The Heinous Mysterious Death Green Translation

13. The Sword Mountain Mysterious Being, Sword Minas

“Where is she, ssuka nee?
“I expect we’ll find someone as gigantic as her soon enough.”

At any rate, not only is she almost two meters tall, her appearance is suspicious at a glance. If anything, losing sight of her would be more difficult.

“Aniki, over there, ssu!”
“Hm? That couple will probably break up by Christmas.”
“Not them, ssu! Right in front of them, ssu!”

Laying on the ground where Samecchi points is a knife. It is just like the lethal weapon that had killed the taiyaki-kun earlier.

“Did she drop it while running away… wait! What the hell is this!?”

From there, at intervals of every meter, scimitar, kukris, cutlasses, and so forth along with every conceivable type of cutlery lay scattered about. Some of them are so long, the lengths of their blades alone might even exceed Samecchi’s height.

“Just how much does she have hidden away?”
Ah, there she is, ssu!”

At the end of the trail of the dropped blades, the hem of a coat can be seen slipping in and out of view from behind some well maintained bushes. Rintaro and Samecchi creep up behind Sword Minas, holding their breath to prevent her from escaping again. Then they pounce her.

Ugyaaa— — —!”
“Caught, ssuu!”
“Damn you! Making this so hard!!”

Rintaro hold Sword Minas’s arms taut behind her back, forcing her onto her knees. Then, while holding her down, he rips off her sunglasses and mask. Originally, Rintaro’s career revolved around arresting mysterious beings. He is well practiced with restraining others. It doesn’t matter how many blades she is carrying around; she will have no way to resist with her limbs sealed.

Uhehe, I finally caught you, Sword Minas. Come on, don’t resist. Follow us quietly. If you struggle, you might be humiliated to the point that your lovely face is dirtied with tears and snot…”

Just how many people would think Rintaro is a hero after seeing him like that? His expression as he keeps Sword Minas restrained is the very image of vileness born of darkness. He looks like a villainous merchant conspiring to whisk away an innocent girl to satisfy his own lust.

“No! I don’t want to! Let me go—!”
Uhahaha, that’s a nice look, Sword Minas! Samecchi, rope! Get some rope!”
“Damn it! As if I’ll let myself… get caught here!!”

Sword Minas’ fully retrained body tenses. The next moment, blade-like tension can be felt swelling— —

“Aniki, danger, ssu!”

Rintaro is forcibly pulled away from Sword Minas by Samecchi. The next moment, where Rintaro stood, that is to say out of Sword Minas’ back, countless Japanese swords stabbed. They tore through the coat and “sprouted” from Swords Minas’ back.

“Do, do, do, don’t come any closer to me, you brute!”

As Sword Minas readied herself, her thick glove rips to pieces as a large hatchet appears. She is tall woman holding a large hatchet in both hands while carrying a countless number of swords from her back. Her frightened expression has already transformed into that of a beast.

“How do you know my name? How much do you know about me? Are you with public security? You are with public security! Damn you, public security! Well, answer me!”

While tearing through the back of her coat, a variety of blades grew one after another, literally creating a mountain of swords. The Sword Mountain Mysterious Being, Sword Minas, her appearance was like that of a porcupine threatening an intruder.

“Stop! Stop! I’m sorry! First, listen to what I have to say!”
“Annoying, shut up!”
“You are the one who asked!”

Rintaro remembers as he ducks underneath the many blades being thrown at his head. Mysterious beings are that sort of creature, existences that have made him balance a top the boundary of life and death who knows how many times. They are crude, violent, unreasonable, uncultured, capable of harming innocent people, and oppress others with violence. That is the first thing he learned in hero school, that mysterious beings are a menace.

“We only came to greet you. Throw those things away and come over here, Sword Minas.”

Rintaro gives Sword Minas the friendliest smile he can muster to help soothe her.

