As my Engagement has Been Annulled, I’m Going to Live Freely! Translation

18. The Details of his Punishment

Afterwards, Ryan visited the store to inform me of Ricardo’s arrest.

Since it was confidential, we continued to mind our businesses until no other customers remained in the store.

Ryan seemed truly eager to report to me.

While being healed by his cuteness, I finished processing the receipt of the last customer with a warm feeling.

“It’s about Ricardo.”

“Did he finally get sentenced to death?”

“No, no, no, no, that’s not it. Well, I’m sorry that the punishment isn’t that extreme.”

When I jokingly asked Ryan, he sincerely apologized.

I didn’t even think that he should be put to death, but I was happy to see Ryan’s reaction.

“…Does he have to be strictly supervised, or something like that?”

“…Well, because he’s a duke, he can’t be discharged, but he’ll be demoted.”

“Oh, really? That’s pretty drastic.”

“…Maybe he’ll remain a soldier for the rest of his life. He can’t expect any promotion.”

“Can he receive such a strict punishment?”

To be honest, I thought that since he was a duke’s son, he’d receive a light punishment.

At best, a one-month salary cut, or three-days of disciplinary order.

He had a high stature, but he seemed to have received a much heavier punishment than I expected.

“Your recording did it.”

“It was that useful?”

It seemed that Ricardo had spun a web of lies to protect himself. He would have escaped, if not for that recording.

“Well, with magical power, some processing can be done if you get the hang of it.”

Ryan casually explained that, I thought I was hallucinating for a moment.

“In short…?”

“Hm? I just meant that I’m capable of such a thing.”

He smiled and calmly rested his cheek on top of his hand.

“Ricardo came to me with his entourage. He called me a lot of interesting things. At that time, I happened to have the recording tool from Flores.”

“…You did?”

“Of course.”

He nodded with a smile, but the atmosphere he exuded was kind of scary.

Was he truly angry with Ricardo?

Somehow, I thought so and stopped pursuing the matter entirely.

…As expected, Ryan wasn’t one to forge evidence. He probably recorded Ricardo’s lashing out.

Even so, I felt that I had corrupted Ryan… was hanging out with me bad, after all?

“Originally, he was already loathed by the knights. After all, he loves abusing his authority.”

“Oh, that’s Ricardo, alright.”

“He’d been reprimanded several times, but they didn’t work.”

“A man with a vile nature, indeed.”

“I had been planning to consult with a superior who has been having a hard time with Ricardo. Especially after he had raised his hands against a woman. However, I was hesitant because he’s a duke. Then, I recalled the notary officer from the time you broke your engagement.”

“Yes, Mr. Janice, I talked with him several times after that.”

“Indeed. He also listened to my story. Based on the circumstance, he then made various suggestions.”

“Which lead to this?”

“That’s right. That man is actually sharp.”

“Then, I’m indebted with him. I’ll thank him next time I meet him.”

“That’s good. I’ll go with you the next time you decided to meet him.”

“Can you?”

“If it’s for Flores, then sure. I want to thank him, too.”

“Fufu, how encouraging, thank you.”

Ryan was truly a caring person. I was glad he was my friend.

While I was grateful, I also wanted to advise him against being too kind. Otherwise, a lot of women would misunderstand him.

“Under his suggestion, a self-restraining order has been imposed upon Ricardo.”


“Ricardo’s obsession is unusual. I’ll need your signature on the pledge, so you might receive a visit from another notary in the future.”

“O, of course…”

“Once you’ve signed it, he won’t be able to approach within a radius of 100 meters of you.”

The binding force of official documents were absolute.

If he broke the conditions of the pledge, magic would then be activated.

The condition would be decided by each other or a specialized institution, and it was established with consent and signature.

“By the way, what kind of penalty will he receive if he breaks it?”

“He will suffer a splitting headache upon entering the specified distance.”


I laughed at the simple penalty.

I’d love to see how it works, and how he’d suffer. But with such a restriction, I was doubtful that he’d even come close to me.

“Oh, no~ I might go visit him in the royal palace more often~”

“Kuku, then please visit the knights’ training ground when you have the time.”

The knights’ training ground was open to the general public.

I had never visited that place because I didn’t want to see Ricardo. However, as of the present, it seemed that things were going to be fun.

“What is your training schedule, Ryan? I want to see your manly figure.”

“Uh, alright, almost every morning…”

Ryan informed me his schedule a little bashfully.

For such a straight-laced man to blush to the point his ears were red… how unbearable.

“Then, can I bring something for you?”

“Of course.”

“Alright, I’m going to bake you some madeleines. I’ll also make some for your kind subordinates.”

“Thank you.” He narrowed his eyes and laughed happily.

Even though he had restrained Ricardo with such a dignified look on his face, I couldn’t help but fall for his other side which was extremely pleased with sweets.

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