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15. Awareness

“What do you think you’re doing!?”

Ricardo got upset at the yelling of the unknown swordsman.

Ryan, who was fiercely approaching, tore away Ricardo’s hand, which held my arm, and smashed him.

“Why are you here—!?”

“That’s my line!”

After telling him off in a low tone full of intimidation, Ryan turned his gaze towards me whm was still crumpled on the floor.

“Flores, are you alright?”

“Y, yes…”

Ryan bent down and anxiously stared at me. I was stunned.

However, perhaps because he had noticed that I was hit on the cheek, his face was instantly dyed with anger.

Due to how menacing he looked, I almost screamed in horror.

Regardless, despite the fact that he was angry, he was still beautiful. I was no longer scared.

Then, Ryan turned his expression towards Ricardo.

Sure enough, Ricardo was terrified and took a step back.

“…What have you done?”

“I, it doesn’t have anything to do with you!”

It was such a ridiculous sight. Despite his fear, Ricardo still tried to say something back.

I thought that Ricardo, who was also a duke’s son and was of the same age, was an acquaintance of Ryan. After all, he was also a knight. Apparently, there was more than met the eye.

“I, I’m having a conversation with this person right now. You should scram!”

“I can’t overlook violence against women.”

“Y, you see, she’s nothing more than a money grubber! I’m just teaching her a lesson!”

As Ricardo tried to fight his fear, his face was distorted unpleasantly. His repulsive words made me nauseous.

Who’s the money grubber?

Even if I was poor, I wouldn’t ever consider asking for his help.

I finally recovered from the shock of being hit and was about to interject. However, Ryan stopped me by standing in front of me. With his back in front of me, I felt protected from all those vile words.

“How is hitting her a lesson?”

“It’s none of your concern!”

“She didn’t want any of your so-called lesson.”

Ryan stood tall as he calmly replied to Ricardo who was fuming.

If judging only by tone, Ryan seemed calm. However, his back was seething with rage.

“But Flores is mine—!”

“She never belonged to you. You forced her to be with you. That is all it ever was.”

That was right.

Recalling the situation, I nodded deeply.

“Again, it’s none of your business!”

I almost laughed at his pathetic words.

I thought my impression of Ricardo would never get any lower. But it seemed that I had to pick up a shovel.

“…Flores is dear to me.”

What Ryan had so matter-of-factly stated was like a shock to my heart.

He was just saying that to triumph over Ricardo.

Even though I was aware of that, my chest still thumped.

I wasn’t the only one who responded to Ryan’s cool line.

The foolish man who thought that I naturally belonged to him was visibly shaken.

“Don’t be silly! I won’t hand her over to you!”

Ricardo lost himself and charged Ryan.


I unintentionally screamed.

But Ryan was unfazed.

In a moment, the difference between victory and defeat was decided.


My eyes couldn’t keep up with the speed.

Before I noticed it, Ricardo was being slammed to the floor. He was struggling as Ryan locked his joints.

“L, let me, go…!”

“Never approach Flores again. I’ll also be reporting this to the higher-ups.”

Ryan spoke in a low and quiet voice.

Ricardo was at loss for words.

“I truly want to destroy this arm… be grateful that I didn’t do just that.”

“Guah…! Uuh—…”

Ryan whispered his threat into Ricardo’s ear while tightening his grip.

In such cases, the female will usually tell Ryan to stop.

However, inwardly, I was cheering Ryan on.

Go, Ryan, go!

Make him suffer!

“Do you understand?”

Ricardo, who was in tears, nodded desperately without saying anything.

In a pitiful way, Ricardo was whimpering.

“Now scram.”

“H, hyee!”

Ricardo ran away with a pitiful voice.

When I saw his retreating figure, I felt relieved.

In the quiet store, Ryan knelt beside me where I was still slumped over.

“Flores, are you alright?”

He reached out with a worried look.

He was like a prince from a story.

Who wouldn’t fall for him?

The hand that Ryan touched trembled.

“Poor you, you must’ve been terrified.”

Taking it as a sign that I was frightened, Ryan’s expression distorted in pain.

No, it’s different.

My fear had already vanished the moment you appeared—

this feeling… is different.

Ricardo—I’ll never forgive that man!

My effort to prevent my tears from rolling was to no avail.

What should I do…?

What should I do about this unmet love…?

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