I was Invited to the Wedding of Former Fiancé Despite my Engagement Being Annulled. I Couldn’t Refuse, so my Brother’s Friend Accompany Me Translation

14. The Helpers

A week later.

As Phil said before returning home from his vacation, he had dispatched some helpers for the field.

Since I had prepared rooms for a long-term stay, I was ready for their arrival.

However, the people who visited Ragulen territory were entirely different from what Phil described in his letter.

“…What is he thinking, seriously?”

After reading Phil’s letter, Alves groaned.

When I was wondering what to say, he showed me the letter.

I was planning to send some decent personnel, but somehow the information was leaked. Because of that, I was flooded with applicants. They are high-class, so use them well.”

Inside the letter, the spontaneity of the recruitment was revealed.

After reading that, I looked to my brother. He was at a loss.

Did Alves give up already?

My brother was sighing.

I gently stared at the helpers. All three of them were tall, sturdy, and huge. Moreover, they were tanned and had intellectual eyes. I was sure that they were the best among the best.

…I was more concerned about the fact that they arrived riding fine horses, and that they had swords on their waists.

There was no questioning it—they were knights.


…I didn’t recall ever asking for help with security. If I remembered correctly, a helper for farm work, civil engineering, etc. was all I ever wanted…

“I never thought you’d come.”

“It’s been a long time, Alves! Now you’re looking more like a territory lord!”


Is my brother acquainted with these knights?

“Oh, so this is your rumored sister. We’ve heard about you from Alves. Nice to meet you.”

“I was feeling lonely ever since Alves suddenly quit the knight order. Thus, I seized the opportunity to meet him once again!”

So, that’s how it is…

…it seems that my brother is close with them.

…In other words, they were truly the knights from the kingdom.

Was it alright to impose farm work on active knights of the kingdom, ones who were said to mostly consist of aristocrats?

“This guy and I were cultivating fields in the North. Delicate management might be difficult, but I think we’ll be useful in many other aspects.”

“My parents’ house is similar to this one. I’ve been doing farm work since I was a child.”

Thankfully, the knights said that.

Then, I was a little relieved… no, wait.

There was still a problem.

“I didn’t expect for the knights of the kingdom to come… the rooms I’ve prepared are intended for servants…”

“As long as it has a roof, we’re fine with it.”

“If it’s this place, even if I sleep on the ground, I won’t freeze to death. So, it’s alright.”

Where have I heard this before?

I thought it was a joke peculiar to Phil. However, to the knights of the kingdom, was it considered normal?

“Then… what about your meals?”

“It’s alright. The knights of our station need to cook for themselves. You can say that our cooking ability is reasonable. If it helps, we’ll take care of our meals ourselves.”

Hee… is that so?

By the way, after my brother became a knight, he started to cook from time to time.

“Hence, you needn’t worry about food. They’ll be able to procure ingredients on their own. They’re also on vacation. Of course, security is taken care of with them… Damn! That guy was right! He chose a good bunch!”

…For real?

…Could they really be considered a good bunch?

Well, as long as Alves was alright with it, so was I.

They were definitely reliable.

The highlight of the event was a few days later when a very gorgeous maid arrived.

She’s truly beautiful!

I was astonished. When I saw her flawless skin and hands, I couldn’t help but heap more praise on her for being a true lady.

The road to being a lady sure was tough.

When I was feeling overwhelmed, the knights made pancakes with beans and comforted me. Although they looked strict, they were kind people.

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