party?

It was a party intended for the crown prince of the neighboring kingdom.

There was no reason why the crown prince of Rolaud wouldn’t attend.

However, the invitation never reached me, even though I was his fiancée.

…I wasn’t invited, but did was?

At that time, I was so agitated with Baroness Abazn, I couldn’t really recall it.

I didn’t remember my family or servants informing me of any invitations.

Thus, I immediately recalled that at that time, all the servants were already under my brother’s control. As such, I became convinced.

At the same time, another question arose.

Why wouldn’t he let me attend the party?

While thinking so, I remembered my past self.

Certainly, at that time, because I was stressing over Baroness Abazn, I was giving everyone a hard time.

Therefore, I might not have been invited to avoid creating conflict with the crown prince of the neighboring kingdom.

But what about the present?

As of the present, my evaluation hadn’t dropped at all.

At best, the aristocrats of the faction who wanted to turn Baroness Abazn into the queen would fall.

In that case, it’d be impossible for an invitation to not be extended to me.

…Well, I could find out which was which by investigating.

After some contemplation, I nodded.

“…Alright, can you send an invitation to the mansion of the Duke of Samaria in the royal capital?”

“I’ve already sent one. But, because it might not arrive by mistake, I came here directly.”

While explaining, Marquis Dantov gave me an invitation. After receiving it, I wondered if we were done talking. His Highness Neonhart and Marquis Dantov stood up, so when I stood up in a hurry, Marquis Dantov’s breath lightly ruffled my hair. I immediately lowered my head.

“Let’s meet at the party venue.”


After answering that, I formally greeted him.

The crown prince himself, who never spoke to me, left with a smile and a nod. His attitude made me think that he was feeling awkward.

When I was watching them leave, the principal happily called out to me.

“Duchess of Samaria, I was invited, too. I’m looking forward to seeing you again at the party.”

“Fufu, I understand.”

I answered with a smile. The president suddenly looked around and said in a serious tone.

“…I’m sure Crown Prince Rolaud will bring Baroness Abazn—regardless of whether or not she’s invited. I heard him talking about it earlier, so he seems to have received his invitation.”

“I see…”

“I hope you can enjoy the party without worrying about them, Duchess of Samaria.”

“Well, easier said than done…”

“Judging from the current situation, I can already foresee the future. That’s why, I’ve stopped recommending my relatives’ daughters. What about you, Duchess of Samaria?

“…I can’t think of the future until everything is over and done.”

After answering that, I muttered so quietly that no one could hear it.

“As in, I’ll do my best to think of ways to avoid condemnation.”

Honestly, that was my true goal all along.

If it was the baroness, Mia Abazn, she didn’t even need to become a fiancée candidate to be the next queen.

So, she’d surely condemn me…

In the condemnation that happened in that graduation party, everyone acknowledged Baroness Abazn as His Highness’ partner…

…It’d definitely happen this time as well.

I only became even more convinced of it when I returned to the mansion.

When I requested Luria and the servants to search for an invitation, it was found hidden inside my brother’s room.

The poison should have already been procured.

However, as for the poison’s current whereabouts…

…It was unlikely to be with His Highness.

In the first place, His Highness was merely being deceived by Baroness Abazn. He wouldn’t be involved in anything.

As for Baroness Abazn…

…She didn’t have the power to buy prohibited drugs. My brother and Count Kayes also wouldn’t let that happen.

After all, they believed her to be a fragile, kind, and lovely woman.

Therefore, Baroness Abazn shouldn’t learn of the existence of the poison until things were said and done.

In that case, I should still pay close attention to my brother, Count Kayes, and Minerva.

After deciding so, I called out to Luria.

“Luria, can you look for the guest list of the party that will be held two weeks from now on? I’m sure there’ll be some hinderances appearing in the crown prince of Neonhart’s way.”

“U, understood.”

Luria was surprised, but she nodded many times as she left the room.

When I saw Luria behaving like that, I smiled bitterly.

“…In a sense, Luria is my lifeline.”

I muttered and stared at the invitation I received from Marquis Dantov.

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