I was Invited to the Wedding of Former Fiancé Despite my Engagement Being Annulled. I Couldn’t Refuse, so my Brother’s Friend Accompany Me Translation

1. The Annulment of my Engagement

“—The engagement is no longer valid. Therefore, I, Gorman, son of Count Orfels, annuls his engagement with Lucia Ragulen!”

Gorman’s domineering sentence stopped my train of thought.

The territory of Viscount Ragulen was half a day away from the royal capital.

It wasn’t far, but it wasn’t a distance one would travel to for no reason. However, the lord’s shepherd informed me that Gorman’s carriage was approaching.

That was his first time making such a sudden visit. I could only greet him nervously because I was anxious that it might be important.

Even so…

…Why did this happen?

It was too sudden.

Alves, who greeted him with me, was also stunned by the unexpected development.

But he seemed to calm down immediately, and gradually opened his mouth.

“…I’d like to inquire about the reason.”

“Viscount Ragulen, put your hand on your chest and reflect. Have you made any ridiculous requests to the Orfels family lately?”


My older brother, Alves, tried to say something.

But he soon turned pale and closed his mouth.

Gorman’s current expression looked truly intimidating. Despite giving an awkward vibe, his face was otherwise well-arranged.

“My father looked up to you, and has been interacting with the Viscount of Ragulen for a long time. Therefore, I’ll be kind to you. The Orfels family won’t ask for any compensation.”

Gorman’s tone was calm. His voice also sounded sweet.

But his gaze was frosty.

I gently glanced at Alves.

As he looked down, he clenched his fist. But for some reason, he didn’t refute Gorman’s words at all.

That was my first time seeing my brother like that.

Perhaps noticing my overwhelmed expression, Gorman lifted his eyebrows and showed a gentle expression.

“…Oh? Lady Lucia, were you perhaps unaware? If so, forgive me for being blunt… but, it’s true, isn’t it? You were all attempting to conspire against the Orfels family! It’s been absolutely proven!”

His gentle expression, however, immediately distorted into something ugly.

Not only had he thrown me away, he kept staring at me with eyes full of repugnance.

When I went to a ball for the first time after we were engaged, I, who was raised in the countryside, was arrogantly, but also kindly, taught how to dance by him.

At that moment, I somehow realized it—I was hated.

“…Please wait. My sister, Lucia, doesn’t know anything.”

“I wonder about that? Lady Lucia, do you know how much your dowry was?”

“Of course.”

I hid my agitation and nodded while trying to make my tone as even as possible.

It was inevitable for Gorman to hate me.

However, I wasn’t that much of a doormat to continue enduring unjustified insults.

I was proud of being the daughter of a viscount family.

It seemed that Gorman found that attitude unpleasant.

He frowned and glared at me, his lips thinning.

“You’re haughty despite how minuscule your dowry is! You think you can marry into a count’s family with such a small amount!? Not to mention, this man dared ask for a reduction!”

When I heard that, I was surprised and turned towards my brother.

Alves clenched his teeth, took a breath, and then opened his mouth.

“Lord Gorman, I haven’t said anything about a reduction. I inquired about… splitting the dowry or postponing the wedding.”

“Did you hear that?! ‘Splitting!’ What do you mean by splitting the dowry when it’s already that small!? What do you think a count family is!? It’s impossible to postpone the wedding! Also, did you honestly believe I’d marry you!?”

Gorman glared at my brother, then turned towards me, whom had grown pale.

“Do you understand?! Our engagement is no more!!”

With mockery, he pointed a finger before me. He seemed to be waiting for my expression to change.

I was sure he was expecting me to cry.

But that didn’t happen.

I put a lot of strength into my belly and looked straight at Gorman. Our eye levels were almost the same.

Gorman’s face was distorted by anger.

“…Hey, say something!”

“It’s truly a shame.”

I spoke slowly so as to suppress the trembling in my voice. Gorman shook and swung up his fist, perhaps because he was fed up.

I was about to be beaten.

For a moment, I was about to avoid his blow, but remembering the difference in our stature, I closed my eyes and chose to stay there.


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