The Executed Villainess Travels Back Through Time for Revenge Translation

24. Preparing the Stage

Several days had passed since the crown prince of Neonhart was poisoned.

His condition was still unpleasant due to how strong the poison was.

When I was summoned to the royal palace, the king explained to me with a pale face.

“I’m no longer worried about the potential civil war. As it is, if we don’t find the criminal, there will be a war…”

Perhaps because his head hurt, the king spoke while clutching his temple. The queen exhaled powerlessly.

“There are mountains of protests coming from the neighboring countries. I wish we could at least uncover the criminal, but we haven’t found anything yet…”

There were dark circles under the queen’s eyes.

I was truly disappointed by the two who had completely aged due to these hardships instead of working hard.

Also, Minerva, who was in charge of the venue’s security, had allowed Baroness Abazn inside despite of her lack of an invitation.

So why didn’t you suspect Minerva?

I didn’t bring that up, however.

After all, I didn’t want the two to destroy the stage I was preparing.

Therefore, I decided to ask a question in order to hear information I wanted to know for my plan.

“…So, what kind of poison was is?”

“The type that is forbidden in this kingdom. What should we do…?”

The king said so powerlessly while showing me a crumpled report. I confirmed that it was the same poison as last time.

When it came to the poison, that was pretty much the connection.

I decided so and smiled at them.

“If you’d like, should I solve the case?”

As a response, they vigorously raised their heads and asked me.

“What are you going to do…?”

“Do you know of a solution…?”

The two asked while leaning forward, but I lightly held my hands towards them.

“…Before anything else, what will you do with His Highness after he graduates?”

“I, I will give him a low title without a territory, and I’ll do the same to that baroness if you so wish…”

“Then, what if His Highness and Baroness Abazn are indirectly involved in the poisoning of Crown Prince Neonhart?”

Upon hearing that, the king and the queen vigorously stood up from the sofa. Their faces had turned deep blue.

I was sure they were aware of the worst-case scenario.

But for some reason, they still decided to pamper His Highness.

If what I suspected was true, they’d be treated as naïve and would be criticized not only by the neighboring countries, but also from within the kingdom.

Besides, I was sure that a sense of distrust would emerge between the two of them.

While I was pondering that, the king spoke while staring at me with unease.

“If they are indirectly involved, they’d receive a heavier sentence… However, is that true?”

Since the king had earnestly asked me, I nodded.

“I don’t know how he obtained the poison, yet, but I’m certain of it. So, what do you plan to do? To avoid the worst outcome, there are a few things you can do. You’ll have to purge the aristocrats of His Highness’ faction. After all, you have to show your sincerity to the neighbors.”

“Since it has come to this, none of that matters!”

The king answered so vigorously, I couldn’t help but laugh.

Fufu, I gladly receive your words, Your Majesty.

After that, I had to provide them with materials to set up the stage.

With that thought, I asked the king to finish the preparations.


A few days later, when I went to the academy, everyone rushed to me with smiles.

“I heard from my mother yesterday. Congratulations, Duchess of Samaria!”

“Duchess of Samaria, you’ve become the official fiancée of His Highness!”

“Now, this kingdom is safe!”

“Fufu, that’s not true. Everyone should follow in their parent’s footsteps and start new ventures to support this kingdom.”

When I said that and smiled, one student approached me anxiously.

“But, Duchess of Samaria, what about Baroness Abazn?”

The moment the student asked, the students around me became silent all at once.

I responded to them with a bitter smile.

“…If it’s a mistake, then I won’t mind it. I’ll just request His Highness to never see Baroness Abazn again.”

The moment I answered that, I heard a crashing sound from the wall behind me. Thus, I slowly turned around and thanked my surroundings.

“Good morning, Your Highness.”

When I said that and smiled, His Highness stared at me while taking rough breaths. It was as if he had run all the way there.

“Violet… what is the meaning of this…”


“Don’t fake ignorance! About my fiancée! I heard nothing about this!”

“Well, that’s natural. When was the last time you set foot on the grounds of the royal palace, Your Highness? You must’ve been busy roaming around the city.”

“T-that’s because whenever I’m in the royal palace, all everyone does is complain—!”

“But it’s for Your Highness’ sake… anyway, if Your Highness hasn’t heard about it, then it’s your own problem. I already told you long ago—if you don’t like the idea, you should’ve just annulled our engagement. Did you perhaps forget about it?”

“…Kuh! Then, I will annul it now!”

“Oh, but it’s too late.”

When I answered while waving my fan, His Highness stared at me in awe.

“W, what do you mean by that!?”

“…I don’t like this engagement, either. But it isn’t like I can just call it off as I please. In the future, those who become king and queen must lead the Kingdom of Rolaud to prosperity. What I’m going to say is—we’re going to have an emotionless, political, marriage.”

His Highness staggered with a shocked expression.

However, there was a person who supported him from behind.

My brother, Sagius.

“It’s alright, Your Highness. I’ll make you and Mia happy.”

At my brother’s words and smile, His Highness stared at him with a moved expression.


“I’ll definitely drag my foolish sister out of the fiancée position.”

After saying that, he tipped his glasses lightly and stared at me.

I returned his gaze with a smile. He immediately clicked his tongue.

Tch. Your Highness, the atmosphere is revolting here. Let’s go to meet Mia.”

“I agree…”

The two nodded to each other, then quickly left.

The students, who had been mute until a while ago, began to speak ill of His Highness.

When I saw those students, I just smirked.

Fufu, he has no allies left…

…I can only hope things go as planned.


I concealed my mouth with my fan and laughed.

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