The Returnee Noble Lady Attacks His Majesty the Dragon Emperor Translation

152.2 The Battle Maiden is Raising a Black Dragon (42)

“The 16th magician is seriously injured! We are still searching for the rest!”

“The damage to the 4th unit! 75 injured, and 26 dead!”

Towards the report that just arrived, Hadith’s head rose.

“In that case, those who can move are to head to the city! The attacks towards the outside are still continuing. Several magicians must be there!”


“General South has been found! He’s safe!”

Cheers came from somewhere. Hadith exhaled in relief, and he gently pushed the backs of the soldiers who were supporting him.

“Then, you should head to him. The 4th unit is also to withdraw to the city and follow General South’s instructions.”

“Baker, what are you going to do?”

“I still have some matters to attend to. Withdraw or you will die.”


Hadith turned around at the voice—

—it was General South.

He had stubbles, and his expression looked haggard. It hadn’t even been a day, yet. Regardless, it didn’t seem like he had suffered grievous injury. He borrowed his soldiers’ shoulders, but could still walk on his own feet.

—however, he had no right arm.

“I heard everything. I have something to ask of you. But first of all, thank you for your help.”

Hadith didn’t answer. Following the line of sight of Hadith and his soldiers, South looked down at where his right arm would once have been. He made a bitter smiled.

“With one, abrupt, hit, it was gone. I wasn’t careless, but my opponent was a big shot. It was the Southern King of Kratos.”

The cheerful atmosphere suddenly cooled down. Hadith jutted to the exit of the temple with his chin.

“You should hurry and get treated. If you get tetanus, you might die.”

“I see. You’re not surprised at my mentioning of the Southern King. Why did you help us… baker?”

Hadith frowned at South’s method of questioning, one which cornered him at the same time. South clenched his left hand and raised his head as if he had decided on something.

“You must be the Dragon Emperor!”

“You’re the Dragon Emperor!?”

A magical light flew straight towards South from above.

Pulling South’s shoulder, Hadith received the blow with his heavenly sword.

The magical power scattered and pierced the pillars of the temple, the walls, and the ceiling which began to collapse. South, who was being helped by a soldier, looked at Hadith’s weapon.

“The heavenly sword…”

“Leave, quickly!”

“W, why would you help us!?”

“Is that really important!?” Hadith resisted the urge to click his tongue.

“How noisy! Because this is my empire! What’s wrong with protecting it!?”

“—That’s right! The king must choose what to destroy, and what to protect!”

The power of the attack increased, and the magical power exploded before Hadith. He avoided a direct hit, but the debris that flew grazed his cheek.

“B, baker—!!!”

“I’m telling you to withdraw, so just do it already! You’re so annoying!”

Before he could say anything further, he was driven out from his hiding spot. That time, he couldn’t deflect the blow, one which broke the temple wall and launched him to the sky. Before he could think anything, a blow dropped from above.

He managed to deflect it but couldn’t execute a proper landing. Thus, his back was slammed into the wall of a city building. From there, he slipped down.

“Hadith, pay attention. You need to focus, otherwise you’ll be defeated.”

He knew that, already.

However, the evacuation of the townspeople hadn’t yet been completed. He had to minimize the collateral damage as much as possible. He had to distract the enemy until Jill succeeded in acquiring the sacred relic.

I’m making things hard for my wife…

Hadith stood up, spitting out the blood from his split lips.

“That was quite a spectacle! Indeed, kingdoms are but toys to the likes of us!”

A man he saw for the first time was floating with the dawn sky as his backdrop. He was a well-dressed, middle-aged man. His elegant face looked like a prince’s. He was also graceful enough to give a bow.

“Nice to meet you, Dragon Emperor. It’s an honor to meet you. Do you know who I am?”

“I don’t, and am not interested in finding out.”

Hadith nonchalantly replied while holding his sword. The man gave a humorous laugh and swept away his bangs.

“As expected, the real thing really is different. I’ll be sad once your corpse gets cold later. Is it just me, or does it feel like we’ve been connected since we were born?”

The black pupils under his blonde bangs shined with turmoil. Blond hair as pale as moonlight. Obsidian eyes. The king of Kratos could be mistaken for his brother.

The guardian of the Goddess had hair and eye colors that were the opposite of the Dragon Emperor’s.

“Let’s get along—for I’m your substitute.”

Hadith’s black hair swayed in the bloody wind. As he narrowed his golden eyes, Hadith raised his sword.


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