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50.5 SS3: The Boredom of the Demon King

The Demon King Ibris Dart.

A thousand of years had passed since he took the throne. The Demon Realm, which had been warring against itself all the time, united due to gaining a common enemy—mankind.

Everything was due to the overwhelming power of the Demon King.

As long as he reigned as the king, no one could go up against him.

Not even a God.


Despite the fact that he was alone, he had the power to turn the entire world into his enemy.

He was invincible, astonishing, and out of that world.


The only people who dared to challenge him were foolish and conceited demons and the hero who carried the fate of humanity.

The existence of the hero, the only one who could fight him on equal footing, was of great significance to him.

However, even that was temporary.

The hero was still a human, and their lives were finite.

In the end, nothing remained and all that left was emptiness.

“—I’m bored.”

The Demon King was a symbol of fear and the root of greater evil which bound the demons together.

Above everything else, he was fond of destruction and slaughter. His compatriots were nothing more than pawns to him. His enemies were but brutes akin to insects.

That was the impression the mankind had of the Demon King.

But in reality, he was neither ruthless nor crazy.

He was someone consistently apathetic.

Back when he started his reign, he might have been different. But, as years passed, his interest diminished.

Even though to humans, his existence led to many dramatic events, to him, it was just a normal day.

Eat, sleep, kill.

The repetition made him so tired that he couldn’t help it.

“Demon King.”

“What is it, Jaeger?”

“…Don’t you think it’s time to attack the human world now that the hero is gone?”

“…Hmm, if I were to attack them, then what?”

“I expect you to say such.”

“If so, don’t ask.”

“No, I need to confirm your intentions directly.”

Ibris chuckled.

He exhaled in astonishment.



“I… How long should I endure this boredom?”

From the bottom of his heart, his true feelings leaked out.

Due to the boredom, he felt empty every day.

“I don’t know the answer to that.”

“…I see.”

After that, the Demon King fought against the hero many times.

As time went on, a new hero appeared. As they fought, the Demon King felt a sense of exhilaration for a while.

When the battle ended, there was a feeling of loss. However, he gradually became accustomed to that, too.

Even if humans were to beg for mercy, he felt nothing whatsoever.

No matter how much his subordinates praised him, it felt as if he was taking it for granted.

One day, he began to look for new things himself—a search for something exciting.

If he were to carry such a small hope, he might soon experience an amazing encounter.

It was akin to looking for an oasis to satiate his dry throat.

100 years, 1000 years, thousands of years—

—time went on, but his thirst remained unquench. He still couldn’t find his oasis.

Still, surely, soon

—he’d meet them, the new hero and his blacksmith.

The boredom that had lasted for thousands of years would be resolved in an unpredicted way.

He had such a feeling.

***T/N: …and then he’s going to learn the limitless joy–eating!!

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