A devilish grin

Rintaro is very bad at smiling. No matter how much he tries to maintain his appearance, the rot that has taken root in his heart seeps out on his face. Incidentally, he doesn’t know, but during his time at hero school, he was called a “viper” by his underclassmen because of his smile.

“Hii! I refuse! Stay away!”
“Tch… looks like using force is the only way!”

Whenever Sword Minas swings her large hatchet, sharp swords scatter around. It is like a tornado of raging blades.

Local human disasters are often referred to as mysterious beings, which are legally classified as events rather than humans. Therefore, within the professional duties of a hero, there is no such thing as “dialogue” with mysterious beings. They are simply neutralized and arrested if possible. They are then sent to a detention facility. Of course, against violent resistance, “suppression” or “disposal” is permitted.

And it is that “suppression” in which Rintaro is most adept at.

“I should have done this from the start….. Well then, how about a bit of pain?”

The power to fight against the evil scourge of mysterious beings, that is the essence to being a hero of justice. Aside from his words and conduct, and along with his villainous face that can’t be displayed during tea time, this man is still a hero who has destroyed 7 organizations.

In addition, the Victory Sentai Victor Rangers that he is or was a part of is an elite group that belongs to Tokyo Headquarter. This means that Rintaro’s true potential is one of the best in the nation.

Rintaro picks up one of the swords that are being scattered one after another and deals with Sword Minas’ swing. As the sparks scatter, Rintaro dexterously flicks away the approaching weapon to create an opening. Sword Minas’s face twists with agony. Despite wielding tens of swords, she cannot attack Rintaro with his one sword.

Ku….! What is thiis!? Just what is going o— —n!?”
“A small fry like you will never in her whole life understand.”

This, precisely this is the true nature of the man known as Kuriyama Rintaro. The heinous mysterious Death Green, who is worshiped by mysterious beings, is a fake.

Rintaro, while trying to grasp that image as he recalls his pride as a hero, feels a hard touch transmitted from his palm.

“This is how I operate!”

Exactly at the moment when Rintaro’s sharp counterattack is about to reach Sword Minas,

“I want you to wait, ssu— —!”

The deadly blade stops perfectly before the nape of Sword Minas’ neck.

“We are also mysterious beings, ssu! W came to save Sword Minas, ssu! Right, right, Aniki? Isn’t that why we’re here, ssu yo ne!?”
“…That’s right, I’m a mysterious being, nice to meet you.” 1

The dense killing intent disperses from Rintaro’s sword. At the same time, the face of Sword Minas, which had transformed into that of a beast’s, reverts to its original human form in the blink of an eye.

“Is that …… true?”
“It’s true, ssu. Aniki and Samecchi are agents of the secret society Ark Dominion, ssu.”
“You’re not public security?”
“We’re not public security, ssu.”
“We’re absolutely not public security.” 2

In case anyone has forgotten, Rintaro Kuriyama is without a doubt with public security. He is an employee of Hero Headquarters. At the moment, he only wears the guise of the mysterious being Death Green.

The hatchet slips from the hand of Sword Minas.
“I was so scarrreeeed!!!!!”

With that cry, Sword Minas begins to wail loudly. The many swords that had sprouted from her back scatter around her with powerful clattering sounds.

Rintaro stares at the sword still in his hand. Reflected from its blade, he sees the stagnant eyes of someone who is neither a hero nor a mysterious being.

“Case closed, ssu, right, Aniki? ……Aniki? What’s wrong, ssuka?”
“No, it’s nothing. Shall we get going, Samecchi?”

The instant Rintaro was about to deliver the finishing blow, his sword stopped because of Samecchi’s cry.

I was influenced by a mysterious being? …..Me? …..Ridiculous.

Rintaro tosses the insignificant anxiety that flashed through his head into the pond of the park along with the sword.

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  1. This is said in katakana.  Rintaro isn’t speaking in his normal tone of voice there.
  2. Again, katakana.