As my Engagement has Been Annulled, I’m Going to Live Freely! Translation

14. Counterattack

“Tiny, you say? Are you too much of a buffoon to know the value of this store?”

A prime location in front of the royal castle.

It was a well-maintained area for wealthy people to come and go.

Of course, the security was also excellent. Profit was also good thanks to the many aristocratic customers.

It was great for doing business.

Since it was in a highly competitive area, there were many people who wanted to have a store there.

While my store certainly wasn’t big, I was proud of it. I had invested a lot of money and time on the interior.

For a smart person, it would be easy to discern how much the store was worth.

“A, are you saying that I’m stupid?!”

“No, you are stupid. When compared to a noble like you, one on the verge of falling, my store is definitely better!”

“W, what are you trying to say…?”

“That a marriage with you is useless to me.”

When I said so with a provocative tone, Ricardo’s cheeks became dyed red.

“You, thanks to whom did you get this store!? Or, did you forget already!?”

He stood up, knocking the chair over, and slammed his fist against my precious table.

When I saw that, I became angry.

What’s with this guy!?

I want to crack his head!!

“Isn’t the answer obvious? It’s thanks to myself. I mean, who else?”

“The money came from me!”

“No, that was legitimate compensation that I deserved. Also, it was your father who paid for it.”

“Nonsense! The money from my house is also considered my money!”

“What rubbish…”

“Shut up! Just close down this store and give me back the money I invested!”

“Oh, so that’s your real purpose, after all? Make sense, considering you’re in shambles. That was a consolation fee, so it was my money, not your investment.”

“You! Do you want to pick a fight with me that badly!?”

“Did you finally notice? Again, what a buffoon.”

When I shrugged my shoulders, Ricardo, whose face was livid, began to shake.

I had already made a fool of myself back then just to get out of our relationship. As such, I wasn’t going to do that again.

Did that guy still think I was that cute Flores who absolutely adored him? He deserved a slap from reality.

I didn’t want to see his face ever again.

I wanted him to just disappear from the face of the planet.

How many times did he intend to get in the way of my life?

“If you understand, please leave.”

“…Everything, is your fault… because of you, my house…!”

“No, everything is your fault. Not only did you annul our engagement, you mindlessly picked a new fiancée.”

“Shut up, shut up, shut up!! It’s your fault!”

“W, wait, hey, kyaa!!”

I was suddenly grabbed by Ricardo. His eyes were blood red.

Oh no, I overdid it.

I forgot to gauge his emotions because I wanted be get rid of him quickly.

It was too late for regret.

Grabbed by my arm, I tried to escape. However, my foot collided with a chair. It fell with a bang.



My head shook. He had slapped me with all his might.

At that moment—


The bell loudly rang out, and the store door was opened.


Seeing the person who jumped in, I was stunned to the point I forgot the stinging pain in my cheek.


That day, he wasn’t supposed to visit.

Seeing the breathless, sweaty, Ryan, my feet relaxed.

Utterly relieved, I slumped onto the floor.

***T/N: …Bruh, what’s with all these f***** going straight to abusing women the moment they got angry.

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