Because Pushing Didn't Work, I Decided to Pull Away Translation

19. The Truth

“Sherry was abducted!?”

The information Rufus relayed to me after safely returning to the knight’s headquarters made my mind goes blank.

“What happened to her bodyguards?”

“They were all wiped out.”

The words made me clutch my head. Everything was my fault. Even if three of her escorts were wizards, I should had protected her more tightly. I had underestimated the enemy.

Even after I checked the tracking magic on the necklace I gave her the other day, there was no reaction at all. Apparently, she was in a place where magical power from the outside was sealed. It seemed that my enemy was serious.

Is Sherry safe right now? Is she in pain? Is she perhaps crying alone?

Just thinking about her broke my heart.

I should’ve made her quit her job. I should’ve prevented her from taking a step outside the house. I should’ve kept her within my reach. Even though I knew it was too late to think about that, my regret was never ending.

“The enemy seems to be a wind wizard of considerable power.”

“…A wind wizard?”

“Yes. He also has a bird-shaped familiar.”

While I was on duty, Chester heard to the story from the escorts who had regained consciousness.

All three had their limbs broken in an instant, it was terrible. As for the escort sent by Sherry’s father, he had lost his life. A hole had been formed in his belly. The other escorts were able to keep their lives after being treated with healing magic. But, when I thought that she was with such a merciless person, I felt like I was about to go mad from the anxiety.

I considered visiting the Grafton family to gather more information about her kidnapper. I also wanted to take a look through the past letters from the culprit. Except, the count himself offered to talk about the details tomorrow morning.

Regardless, there was no way I could stay still. I donned my cloak and took my sword. I proceeded to leave my seat.

“Noel? Where are you going?”

“I’m going to look for Sherry.”

“Stop it, it’s already late into the night. We have no clues either. There’s no way you could find her randomly searching about.”

“I know that! But if I don’t do anything, I will go crazy!”

“I understand your feelings, but tomorrow morning, you’ll be able to borrow a demon hound. Rest for today. The enemy is quite strong, isn’t he?”

Chester put his hands on my shoulders so that I’d calm down.


*Noel: I should’ve imprisoned her in my house…!!!!

*Me: …

*Me: Yeah, I want my Walt back.

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