The Fake Saint’s Evolution Into a Genuine One Translation

11. The Fake Saint’s Evolution into a Genuine One

I glared at the priest, but he was pretty much nonchalant about it.

“…You have an astounding personality, Priest.”

“Thank you for the compliment.”

That was a nice scam he had come up with. Even if I were to object, I couldn’t escape. I had already come that far, so it couldn’t be helped. It seemed that he’d protect me to the extent that I wouldn’t die.

This was for the sake of my brothers and sister. I had to work for them—so they could receive a proper education…


The next day, we were to leave for another village. I was busy preparing so that we could leave early in the morning.

When I went outside, the carriage was ready—and so was the knight leader and his companions.

“Good morning, Lady Saint! Let’s go to the carriage!”

“Good morning, Knight Leader. Can you stop being a stepping stone? Didn’t you have your fill yesterday? On the contrary, it makes entering the carriage difficult, so please stop.”

“Then don’t hesitate to use me as a springboard! Let’s go!”

The knight leader was being troublesome like usual. I decided to just ignore him. When I was getting ready to jump over him, I heard a voice from behind—


When I turned around, the boys I had preached to yesterday and the villagers I had mud fight with were present.

“Are you leaving? Well, since you’ve taught me not to waste eggs yesterday, I boiled the rest of them. I want the saint to have them.”

“Wow, a heap of boiled eggs! What a luxury! Eh!? Is it truly alright!? Can you really give me all this!? Are you lying to me!? No!? Okay, I will take about three… everyone can eat the rest!”

“It seems that you truly love eggs. It’s alright, our chickens produced a lot this year, so take them all.”

“…Wow, how nice of you all… I’m sorry for the lariat, thanks again~”

“No, we’re to blame. We misunderstood the saint… Youe healed my grandpa’s waist. Because of that, he’s been doing a lot of farm work since yesterday… The saint is a nice person.”

“My gramps, too! Because he had his cavities healed, he’s been eating hard beans! At first, when you start throwing mud, I thought you were crazy… However, in reality, by covering yourself in mud, were you trying to tell us that we’re all equal? If you were to preach from a high place with beautiful clothes, you won’t reach anyone, after all. Truly, you’re amazing.”

“Huh? Well, I only did what is necessary, including the healing. After all, they were sick. I’m glad that they’re doing better. A mud fight is a mud fight. Also, don’t call people crazy.”

“Ooh…? Okay…? I’m sorry…?”

The villagers had delicate expressions.

The people in the first village turned out to be good.

Despite me being the saint of the Goddess’ religion, they were able to show kindness. It seemed that as long as I didn’t try to force the religion, things would be fine.

When I peeled a boiled egg I had received in the carriage, I was overjoyed.

While looking at the first village, I was optimistic that I’d be able to do something about my situation in the future.


…The trip was smooth. Since I was in one hell of a sturdy carriage, my body wasn’t tired. But the priest still asked me a barrage of questions, so it was mentally exhausting.

Because of how tired and nervous I was during the break, the knight leader anxiously called out to me.

“…Lady Saint, it seems that you’re fed-up with being sealed inside the carriage all this time. Why don’t you ride on a horse every now and then for a change of pace?”

“Eh? Is that alright!? I want to ride a horse! I was about die in this closed space!”

“Then ride my horse! Come on, step on my back!”

“…Can’t you just help me normally? Like this, it’s getting harder to mount the horse…”

“But, for a sword—no, a stepping stone to take the hand of the saint—that’s just wrong!”

“…But you aren’t a stepping stone, right? You’re the knight leader, right?”

While we were having such a wasteful exchange over riding a horse, the magician twins approached us from behind. When they saw the two of us, they were stunned.

“Darren, what the hell? Don’t you hate this woman? Why are you dancing on top of her palm? Don’t you have any pride left?”

“Well, she is the saint. For all we know, she might have brainwashed Darren. Otherwise, I can’t think of any other reason as to why Darren would prostrate himself like this.”

“Farril, Will, back then, I failed to understand just what kind of person the saint is… Why don’t the two of you talk to the saint, too? Then, I’m sure—ouch!”

The twins, who became impatient, attacked the knight leader with an offensive spell. On impact, the knight leader flew backward.

While I was still stunned, the twins stared at me with fury. They were flaring.

“…Darren! Did you seriously forget what she has done to us!? If you say more than that, I will fucking kill you!”

“I’m seriously disappointed in you, Darren! I thought only you and Luka were decent!”

Lacking the courage to interject, I was silent the entire time…

…But, wait a minute.

Just what exactly had the real saint done to them? Their eyes, which were brimming with murderous intent, were nothing to joke about.

The twins and the knight leader stared at each other for a while, until finally, the twins decided to leave.

When the priest, who heard the commotion, came to ask about the situation, he told me that he had something to say. As such, I had to get off the horse and return to the carriage.

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