The Struggle of a Reincarnated Marquis’ Daughter—I’ll Show you What I’m Capable of! (LN) Translation

3.3 The Struggle of a Reincarnated Marquis’ Daughter

Almost all aristocrats had dirt that was dirtier than mud under their elegant smiles. It was meticulously concealed under their formalities, a squeeze of legs, and friendly laughs. Certainly, without courage, noble society would be unbearable.

For me, courage was a basic equipment. As such, when asked how to put it on, I’d be troubled.

I also don’t have the time to teach her the tricks for navigating…

After groaning, I stood up with enthusiasm.

“Sasha, watch. I will teach you a magic trick for courage. It can also be done in public.”

Sasha looked up at me and cried out, “Eh?”

I continued. “The moment your vision starts to get blurry in public, straighten your posture. Just like a lady, stand with your ears, shoulders, collarbone, knees, and ankles in a straight line.”

Before Sasha, I stretched my spine. My posture was truly straight. It was as if I was hanging from the top of my head through the help of an invisible thread dropped down from Heaven.

“Then, gracefully lower your gaze. The next time you raise your gaze, feel like you’re going to ram into the forehead of the person before you. Therefore, tense your belly some as preparation.”

“Why would I want to do that to anyone?!”

“As you lower your head, imagine yourself chanting, “Don’t underestimate me.” about ten times in your heart. Then, take a deep breath and picture yourself taking out an imaginary knife from your pocket—”

“An imaginary knife from my pocket—”

“—Then, open your eyes! They’re dead now! Your opponent will have died under a mysterious energy that came out of Sasha’s eyes!”

Sasha was wide agape.

Did I make a terrible mistake?

Regardless of anything, the Gessel Family was still a marquis family. As such, we were used to being at the receiving end of special treatment. Wherever I went, it was only to be expected for people to praise me.

However, as they complimented me, it was apparent from their eyes that they didn’t really mean it. Even though the corners of their mouth were raised to form a smile, it was to ridicule me. Hence, I always resorted to the trickery I explained above.

“…Older sister is really strong…”

“Hmm? How so?”

When I tilted my neck, Sasha smiled.

I wanted her to be able to do that more often. Because with that smile, Sasha reached the ideal image I had envisioned for her.

“I’m not confident… I’m really not confident… However, when I feel better, I shall do my best again.”

“Alright, let’s do that. Rumors about you have already filled the social circles. Have a good rest and get well soon.”

I wanted to caress her head, but I hesitated.

When she spoke to me, there were no longer any trace of fear. Sasha must be doing her best to suppress said fear of me.

Soon, she’ll be able to get the life she deserves. In one week, she’ll surely do well at Albert’s tea party.

I left Sasha’s room while thinking about what kind of dishes should I have the chef to prepare next. That was when I realized that the area around the entrance was strangely noisy. I looked towards the entrance through the corridor’s window.

“Huh? A four-headed carriage?”

A carriage that clearly didn’t belong to the Gessel Family had arrived.

“Why is a royal carriage here!?”

The silhouette of the carriage alone was enough to make me nauseous. Even more so when the crest of the royal family jumped into my eyes. I hurriedly turned to the right.

“Hyiie!? Don’t startle me like that!!”

Immediately behind me was my father who had experienced miraculous hair growth. His current hair looked like a clay pot. He was standing while rubbing his hands.

My mother was also present. Her confidence had grown due to having mastered the third movement set of the cardio program and losing weight. She stared at me with a meaningful smile.

“Juliane, the schedule for the regular tea party arrived not too long ago. Oh my, I forgot to tell you about it…”

“Even though you’re depressed, your skin is very shiny, and you look healthy. Once he sees your figure, His Highness Alfred will surely be impressed.”

My parents came up with the idea!

Although I felt frustrated, I suppressed my anger and twisted myself.

“No…! It hurts! My stomach hurts, my back hurts! I have diarrhea and constipation!!”

However, my parents put their hands on my shoulders with unconvinced expressions. As they pushed my body towards the front door, mother whispered to me.

“To take a break from tea parties because of depression, I won’t forgive such selfishness anymore.”

“B, but, mother! I did a good job as the daughter of the Gessel Family, so!”

I didn’t want to meet His Highness Alfred! Besides, my foundation to introduce Sasha as the new princess was barely there!

While rummaging my brain, I kept trying to resist. In the end, all I could come up with was—

“—I, I haven’t put on any make up! My dress is also very plain!”

“Don’t worry, Juliane. Your dazzling beauty equals that of the world’s wonders. You’re my beloved daughter, after all!”

“These stupid parents—!!”

The front door opened as I threatened to pluck out my father’s newly-grown hair. It was Kyle who came in.

“What happened? Shouldn’t the regular tea party be a week from now?”

Kyle, who had returned from the territory after increasing the number of medical facilities, shrugged. Regardless, as he stared at me, he didn’t even make the slights movements.

“L-look! Kyle looks as pale as a ghost! He’s really sick!”

I cried in my heart—no, I actually cried, but no help came from anywhere. I saw Liz running down the stairs in a hurry, but unfortunately, she didn’t make it in time.

Finally, I was pushed out of the front door and into the carriage. I felt like a cow ready to be slaughtered.

Well, if this is what is happening, I’ll just use it to make up for my lack of sleep.

Protesting fiercely against the knights, the servants, and the escort, who were just fulfilling their obligations would be uncomfortable. Moreover, it wasn’t like the carriage could make a U-turn.

Instead of a blanket, I used the same fabric I had used when managing my store. When I closed my eyes while exhaling through my nose, sleepiness came in no time. Meanwhile, my heart was seething with frustration.

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