I was Invited to the Wedding of Former Fiancé Despite my Engagement Being Annulled. I Couldn’t Refuse, so my Brother’s Friend Accompany Me Translation

7. What the Messenger Brought

The messenger of Count Orfels left with a bow. After seeing the departure of the carriage, I hurriedly returned to the drawing room.

Alves was still sitting.

He was staring at the envelope in silence. He had erased his expression to conceal his anger.

“Alves, what does it say?”

“…This is the worst. This is the first time I’ve experienced such humiliation.”

Alves’ voice was low while his green eyes were frosty.

When he looked up at me, there was a slight self-depreciating smile on his face.

“Lucia, it seems that Sir Gorman is about to get married.”


…It was unexpected. I was surprised.

It was just last week when he decided to break off our engagement. Now, he was about to get married.

My brother tried to say something more, but he ended up muttering for some reason.

He suddenly stood up, walked around the room, and looked out at the window for a while before finally turning towards me.

“This is a formal invitation from the family of Count Orfels.”

“…An invitation?”

When I tilted my head, my brother softly groaned and continued.

“It’s to invite you to the wedding of Sir Gorman and Irena.”


That was just too much. I ended up letting out a yelp.

As someone who was born in the family of Viscount Ragulen, Irena, the daughter of Viscount Berthia, was my maternal cousin.

We were of the same age. When we were young, we used to play together. When we went to the royal capital, we stayed at the same mansion.

I thought we were close.

…However, I never heard that she was about to get married.

“But… Irena, the daughter of Viscount Berthia? If you ask me, that’s quite plausible.”

“I don’t know because I haven’t been to the royal capital for quite a while. I suppose, her family has grown in power. I’ve heard of some famous products that are being made by them.”

“Dyes are trending this year. The light purple color is popular in the royal palace. That colored dye is Berthia’s specialty. It should be selling in large quantities by now.”

“Light purple, is it? By the way, brother, you’re exaggerating. Both men and women are wearing subtle colors that don’t suit them. I can’t stand to see it.”


“…What a despicable jerk. I’ll act like I’ve never seen the invitation. I won’t say anything, because I haven’t heard anything.”

“…It’s been a long time since I last meet that guy. The next time we meet, I’ll sent gazillion complains his way!”

“Don’t waste your breath. Everyone in the family of Count Orfels is rotten. Neither the father nor the son has a brain. I want to hit them at least once!”

“If Alves, who’s also a farmer, were to hit that prick, he’ll die. Should I hold a mock battle and attack the count’s territory?”

At first glance, Alves and Phil seemed peaceful. But the conversation they were having was anything but peaceful.

After all, they were drunkards who had already chugged a massive amount of alcohol. Despite everything, they probably weren’t serious…

…I wondered if it was truly necessary for them to throw a knife each time they vented a complaint, though.

Because I had already expected that to happen, I placed multiple targets—made out of chopped wood—on the wall.

As of the present, they were riddled with knives.

…I wanted to praise them for not being dull despite their drunken state.

Also, the two of them ate a lot. I felt relieved.

If I didn’t keep my calm, I wouldn’t be able to deal with the disaster.

That’s why, these guys are…

At the same time, it also felt refreshing. I decided to serve steamed bread with beans.

“Oh, it looks delicious! Thank you, Lucia!”

“Indeed! You deserve praise. My sister is such a fine woman, she was wasted on that guy! Had he accepted to postpone the wedding, he’d have received more dowry! Irena, who? How’s that squishy-looking girl better than my sister?!”

…What does he mean by that?

Brother, that might be one of the reasons why you aren’t popular…

Irena was a perfect lady, petite and sweet. At the same time, she had huge breasts. That little tidbit might come out of nowhere, but it added to her perfection.

Phil thinks so too, right?

“Regardless of nature, I don’t like artificial things. …For there to be men who get fooled by slimy women like that… I like my woman strong. A woman with a good laugh—one that can raise a child even if I die. But why are women who cry and buy the sympathy of men more popular—!?”

“Hahaha! Are you still saying that!?”

“What’s wrong with saying that? The other day, when I went to military headquarters at the royal place to report my return, my brother invited me to go fishing. There was still some work left, but the people around me ran away. In the end, my work ended up getting delayed. There was no way out, and there was nothing I could do about it!”

“…Uh, let’s not talk about your relatives. High chance I’m going to hear what I don’t want to hear.”

“Listen! My nephew and niece, they’re monkeys! They aren’t cute puppies or kittens, they’re monkeys! They had only been around for a day, but many of my maids were crying and threatening to quit!”

“…I didn’t hear it. I haven’t heard anything!”

What were those drunkards talking about?

Alves didn’t have to cover his ears so much, right? Was Phil’s family so complicated?

I wanted to take away the steamed bread with beans. I thought I should confiscate the alcohol, too.

“L, Lucia! I will stop drinking, so please don’t take away the steamed bread of my dreams!”

“Hmm… Phil always says that, though? No mercy for you. You need to also learn your lesson, brother.”

It was a trivial matter, but I was relieved that my brother looked a little better.

At that moment, Alves, who threw a knife, blinked with a slightly weary face due to being drunk.

“…Huh? Are you telling me to lie down on the floor as it is?”

“That’s not it at all!”

…As I thought, I shouldn’t expect a drunk person to repent.

In that way, the night went on with drunken humor and laughter.

***T/N: They’re getting drunk twice in a row, now.

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