The Returnee Noble Lady Attacks His Majesty the Dragon Emperor Translation

157. The Battle Maiden is Raising a Black Dragon (47)

By the time Vissel arrived at Noitral, he already had a bad feeling.

That Listeard would properly clear the suspicion surrounding him was within his expectations. After all, his half-brother, who had the backing of a venerable duke, was excellent. He couldn’t be crushed easily. However, it was another story if Hadith was involved.

Therefore, Vissel rushed.

Nevertheless, the flag of the Rave imperial army had already stood in the city of Radea where the smoke melted in the sunrise

“Your Highness Vissel, someone is flying towards us.”

“It’s Hadith. Tell the entire army to halt.”

While riding a horse, only Vissel went out to the front. Both the infantry and the cavalry kept their positions. Then, a dragon came.

His younger brother, who floated under the morning sun, was injured.

Regardless, he was beautiful. The heavenly sword in his hand grew hazy.

As Vissel approached with his horse, Hadith also descended to the ground.

Vissel asked in a brief manner.

“What happened to General South?”

“He decided to obey me. He has lost his right arm, so he can’t fight. But he left me his troops.”

“Is that so.” Vissel nodded coldly.

Military personnel like General South admired strong people. If that younger brother of his were to fly in the sky while wielding his sword, surely, that alone would fascinate many. It was an awe that could be attained with a single glance.

“So, did you forgive him?”

“Yes, he knelt down to me.”

“He will betray you soon.”

Hadith returned a bitter smile as he wiped the blood stuck to his cheeks.

“I think everything will be alright. Jill said I can do it.”

Vissel frowned at the unpleasant name.

“Is that girl so good?”


“You’re playing with fire. Someday, you will get burn.”

“The Dragon Princess’ sacred relic will protect me. That alone is enough.”

His younger brother had no desire to get rid of her. When he heard that, Vissel started feeling cold.

“I also have older brother Listeard and older sister Elynsia on my side.”

“They will change, just like the direction of the wind, as they please. Have you forgotten what you’ve been up to? Hadith, have you forgotten what the Rave royal family has done to you?”

Hadith, whom was merely five years old, was kicked out of the imperial castle after showing his heavenly sword. Afterwards, they abandoned him in the frontier. They stubbornly refused to acknowledge that he was the Dragon Emperor.

Then, the crown princes ended up dying at the hand of the mischievous Goddess. As a result, they tried to eliminate Hadith, calling him a monster.

It was just foolish.

“They didn’t only kill your relatives, but also your biological father. It’s an empire corrupted by those who are willing to do so.”


“You can do just fine, even if you’re alone. With the presence of an ally, you will only end up getting hurt.”

Vissel vividly recalled when he first received the letter.

Back then, he used to be ridiculed as a lowborn prince for not being able to even properly bow his head down.

He received that letter by relying solely on himself.

Despite not being well-educated, he theoretically wrote the proposals for now, and would continue to do so in the future, in beautiful characters.

From the beginning, he trusted no one.

At the same time, Vissel was also proud—

—the reason was because he had a younger brother who was growing up well.

That younger brother would always refer to him as ‘older brother’ and was fond of him.

It was difficult for Vissel.

The innocence of his younger brother, who beamed when he met his father and mother.

Even after being trampled, his younger brother still had the strength to laugh, forget, and forgive.

I didn’t do anything wrong.

He merely wanted to eliminate everything that would pose a threat to his younger brother.

With that in mind, Vissel had come that far.

He didn’t hope for anything.

He also didn’t dream for anything.

Because to him, it was a poison that would end up consuming him.

However, his younger brother still wanted dream.

“Is it truly alright to not destroy it? In fact, you hate this empire, and even the Dragon God, don’t you?”

For the first time, he asked Hadtih head-on.

Vissel had been wondering if such was the case.

Hadith closed his eyes once.

“Older brother Vissel—no…”

Hadith slowly turned the tip of his heavenly sword to Vissel’s neck. However, there was no impact.

“Vissel Theos Rave, kneel.”

Vissel had been anticipating for that to happen.

However, not now, but far in the future.

Far in the future after he had destroyed all of his brother’s enemies.

“Otherwise, you’ll be considered a rebel, and I’ll eliminate you and your army.”

“Are you trying to reform the imperial army in Radea? With such naivety, you won’t stand a chance against Kratos.”

“I shall reconcile with Kratos.”

Hadith opened his eyes.

“In the first place, I’m not fighting for a truce. I want to conclude this with a peace treaty.”

“…Is it to marry that girl?”

Hadith showed a bitter smile.

In disbelief, Vissel had blurted that question.

“Don’t you want to kill the Goddess? You utterly despise her!”

“I still despise her. But Jill will protect me. I want to choose a future where Jill can smile—this place is…”

Hadith probably didn’t finish his sentence due to his conflicting feelings.

Regardless, while pointing the tip of heavenly sword straight at Vissel, Hadith proclaimed.

“This place is my empire, and I’m the Emperor, Hadith Theos Rave!”

With a dirty face and hands full of lacerations, Hadith straightforwardly chose his future.

“If you can’t follow my decision, I shall cut you down with the heavenly sword!”

It was just like Georg.

Realizing that, Vissel looked down at his feet.

“…Am I, unneeded.”

“I wanted to—”

Hadith’s reply caused him to raise his face. The tip of the heavenly sword was unwavering.

However, Hadith was holding something back with all his might. The words were at the edge of his lips.

“—I wanted to be my brother’s ideal emperor, but I can’t do so anymore. I don’t want my brother to cover for my weakness anymore, it’s enough, already.”

Vissel was at loss for words.

He had to say something. He had to give him soothing words, persuade him, and make him rethink his decision. But, regardless of how hard he thought, he couldn’t come up with anything. Suddenly, he was kicked from behind.

“Your younger brother has already said that much, yet you still don’t understand! What a foolish older brother you are…!!”

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