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122. I Want to see Everyone Again

We were falling towards the Demon King.

The roar of the Demon King echoed. The collapse of the castle couldn’t be prevented.

There was no way for us to prevail against the Demon King…

Is my life flashing before me?

The faces of the people I had met resurfaced one after another.

Claude and Leticia.

The two of them behaved unpleasantly towards me, but I was glad that they finally changed for the better.

Without Leticia, I might not have been able to reach that place due to the poisonous moth demon.


Our friendship started through telepathy.

However, he chased me to Lynchgiham and decided to live with us.

Douglas, who loved mischief, was a bit troublesome—

—regardless, the days I spent with him were entertaining.

Cecily-chan, and Ralph-chan…

They were both adorable, while Ralph was also fluffy.

As I was getting ready to leave the royal capital, Cecily showed a glimpse of maturity. She seemed to know what we were setting out to do. That was quite surprising.

The people who lived in the royal castle.

Adolf, the leader of the knights. Philip, the Spirit King. Vincent, and also the maid, Abby. Robert, the director of the institute… Klaus, the knight captain of the royal capital…

Various people had helped me so far.

Why did they do so much for me?

Was it because I was a saint?

…That wasn’t it.

In the beginning, that might had been the case.

However, they weren’t biased.

“Eliane, don’t give up! Believe in victory until the end!”

As we fell, Nigel declared that.

That’s right…! I can’t give up…!

I want to meet everyone again!

Hence, I couldn’t die in such a place!

“This light is…!?”

Nigel raised a confused voice.

The power of my will became magical power, and light eventually spread underground.

Is that…?

Looking up, a sword descended towards us.

“This is…”

Nigel seemed confused by the sudden appearance of the sword.

The sword appeared before us, as if it were a guide. Furthermore, it shined with even more brilliance.

At the same time—our fall slowed.

“It’s… the rusty sword we’ve received from Philip?”

There was no mistake.

I was surprised for a moment due to the bright shine from sword. I couldn’t believe it was the same sword as that time.

It felt terribly nostalgic.

Nigel naturally grabbed the sword with his left hand. It was as if the sword belonged to him since the very start.

While doing that, our bodies slowly descended toward the Demon King.

“It feels strange. Power seems to be emanating from my body.”


“Yes. It feels similar to when Eliane bestowed the blessing of the Goddess upon me. No, it’s even stronger…”

It was then—

—golden light was glowed from Nigel’s body.

The feeling was similar to the blessing of the Goddess—no, it was even stronger, as Nigel said!

“Nigel! Are you alright!?”

“Yes, I’m fine. Don’t worry.”

Nigel didn’t seem to be injured or anything.

On the contrary, his wounds gradually healed.

Nigel seemed more energetic than ever before.

what is happening!?

When I was confused…

“Saint Eliane, can you hear me? Finally… prepare yourself—”

I heard the same female voice from that night.

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