Translation Your Majesty, the Voice of Your Heart is Leaking!

64. The Homes of Aristocrats and One’s Parents are Challenging (16)

I’m sorry…

Even though she didn’t want to be a nuisance to Gaizel, she ended up worrying him. Tistye felt deep remorse, and at the same time, indescribable gratitude towards Gaizel.

Gentle sunlight shone through the window of the drawing room, and the room was overflowing with a warm silence. Tistye patted his hair, which was akin to a beautiful, black, mane of a beast, and gently brought her forehead close to his.

 I wish my voice could reach His Majesty—

—I’m sorry, thank you.

—I love you.

Talk was cheap. She also wasn’t sure the intensity of her feelings could be conveyed through words alone. Tistye felt frustrated—how was she to tell Gaizel that her feelings were genuine?

Eventually, Gaizel opened his eyes. Tistye was silently reflected within them. Inside his lustrous iris, which were akin to the bottom of a pool, was a tremendous craving. As if being urged, Tistye leaned in.


Gaizel’s lips touched Tistye’s. The still awkward kiss only lasted a brief moment.

Tistye held Gaizel’s cheeks, before changing the angle and kissing him.

After a few, wet, noises, akin to the chirpings of a bird, Tistye pulled away. Gaizel’s eyes were wide open, and when she saw them, Tistye blushed in an instant.

I, I can’t do it…

She tried to imitate Gaizel, but she wasn’t sure if it could be called a kiss. All she did was touch her lips with his. Still, it felt quite embarrassing—Tistye was full of regret.

“Y, Your Majesty, I’m sorry for not being able to do it well…”


Tistye waited for a reaction, wondering if her sincerity had been conveyed. But, instead of rejoicing, Gaizel somehow began to deeply furrow his eyebrows.

Moreover, there were two streaks on his forehead—

—he was experiencing a great deal of conflict.

I wonder if he’s shocked…

Gaizel seemed completely distressed, but when he reaffirmed Tistye’s position on his lap, he put his hand on her cheek and lifted her face. As such, she was forced to look into Gaizel’s eyes. Tistye saw the wavering emotions within them.

Up until now, she felt like a devout believer waiting for God’s wrath. At the moment, she felt like prey before a hungry carnivore.

“I can’t. This is bad. I’m reaching my limit. But, the ceremony is less than a month away, and it’s within the margin of error. I think I’ve endured well.”

What margin of error—?!

Without knowing of Tistye’s astonishment, Gaizel drew closer, as if to take a bite from her.

Gradually, Tistye could see his upper body leaning over the sofa.


The occasional breath exhaled by Gaizel caused her to cry out. However, her struggle was futile. When she felt herself pressed against the backrest, Tistye felt that her fate had been sealed.


His lips approached again, and Tistye had no choice but accept—she tightly shut her eyes. Right before their lips were about to overlap, a dry knocking sound could be heard.

“Your Majesty Gaizel, Randi has delivered a message. He wants you to return to the royal palace because there’s an urgent matter.”

[“Randi saw through me again—!!!”]

Tistye reflexively shuddered due to the loud voice of Gaizel’s heart. Perhaps sensing her fear, Gaizel soon released Tistye.

Before Tistye, who was waiting for him to say something, Gaizel could only muster, “Uh…”, “It’s…” with his bangs raised.

“…In the future, don’t forget your escort.”

That was the only thing he could say in the end.

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