The Executed Villainess Travels Back Through Time for Revenge Translation

4. Another Fiancée

It had been a week, and I still couldn’t come up with anything.

Currently, I was clutching my head within the academy classroom.

His Highness’ fiancée would be decided in two weeks. A few days after, Baroness Mia Abazn would transfer to the academy.

The execution site began to flicker in the corner of my mind. Especially considering I hadn’t made much progress.

I had to do something about it…

I was impatient, but I still wondered if there was something I could do. Another fiancée candidate, Marquis Sirene Mador, came to me.

“Good morning, Duchess of Samaria.”

“Good morning, Marquess of Mador…”

“For you to leave His Highness alone, how rare! Are you finally aware of your shortcomings?”

The daughter of Marquis Mador approached me with her usual sarcasm.

My former self would surely get ticked off.

However, as of the present, I didn’t care that much, so I nodded slowly.

“…Well, rather than being unfit, I just don’t want to become his fiancée anymore.”

When she heard my answer, Marquess of Mador froze.

I already saw that coming.

After all, I met Marquess Mador yesterday during the princess education—and yesterday, I was still desperately clinging to His Highness.

For me to have such a shift in demeanor in a mere span of a day, it was no wonder she was surprised.

The current me was of a girl that already had her head decapitated. As such, I casually blurted such a line.

…I was sure no one would want to relive that feeling.

Marquess Mador gave me an idea—

—what if Marquess Mador became His Highness’ fiancée, instead?

I meant, with her blatant sarcasm, she was already showing her prowess as a queen. I was sure that once she became a queen, she’d dress all her enemies down.

Regardless, the source of problems was still the existence of Baroness Mia Abazn.

Surely, if Marquess Mador wasn’t careful with what she said to Baroness Abazn, she’d be executed in no time…

…No, in terms of tactics, the Marquis of Mador was different from the  Duke of Samaria.

If his daughter was about to be executed, I was sure her father would catch a hint.

I remembered the graduation day—and also the day I was convicted.

Marquess Mador, like me, was always criticizing the actions of Baroness Abazn.

However, she suddenly shut up halfway through. During the graduation party, she had already left the school and moved to a neighboring kingdom with her family.

She probably fled due to being aware of the incoming danger.

Which meant, she couldn’t deal with Baroness Abazn—as such, I couldn’t ask her.

I thought so, and sighed.

Regaining her senses, Marquess Mador rushed to me.

“W, wait, enlighten me! Why did you suddenly change your mind!”


I was at loss at how to explain.

After all, I just couldn’t say. “I don’t want my head to fly in the future.”

If I said such a thing, she’d probably think I had gone crazy.

At best, I’d be rehabilitated in a medical facility, and at worst, the monastery.

Those two places should be my last resort. If possible, I didn’t want to enter them.

My goal was to have a leisure, aristocratic, life—one that didn’t include being His Highness’ fiancée in it.

Therefore, although it wasn’t true, I came up with something that would convince the Marquess of Mador—

“—To tell the truth, I’m not good with someone like His Highness.”

“Not good…?”

“Yes, either that strong belief of his, or that face… no, it’s probably all of them. I just can’t stand it anymore.”

When I said that and showed an unpleasant expression, Marquess Mador became suspicious.

“But, you used to praise his kindness, about how he treats everyone without discrimination…”

“I was just putting up with him all the time. After all, as his fiancée candidate, there is no way I can speak up against him.”

“Well, if you decline, you will incur a corresponding penalty…”

“Yes, that’s why, even though I’m not good with His Highness, I endured everything. But, when I met His Highness yesterday, I realized that I can’t be with him anymore…”

…I said the last part in earnest.

After all, there was no doubt about that one—

—it was impossible.

It was, even if the execution was merely a dream.

Then, Marquess Mador showed a troubled expression.

“I never knew the Duchess of Samaria thought that way… I was so confident you’d become his fiancée…”

“What do you mean? Are you saying that you’ve given up on being his fiancée?”

When I was surprised to hear her implication, Marquess Mador slowly nodded.

“From the beginning, I never wanted to become one.”


I doubted my ears.

Marquess of Mador didn’t want to be his fiancée.

In other words, it was like saying she didn’t want to become the queen.

At that moment, something came up in my mind.

“…Is it because of the royal decree?”

“Yes. It seems that the royal family has noticed a rare gem in the Marquis of Mador territory and selected me as His Highness’ fiancée candidate. Thanks to that, my plan to adopt a son-in-law and run the territory has been ruined…”

“Is that so…”

When I heard the story of Marquess Mador, I looked down.

I honestly thought the Duke of Samaria was the only one who received a royal decree.

Moreover, there was also the fact that I was picked as a candidate on the last second. As such, I thought that it was a joke…

With that in mind, I realized that Marquess Mador was also unwilling to become his fiancée.

***T/N: I mean, what other qualities does the prince have other than being a prince? Is he a husband material?

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