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47. Forging a Magic Sword

Time passed in the city, and it was evening before I knew it.

The orange sun was setting in the West sky.

Because we had little time until night, we decided to go to a coffee shop nearby.

Three people surrounded a round table and relaxed with cups of tea.

“How was it?”


“Are you satisfied?”

“Yes! I enjoyed myself thanks to you guys! Thanks again.”

“Is that so.”

“I wish I had enjoyed it.”

As long as Ibris said he had fun, I thought it was worth it guiding him.

Grave looked a little tired.

It was Grave who actually guided him. I merely followed.

I used the opportunity to remember the layout of the city.

“Grave, I have to return, soon.”

“That’s right.”

After drinking tea, Grave stood up.

His sword, which hit the edge of the table, made a clicking sound. Ibris’ gaze turned to his sword.

Ibris was staring at Grave’s sword as it was.

“What’s wrong?”

“No… that sword, surely, it was made by Liliana?”

“It was. Why?”


Ibris turned towards me.

“Liliana, can you make me a sword, too?”



“Is it impossible?”

“Well, I don’t think…”

“Isn’t it troublesome? You’re the Demon King, remember?”

It was exactly what Grave said.

Giving a new weapon to the Demon King wouldn’t be advantageous to us in the future.

Ibris didn’t act like the stereotypical Demon King. Besides, he looked kind of dejected. I was wondering if I should forge one for him…

“Don’t worry. I don’t want to fight you anymore.”

“What? Then what is it for?”

“It’s unacceptable that only Grave has one. I want one, too.”


“Is that why?”



Ibris was like a child.

Grave covered his face with his hand in astonishment. He seemed to be regretting overthinking things.

“It’s up to you, Liliana.”

“Then… promise us you won’t use it to do anything bad.”

“I swear it!”

“Okay, well, what kind of sword would you like? The same kind as Grave?”

“Isn’t his sword a holy sword? I can’t use that. I want a magic sword.”

Magic sword.

A sword with a special magic attribute was called such.

“What kind of magic sword should I make?”

“Hmm, that’s right…”

Ibris told me the kind of magic sword he wanted.

“What do you think?”

“C, can you actually do that?”

“As I thought, is it impossible?”

The eyes of the two were directed at me.

“To begin with, magic swords aren’t the same as ordinary swords. Can you make them?”

“Yes, I am also capable of making magic swords.”

“Is that so? How amazing.”

“It’s nothing, but the effect you just specified… is quite difficult.”


“With the right materials, I think I can do it, but…”

“What are the materials?! I can provide you with them just fine!”

Ibris stood up and pumped his right fist.

Then, the space behind him distorted, and a black hole appeared.

A large amount of monster materials fell from the hole.

“W, what’s with all these materials?!”

“They’re all rare materials!!”

“Who do you think I am? I have hunted all the monsters that existed in this world. Is this enough? If it isn’t, I shall search for more.”

“Uh, yes, that should be enough…”

“That’s good.”

“Or, rather…”

Other customers were appalled at the sight.

“Don’t pull them out in a place like this…”


The next day.

I was preparing to make a magic sword at the smithy.

Grave and Ibris stood behind me.

As I was used to having spectators while at work, I didn’t mind them at all.


It had been a while since I last forged a magic sword.

When I was in the royal castle, I had a few chances to make them. So, as part of my training, I would make one from time to time.

Half of the method was the same as forging a normal sword.

However, the material I needed to us wasn’t tamahagane.What I needed were dragon scales, instead.

The same number of black, red, and yellow scales had to be used. They also had to be melted at an ultra-high temperature.

Dragon scales had high heat resistance, so they were more difficult to be melted than iron.

After melting them to an extent, iron had to be mixed in.

After mixing, I struck it to remove impurities.

The toughness of the blade was important for both magic sword making and sword making.

Even more so for magic swords—the stronger the effect given, the more pressure needed to be applied to the blade that would become the vessel.

If an effect were to be given to a fragile sword, it’d break after several uses.

In order for the sword to be used for a long time and exert a powerful effect, the vessel had to be strong.

“Usually, magic swords are consumable items. Many of them break once used.”

“Are they like powerful bombs?”

“That’s right. Especially when the sword is dull. However, a true magic sword won’t break easily—that’s what I desire.”

Ibris explained to Grave.

As he said, magic swords were consumable items.

However, with the materials he had provided, I could easily make a true magic sword. One that wouldn’t break easily.

When the blade was completed, I applied a magical effect.

During the effect application, the necessary materials would usually be consumed. However, that time, nothing was missing.

“Did you do it?”

“Yes. Afterwards, I shall leave this for a day, then continue until the effect is completely applied.”

“So, it takes time.”

“Indeed, especially when the effect is strong. If I were to force this to be finished in a day, the blade would break.”

“Good, good! I will wait for as long as is needed!”

In that way, my daily routine had increased by one for a while.

***T/N: Oh God, Liliana, don’t you understand the weight and the consequence of what you’ve just did? Forging a sword for a Demon King… for free?!?! Afterwards, those fella from Demon Realm will leech on you so you’d make swords for them, too!

E/N: I get the weirdest premonition this demon king is going to come to be regarded a hero…

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