The Heir of the Dragon Emperor and his Bride Corps Translation

46.1 The Overlord and His Sworn Sisters Put on a Performance

 ──Shouma’s POV──

[Wait, wait, my wife. Don’t be in such a hurry. Don’t you see you’ve frightened our guests?]
[[[[[[King-sama is here!!!!]]]]]]

The moment I step past the village gate, the villagers and the children, followed by Haruka, drop to their knees.

[[[[[[May the Aberrant Overlord, Kiryuuou Shouma-sama, be in good health!!]]]]]]

It hurts.

I want to immediately hold my head and roll over.
The black coat I’m wearing is (emotionally) heavy.
The bandages covering my left arm and forehead are (emotionally) painful.
The shinning bracelet on my right arm (along with my emotional turmoil) is intense. 

My goal is to demonstrate that the frontier has power. I shall make them understand that a dangerous presence awaits them should they lay their hands on it. They shall lose their desire to meddle here.

Despite that, it must be made known that said 『powerful existence』 isn’t interested in anything beyond the frontier. That’s why I am playing the role of an 「Overlord」, a「Tyrant」, and a 「Foolish Lord」. It is all so outsiders won’t interfere.

The 『Twin-Headed Dragon』 is flying around overhead.

[Be silent, my familiar, 『Twin-Headed Dragon』. You were summoned here merely for my amusement.]
I raise my hand and silence the familiar.

The jet-black dragon spirals around above my head.

[Hiiiih, Overlord-sama!] [The Twin-Headed Dragon has angered him!] [He’s going to go berserk.] [Have we, done something to displease you?] [If you are angry, then please grants us your punishment, Aberrant Overlord-sama!] [Snatch me awayー] [Guide me, Overlord-sama.] 『Heeei』

The oni tribesmen prostrate themselves while the children frolick about. It’s because I informed them in advanced that, 『My Demonkin-awakened self will intimidate the oni tribe』. I didn’t tell them to prostrate themselves though.

[……『King of the Frontier』, I have come to you with my apology.]
Silvia-hime alights from her carriage. She then lifts the hem of her dress and gives a deep bowed.

[It has come to my attention much too late that my subordinate, Dims, has intruded upon your territory. The responsibility that comes from being unable to properly manage my subordinates lies entirely on this Silvia Kittle. For the sake of apologizing, I have traveled all this way.]
[Your subordinate…… Ah, those dandiprats?]

I, pachin, snap my fingers.

The 『Twin-Headed Dragon』’s body shatters and disappears.

[For Silvia-hime to personally come all the way to the frontier for such an insignificant person, what deep compassion you possess.]
[No words of apology will ever suffice, 『King of the Frontier』.]

[They did no harm. Their only sin was disturbing my time with my wife.]
I speak in the tone of the 『Overlord』.
[I shall deliver them to you, Hime. Do whatever you wish to your hearts content with them.]

I clap my hands. The cries of the perishing 『Twin-Headed Dragon』 was the cue for starting the preparations. The clap of my hands is the cue to finish them.

[We have brought the intruders, Danna-sama!]
[Move it, you’d better hurry, you lousy intruders-san.]

The village gates opened once again. Lizette and Yukino, with swords in hand, bring out the intruders. All the men, with the swordsman Dims in the lead, are bound. Those who had their limbs broken by 「Wall Soldiers」 have been loaded onto a wagon.

Silvia’s transport has the manpower. They should possess the capacity to transport the wounded.

It’s fine so hurry and take them back already.

[『King of the Frontier』.]
[Is there something that bothers you, Silvia Kittle-hime-sama?]
[I understand why they’re tied up, but……. why does everyone, keep their eyes shut so tightly?]
[If you are curious, why don’t you command them to open their eyes?]

Silvia-hime’s expression clouds over. However, it quickly fills with dignity.

[I am Silvia Kittle! I have come to take you back. Nevertheless……refusing to even see my face, is this not discourteous? Heed my order, you, who have been apprehended by the 『King of the Frontier』 for your crimes. Open your eyes and look at me.
Then pay thy respects to the 『King of the Frontier』 for granting the mercy of returning.]

[……Ah.] […… Silvia-hime, sama?]

The men open their eyes and bow to Silvia-hime. Then, they turn around and look towards me…… and spot the walls that enter into their field of view.


They all cower and scream at the same time. The walls seemed to have traumatized them.

[What have you done to them, 『King of the Frontier』?]
Silvia-hime’s eyes are wide open as she turns to me.

[Do you wish to know? Truly?]
I laugh as boldly as I can.

I’m just giving a performance. My roles are 「Overlord and Tyrant」. We’re trying to intimidate the intruders and the people of human society……

── I breathe deeply and tell that to myself.

[Are you saying you wish to see the abyss they saw? I won’t stop you, but I won’t be responsible if you can’t come back.]
[……. Abyss, you say?]

[An abyss no one from the ordinary world will ever see…… one no human vessel can withstand. Yet be that is it may, it is but mundane for the Aberrant Overlord. Even the people who dwell in this frontier, from gazing into that dreadful abyss, yielded and submitted to me.
[However, such an abyss falls far behind from the realm of the heavens where my enemy lives. A noble person like you, Hime, might be able to maintain her sanity even when beholding the abyss. If you are resolved, I will not hesitate to guide you with my wings. Witness the same world as this 『Aberrant Overlord, Kiryuuou Shouma』 GEHON GEHON GOHON!!]

[Shouma-nii-sa…… I mean, King-sama?!] [Are you alright, Aniue-sama, Your Majesty?!] [That was cool, Shouma-san!]
[I, I’m alright……]

That was dangerous…… Wearing this coat and bandages almost took me back to my chuunibyou days. I’m acting as a 『tyrant』 and an 『overlord』, not a thirty-something rediscovering chuunibyou.

……Either way, continuing this performance is dangerous.

[……I’ll switch to the role Lizette requested.]

I’ve already used 『Absolute Sight (Twin-Headed Dragon, Absolute Seal Slash)』. With it, I’ve fulfilled Yukino’s request. I’ve made the oni tribe submit (act as requested). I’ll do it again later for good measure, but for now Haruka’s request has been “OK”ed. That leaves Lizette’s request for a 『Foolish Ruler who Lusts for Women』.

[My wife, come here.]
[Yes, Danna-sama!]

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