The Executed Villainess Travels Back Through Time for Revenge Translation

6. Countermeasures

“Due to have been recently diagnosed with an illness that prevented her from conceiving an heir, Marquess Sirene Mador has been removed as a fiancée candidate.”

As soon as I entered the queen’s office, Queen Romana Rolaud explained with a calm tone and expression.

At that queen, I wanted to laugh.

It was because I knew she was raging inside. Regardless, she maintained a perfectly calm front.

Anyway, when I was climbing the decapitation block, her facial expression didn’t change in the slightest.

Rather than focusing on the queen’s poker face, I was more curious about her plan onward.

I remembered the graduation party of that fateful day.

The queen furrowed her eyebrows and stared at me, but didn’t say a word.

Well, I was also to blame. At that time, I had tried to take matters into my own hands. It was the result of my underestimating Baroness Abazn.

Thanks to that, His Highness’ declaration of our annulment had been surprising to almost everyone save for me.

After my engagement had been annulled, evidence of the attempted murder conveniently appeared.

Then, everyone disappeared from my side.

Once I recalled that moment, all my hesitation vanished.

High chance, everyone knew I was framed.

Regardless, the vial of poison Grace planted in my room was too powerful.

At that moment, I recalled everyone’s gaze in the venue. They were charged with hostility, and I trembled with anger.

I shall never forgive the person who framed me.

That much should be obvious.

After all, as a result, I was convicted and was decapitated.

Well, more importantly, the Marquess of Mador.

I knew she was up to something, but who would’ve thought that she’d rope in the court physician…

No, considering how cunning she was, it was probably a trick.

She had come up with a solid reason. The fact that she willingly tarnished her own reputation testified to how much she didn’t want to marry into the royal family.

While I was envious of Marquess Mador, the queen spoke in a flat tone.

“You also seem to be unwell lately, to the point of trembling…”

“…Yes, that’s right.”

I answered so, but refrained from saying, “So I should also be excluded from being His Highness’ fiancée.”

It was because I didn’t know what kind of consequence I’d suffer.

Therefore, I should never mention it, but hint to it as much as possible.

While thinking that, I pretended to be ill on purpose, and the queen glared at me, perhaps unable to stand it.

“How troublesome. I had high hopes for you, but it seems that I have to prepare insurance.”

The queen said that while fanning herself.

If I were my previous self, I’d surely be, “I’m absolutely fine! I will complete the princess education!”

As of the present, I didn’t want to become his fiancée.

Therefore, I decided to make a proposal to make it easier to escape being a fiancée candidate.

“…That’s right. I’d like to say that I’m okay, but the truth is the otherwise… I agree with Your Majesty’s wonderful plan, that is to prepare an insurance. Why doesn’t Your Majesty try to find a young lady who’s up to the task?”

While saying so, I clutched my chest and made a painful expression. The queen nodded after making a bitter face for a moment.

“Well, I’ll think about it. But, do your best.”

The moment the queen said that, I almost couldn’t help but to leap in joy.

“…Yes, of course. I will do my best.”

Although I answered like that, I acted like I was in pain. The queen showed a complicated expression.

Afterwards, I left the office, but it went without saying that I was happy that things went smoothly, so I shouted out in the carriage.

A few days later, the fiancée candidates were announced. As expected, it was Countess Lilian Baker and I.


When I returned to the mansion after the announcement, it seemed that the information had reached my father. He looked at me with blame.

“What is the meaning of this?”

“It can’t be helped…”

“That’s not true. You suddenly become lackluster and even refrained from attending the princess education.”

“I’m just feeling unwell…”

When I laughed after saying that, father looked as if he had chewed on a bug.

He really wanted to yell, but didn’t want to terrify me.

If I became the queen in the future, it wouldn’t end well for my father if he had a bad relationship with me.

My father wanted to be respected by the queen.

What a shame, though.

Father ended up remaining the Duke of Samaria, someone with no merit.

While thinking so, I told my father that I felt sick, and returned to my room. Then, I called for Luria.

“What happened, Milady?”

“I have a request for you. I want you to attend the academy with me starting from next week. An aristocrat can have up to one maid there.”

“A, are you sure?!”

“Yes, I really want to have a servant, but my father has been rejecting the idea.”

“Milady, is there any imminent danger, perhaps?”

“…Why do you think so?”

“It looks like you’re taking action to prepare for something these days. I’m just wondering…”

I was impressed with Luria, who said so.

She saw through me.

Maybe I wasn’t wrong in choosing her…

I then smiled at her.

“Well, it’s an insurance. Don’t worry about it too much.”

“I understand.”

“Then, I will explain our next move in the academy.”

After having told her that, I started to think about countermeasures against Baroness Abazn. She would appear next week.


“That’s not true. You suddenly become lackluster and even refrained from attending the princess education.”

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