The Executed Villainess Travels Back Through Time for Revenge Translation

12.1 Rumors Spreading

On the next morning, my brother and Grace had become estranged. I desperately tried to not laugh at Grace who kept blushing once in a while.

What a foolish woman.

Her feelings never reached my brother.

I looked at my brother with derision for a fleeting moment, then spoke so that everyone in the living room could hear.

“By the way, I’m just recalling this now, but Baroness Abazn seems to be on good terms with His Highness. They’re like a pair of lovers…”

“—That’s not how it is!”

While I was talking, my brother vigorously stood up and stared at me.

Grace, appalled, stared at my older brother.

I was sure Grace had tried to seduce my older brother with her body last night.

Unfortunately for you, Grace, Baroness Abazn is good at capturing the hearts of stupid men.

With that in mind, I ignored my brother and took delight in the freshly baked bread. My father asked with a moody expression.

“Violet, is that woman close to His Highness?”

“Yes, there have been sightings of them in town lately…”

“—That’s not true! His Highness and Mia are nothing more than a senior and junior! His Highness is merely looking out for her, who doesn’t know her way through the city!”

“S, Sagius, don’t tell me—!? Did you go out to the city with her, too—!?”

“It’s only natural to help someone who’s in trouble! Not to mention, Mia is also a friend of mine!”

I didn’t know where his confidence came from, but my brother explained at the top of his lung, stunning my parents and saddening Grace.

“…Don’t say anything anymore…”

“Cool your head, Sagius.”

My parents said that while taking their leave of the living room along with the other servants.

As I stared at my parents, I could feel my brother’s eyes on me. He probably thought that I was snitching on him.

“Violet, for what reason did you say that—!?”

“I’m merely telling the truth. Or, could it be, brother doesn’t honestly believe that His Highness and Baroness Abazn are mere acquaintances?”

When I asked that while tilting my head, my brother gritted his teeth and left the living room in silence.

What a foolish man.

While I was still staring at my brother, Luria anxiously called out to me from behind.

“…Milady, won’t your family fall apart at this rate?”

Luria asked while staring at me anxiously. I nodded with a smile.

“Well, that would be a relief. I hope they’ll show me premium entertainment once the worst does actually happen.”

When I answered so, Luria waved her hands with a panicked expression.

“B, but, I’m worried about Milady…”

“Fufu, thank you, Luria. Everything will be fine.”

I smiled when I said that, but Luria’s uneasiness didn’t cease.

Well, it couldn’t be helped.

No matter how I thought about it, I was about to reach the point of no return.

But for me, everything was going well, so it was fine.

I relished the scent of black tea while thinking so.

After taking a sip, I stared at Grace who wore a regretful expression.

Whether to give up on that stupid buffoon, or to fall together with him—

—I shall let you decide…!

Until then, be anxious all you want!

When I inwardly stated that to Grace, I concentrated on the aroma of black tea.


Two months after that, my brother began mingling with Baroness Abazn with more frequency than before.

He was being too enthusiastic, perhaps because he was scared Baroness Abazn would be snatched away by His Highness.

By the way, His Highness still only saw Baroness Abazn as a junior.

However, until recently, they only used to go out a few times in a month. As of the present, the frequency had doubled.

His Highness was steadily devoting himself to Baroness Abazn.

One day, when I went to the academy, I came upon the corridor outside of Baroness Abazn’s classroom. Countess Lilian Baker was yelling at Baroness Abazn who stood beside His Highness.

Lilian yelled, “Why are you latching onto him!? You aren’t even a fiancée candidate!! Know your position!!”

After Countess Baker had screamed so terribly, His Highness quickly stepped in to defend Baroness Abazn.

“…Lilian, why don’t you just stop? I’m helping Baroness Abazn out of my own volition.”

“Your Highness… but why? Why does it have to be you? Couldn’t you instruct someone else to do it?”

“No, she has helped me understand a lot of things these days. It’s meaningful for me to help Baroness Abazn.”

“Then, please bring at least a maid and an escort.”

“It’s alright, Sagius and Brown have that covered.”

His Highness smiled and Countess Baker went silent.

She was probably amazed because His Highness didn’t understand what she was implying.

It was useless.

To His Highness, Baroness Abazn was still a harmless junior. No matter how much she spelled it out for him, he wouldn’t get it.

More importantly…

It seemed that Count Brown Kayes had arrived, too.

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