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39. It’s Just Empty

“What’s wrong? You don’t have to be so scared, do you? As you can see, I mean no harm.”


“Wait, what are you talking about?”

“Huh? Did you fail to comprehend me? I said I want that girl.”

“…I see.”


Did he agree?

He loosened his grip, and inhaled a few times.


“—I won’t hand her to you.”

In a clear and dignified tone, he uttered such to the Demon King.


“Ha? Since when did I ask for your opinion? Although, it’s only to be expected. A hero is a person who wields his sword to protect no matter what. In short, the reason for you wielding that sword is to protect this woman?”

“That’s right. For a Demon King, you sure understand quickly.”

“I have lived for a long time, after all. To you, is she a princess? Then, it’s only natural for you to object.”

The Demon King lowered his hand.

It didn’t seem like he’d give up.

His expression didn’t change, and he was still staring at me.

“So, whatever happens, you won’t hand her to me?”

“Indeed, and if you try to take her by force…”

“…What would happen then?”

“I’ll fight you. It doesn’t matter if you’re the Demon King.”

The Demon King smiled at Grave’s answer.


With a powerful gaze, he stared at the Demon King.

His back was broad, and I felt relieved just by being behind him.

At the same time, it was also scary.

The anxiety that his back would disappear welled up within me.

“That’s great. After all, once the Hero and the Demon King encounter each other, there’s no other option but to fight!”

The Demon King dauntlessly smiled at Grave.

Until now, the Demon King was cold and gave off terrifying murderous aura.

My limbs were trembling as they weakened. The Demon King’s murderous aura was such that I felt like I could be killed at any given moment.

“Good, good! You haven’t scrambled away, yet!”

“Didn’t I say that I don’t care if you’re the Demon King? What, did you expect me to run away?”

“The previous hero did, though?”

“Don’t lump me with that guy.”

“Fufufu, fuhahahaha! You’re the true hero!”

Their murderous intents collided with each other.

A battle that would shake even the fate of the world was about to begin.

I felt out of place.

Even though such a situation was unfolding, what was I thinking about?


I felt as if Grave would go somewhere far away, and I was uneasy.

I grabbed the hem of his clothes without realizing.

The murderous atmosphere lessened.

“Grave, I…”


Tears overflowed from my eyes.

I might had been terrified.

Not because of the Demon King’s terrifying aura, of course…

“…Liliana, listen to me.”

Suddenly, the Demon King spoke to me.

Grave, who was vigilant, held his sword. However, the Demon King clearly had no intention to fight.

“If the Hero and I fight, and I win, will you obey me?”

“Eh, that’s…”

“I don’t want to hear any lies. Be honest.”

The Demon King told me to tell the truth.

For some reason, maybe because of the atmosphere, I wasn’t so scared.

Therefore, I answered courageously—

“—I won’t! If Grave dies, I will—…”


“…Is that so.”

The Demon King’s murderous aura disappeared entirely.

“If so, I won’t fight.”

“What are you doing?”

“That’s right, if the girl won’t obey me despite all that, there’s no point in fighting you.”

“…For real?”

“Does it look like I’m lying? You humans misunderstand me. Do you know, Hero?”

The Demon King suddenly showed a lonely expression.

While looking outside the window, the Demon King said—

“—The only thing you can get from dominating people through fear is emptiness.”


“That’s right. When I force them to obey me with fear, they did so while screaming and begging for their lives. What’s the value of such a thing? I’m not interested.”

“If so, why did you antagonize the humans? Weren’t you trying to destroy us all?”

“I’m saying that it’s a misunderstanding. Others don’t know, but I don’t care about the lives or deaths of humans.”

Hearing the words of the Demon King, Grave lowered his sword.

We didn’t feel threatened anymore.

“Didn’t the Demon King’s army invade a city?”

“Not under my instruction. I only move when I find something that amuses me. Wasn’t it the humans who invaded us first?”


That was right.

“It’s a fact. Armed humans invaded my territory. Therefore, we intercepted them. It’s always the humans who attack first, I only respond to them.”

The moment I heard that, I was in disbelief.

However, the expression of the Demon King seemed sad. He looked like a depressed, lonely, child.

In the end, I was convinced that it wasn’t strange—especially considering the treatment he had received.

“…By the way, are you sure you don’t want to obey me?”

“I’m sorry.”

“Why do you apologize so much? How amusing.”

H, huh…?

Before I knew it, I wasn’t so scared anymore. Did Grave perhaps feel the same?

I felt like I wasn’t the only one.

“I’ve decided, I will stay in this city for a while.”




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